Errands and Homework


I have jobs to do today, starting with errands, my roommate has lost a part of her piercing. I have to go downtown and see if I can get some cute replacements for her. I don’t buy jewelry often, so let’s see how this goes.

That’s really it for errands though, but since I have to make a trip out of it, I’ll be busy for a couple hours. I may also actually apply to be a batista at the cute nerd cafe in town. She may not need one, but it wouldn’t hurt to try. I don’t need a job, I’m just kind of, bored? I think? Maybe just feeling stuck...

As for homework, for those who don’t know, my Tuesday job is dispatching cabs. We have a system for quotes and estimates, which is super out of date. My job for today is to hopefully rebuild it. If not, I’ll have to work on it tomorrow too.

I’m also mad hyperfocused on writing my novel right now. I’ve almost completely redone my first draft and have plans for a full series. So hopefully I can put more work into that today. I haven’t written this much in awhile, so I’m not gonna stop myself.

Today’s weather is supposed to be cooler with a hint of rain, which I think is perfect for writing in. So we’ll see what I get done today! But for right now, that’s all I’ve got. Stay safe, and check me out on both Twitter and Instagram for updates on life, and behind the scenes stuff!

Thanks for reading!
— Deryn

Happy Anniversary


Wow! Guys, I’ve been doing this for a year now! How crazy is that?! It’s hard to believe that I started this as a hobby a year ago only to now use it for both my sanity, and to tell my stories. I’m excited about this! 

I’ve gone to England on this blog, I’ve hiked random trails around the Okanagan, and I’ve made friends of mine do new things just so I’m not alone on here. The adventures I get to experience, man I love what I do. 

Yes, I’m reusing pictures. Hush now

Without all of the people who tune in and read this every chance they have, I really would be nowhere. I’m baffled and grateful. And to the friends who read my work, and the friends I’ve made, thanks for being there for me! I know I say it a lot, but I really do love all of you.

That’s my office I work at on Tuesdays

I’ve been going through quite a bit lately with understanding trauma and growing for what feels like the first real time as a person. There’s a category of posts tagged under mental health here, and I’m appreciative that I can talk about those things. Being able to put what I’m feeling into words helps me understand what’s going on, and gives me the chance to work on it in a healthy manner.

I still love this picture

I love what I do, and I can see myself doing this for at least another year. This is, was? the best decision and hobby I ever threw myself at. Writing is just, I don’t think I have the words, it’s everything I really needed to control my heart and mind. I feel at peace behind this keyboard. And being able to take pictures of the world around me to show some adventures I get to take, this blog has really become my baby in a way. Many of you know more of what I do in a week than my family does. It’s weird how hobbies can change a person isn’t it?

As a thanks to helping me grow, and as a challenge to myself because I should have posted this forever ago, I’ve decided to post the opening paragraph to that book I still haven’t finished. That’ll be on the bottom of this page, and I am freaking out a bit over doing it, but now that I’ve said it I kind of have to. No one has read that yet, and I mean that. 

Water is neat, isn’t it?

Before I go for today, I figured some shameless plugs for myself are in order. Because I have things like Patreon, Instagram, Twitter, and with this being what I want to do as a career, I would love it if you checked them out. You all are amazing, and I cannot thank you enough. Have an amazing day and stay safe out there!
— Deryn

Clear page break before the novel piece.

Today has been interesting. I’ve never been surrounded by so many bland people. What is the point of drinking until you pass out? I guess that’s what I get for having hobbies and no real friends. I’d much rather be at home reading, or playing cards. Young adults with raging hormones are battling everywhere for attention and alcohol. Man, I’m fucking tired. And the music; oh my God this music is ass.

“Hey babe,” sparks up from behind me.

“Oh hey,” crap, what a lackluster response. 

“You alright?” Tones of kindness and love bring joy to my heart. How sweet, the poor guy is worried about me. 

“Yeah cutie, I’m fine. I don’t know, I guess I’m just tired.”

“Okay, well if you need me at all, I’m going to be over by the food tent.” His heads up of where he’s going is wholesome. 

Too bad this world is boring. Our reality is just a bunch of people trying to make their way in a world that doesn’t want them. If only my world had something worthwhile going on. Magic, airships, literally anything at this point would make life worth my damn time: all I want is a hint of excitement. Well, at least I have food I guess.

This food tent is mediocre: breakfast from a cheap fast food joint and an insult of an attempt at handmade food line the tables. Why serve breakfast with alcohol? Doesn’t dinner, or even greasy American food pair better? It doesn’t help that rain started pouring down. Today is just another waste of my time. 

“Babe! Look at what I found!” The only thing in this world I really care about is him, isn’t that strange? “It’s your favourite!” 

Oh hey: tequila! And it’s my favourite too!

Pinterest Blog Titles


I browse Pinterest way too often, and am currently trying to link my blog to it all pretty and such. But when I’m browsing, I get recommended blog titles all the time. Some of them are fun, others just baffle me. I know these are designed to draw traffic, but some of them are just, stereotypical in a sense. Now I’m not here to say people who follow these are wrong, I just don’t use them myself unless I’m really desperate and have crazy writers block. I want to share a few of them with you today.

Took this down by the lake

So today is the 9th right? The first post I find has over one hundred different blog title ideas. The ninth option is “What’s Better __ or __ ?”. Posts like these are fun to write, but feel more like a magazine title than a blog title. Maybe once I learn something about makeup products, I’ll try out titles like that one for good comparisons. Otherwise I’d do something such as ice cream brands. I also get a preppy teenage vibe from it. Unique titles don’t sit SEO vibes, so I understand why people pick the titles they do.

Side note, these posts are all over Pinterest, and they constantly get reuploaded without credit to the original author. Because of this, I won’t be tagging them.

Different post this time. Now we only have fifty two options. Lets double up and check out number eighteen. “The 10 Minute Fix to Doing ____” is this option. Do I like this one? To be honest this one isn’t as bad as some I’ve found. I could see myself writing something for this. “Ten Minutes to Fix Your Attitude” would be a fun twist on that kind of post. Although I’m not the person who would write that. I’ve got my own attitude I’ve got to work on. I say that, it’s mostly my ego. Barely fit through a door sometimes!

Lake looks so nice right now!

Man, some of these are real gems. Like number twenty seven on this other post, “What Makes me Feel Better, Always”. That’s a tad ominous isn’t it? To answer this question, music always brings up my mood. But a lot of title ideas are like this! The writing prompts are much less weird I find than the blog title recommendations. I’ve gathered a healthy amount of pins to browse through if you’re feeling bored. Want to see that mess? Sure you do! Be careful though, I get lost scrolling through that app.

But yeah, that’s all I wanted to bring up today. I’m currently waiting on my lunch to be delivered and then I’m going to get back to work. Thanks for stopping by today! I appreciate it! It’s because of you guys I get to do this! Anyway, later!
— Deryn

Novel Update


While I was in England, I was super inspired and found myself typing away into the nights, whether jotting down notes or researching the frig out of names, I was going hard on this book. I am by no means an amazing authour, but writing a novel has been a dream of mine for years. The idea of bringing a whole world to life with only words is something I really want to do.

Our Planet is so Beautiful. Photo Credits

Before we went, I had about four thousand words, now I have over thirty-thousand. It’s insane how inspired I was feeling. Now this is only a first draft, so I am not even close to being done. But now that I’m on a role, I’m going to keep going as much as I can. I want to have the first draft done right away, just so I have the main story laid out.

If my Writing ever gets to Movie Level, I’d be excited for the Nature Shots. Photo Credits

For those who like laughing at me, it took three months to name the main character, and I’m still not 100% set on it. And there is one section that I was writing while listening to the Castle Town Theme for ten hours, even made it almost half way through. So yeah, that’s my update. Want more consistent updates? My Twitter is mostly novel updates and NSP tweets cause I’m me.

Thanks for hanging out!
— Deryn

I Wrote a Short


So I’m super into writing, as you probably can tell by the constant blog updates, and recently wrote a short horror story. I figured I’d post it here for you lovely beings to read. Tell me what you think!

“Mom! Mom where are you?!” Alone, Araline races from the treeline towards home. She’s too naive and inexperienced to have been abandoned, but the family cottage is within reach. With full force she sprints praying she’s not be in trouble from her mother. Behind her, a beautiful and thick forest primarily made of spruce and hazelnut trees: in front of her, a field of backyard bearing no flowers or trees before the vacation residence that the Yemi’s came upon recently. This particular home was small compared to their everyday home in the city, and fairly rustic in design. Her mother was more of a city girl that only picked this vacation spot for the space that came along with it. With Araline’s father out of town for work, the large area to play and explore seemed more suited to their needs, even if the mother can’t go get her hair done every week. Coming up fast, the smell of apples baked into a crisp flood through the open windows bringing peace back into her heart. Steps too wide for Araline’s feet build a bridge toward the back door that’s been decorated with a wreath of sunflowers and leaves bringing a warmth that pairs perfect with the apple crisp scent. 
“Mom, are you in the kitchen” wonder flows through Araline as she trails past the laundry room and into the main living space. It’s strange how Mother hasn’t responded, she should have heard the call from the other room. Dark panels of wood line the interior on both the walls and the floors, while more modern furniture fills the room, just as her mother wanted. The end table directly in the middle of the room is filled with hazelnuts for the picking. Dodging around the seating arrangements, Araline grabs a handful of hazelnuts like candy and continues her quest towards the delicious smell. Hazelnuts that lay around the area have already been cracked open, which was a hard job considering how many the family eats; if that pie wasn’t cooking, that would be all the house smelled of.
“Mom, where are you?” Still no response from her mother has started a train of confusion in Araline’s mind. Her parents are particular about leaving Araline by herself, as she is only fourteen and still unaware of how cruel the world can be. During the day, the doors inside the house are open, allowing light and air to pass through with ease, however, with only the two people inside, it’s rather empty. 
“Hey mom? Did you mean to leave the oven on?” Araline’s voice starting to tremble. Normally her mother would never do this. Natural light that was shining in every window is starting to fade. The kitchen is empty, there’s nothing but the smell of dessert baking in peace. Silence is taking over the house partnered with fear of abandonment; where did she go? A flash of light in the distance caught Araline’s eye causing panic. Following close behind, earth shattering thunder breaks the silence, bringing a sudden downward burst of rain. Windows and doors that were left open allowing the rain to start overwhelming the indoors. Dashing for the front door, she’s begging to find her mother just at her car, or even caught in the rain enjoying her vacation with her daughter. 
“Mom! I think it’s going to be a bad storm. Where are you?” Upon reaching the front door, her mother, standing completely still just past the family vehicle in the driveway, almost as if she’s looking at something beyond the horizon. 
“Mom? What are you doing? That pie is going to burn if you leave it in the oven” This behavior is not normal for her mother. Something must be wrong.
“Mom, you’re going to get sick standing there in rain like that, come inside” Araline began to plead. With a sigh, Araline knew she wasn’t going to break her mother’s trance from here. With careful consideration and light steps, she inched forward, every step feeling a mile farther from the safety of the indoors. As she got closer to her mother, Araline reached out her hand, although something just doesn’t feel right. 
“Mom?” One more time she tried to grab her mother’s attention. Her mother’s head jerked, she heard Araline that time, but her head almost clicked toward the sound. Startled, Araline took a step backwards. Her mother started to move, her body cracking and breaking with every movement. Terrified, flight mode gained control of Araline and she bolted as fast as she could back towards the house. The rains falling so hard she almost couldn’t see wphere she was running to. The wood paneling colour barely poked through the darkness surrounding everything, letting her know she was almost to safety. Another bolt of lightning brings a face into reality in front of Araline. The face that once belonged to her mother, now deformed and damaged bearing almost no resemblance to the loving mother that was there. Eyes filled with an anger not of this world pierce into the soul of a child paralyzing her in fear.
“Mom” she whimpered. Frozen with fear the thunder announces its presence exclaiming “run”. Tripping over her own feet, Araline crashes into the ground. Soaked and heavy, the primal fear doesn’t let her stay down as she claws herself back up and continues her escape. Racing, trying to beat the horror following her, Araline reaches the front door. Heavy and solid, it makes a barrier between her and what’s left of her mother. Throwing the door closed behind her and locking it, a sense of relief washes over as a full breath fills her lungs. Behind her, the door starts shaking violently with a screeching cry from her mother, Araline knows she can’t just stand there. Damp curtains now hang from the windows. Before it started raining, all of the windows were opened, and the back door. The only other door in the whole building, and she left it open. Within seconds, all that’s left is the banging of the rain surrounding her. The cabin isn’t very large, she needs to find a place to hide until her mother comes back. From the other end of the house, creaking as the back door gently opens. “Oh no” Araline thought as she hadn’t even moved yet, but she has a plan. Reaching behind herself quickly she unlocks the door, ready to book it as fast as she can. From where she’s frozen in place, she’s got a straight sight to the kitchen, where the laundry room, and back door, lead to. 
“Araline, sweetie. Are you here” like nails on a chalkboard, those words flood the rooms of the once peaceful and joyous get-away. The wretched smell that’s the once apple pie is severely burned brings momentum back reminding her to be ready for anything. Opening the door just an inch, Araline was preparing to run.
“Ara sweetie” that voice again: her mother’s voice tainted from this “monster”. What’s left of her mother peaks around the wall, spotting the unprotected child. Before her brain registered the horror from across the way, her body was already halfway out the door. Slamming the door closed, Araline makes a straight shot as far as she can, running and not looking back. 
Feeling as if she’s made miles of distance between herself and whatever she fled from, Araline slowed her speed, the smell of rain fills the air as is slows to a drizzle. Stress and fear start to overwhelm as tears try to match the speed of the rain from only minutes prior. Low rumbling gathers off in the distance, followed by low white lights. As the lights approach, the rumbling reveals a large transport truck. Tears still flowing, the truck honks his horn and starts to slow down. 
“Hey there kid, you okay?” The trucker appears older than Aralines parents, or parent now as it seems. The release of air as the vehicle brakes startle Araline, but not enough to compare to the hell she just went through. Oil and gas fumes fill the air, pushing the rain out of existence, tears slowing their descent. Over the horizon, the sun pokes its way into life. “Where are your parents? Come on, let’s get you somewhere warm and dry, okay?”

And that’s it. I’m not the best writer but I’m pretty proud of this.
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