Wedding Season


I’m going to start this off with a no, I’m not getting married. It’s February and that’s it. But, almost every girl is raised with the idea that women have to get married and have kids one day, so I have some idea on “necessities” for that day. I use that term loosely, because the odds of a full wedding in my future are slim. My Pinterest has a board for Weddings, just in case. Plus, you know, there’s a pandemic.

Beginning Thoughts

Massive parties and people from all over my life (and my partners) showing up sounds awful. Too many people and too much to worry about, no thank you! The idea of the closest friends and family, a small group, getting together and doing a potluck style dinner and dessert thing is significantly more appealing. Plus then everyone can either take home leftovers, or donate them to a shelter after. Actually now that I think about it, I could see it happening.

The Dress

The dress is a major piece with weddings, but spending more than a couple hundred dollars on a dress blows my mind. Especially because, what do you do with it after? I’ve seen people frame it, and others have it turned into lingerie, but I don’t know. Seems crazy to me. If money didn’t matter though, there’s a silky one I found that I love! I just clicked the link for this dress, and it’s $169.99? I could buy that now and just keep it!

This is the dress!

Venue Ideas

I’m hoping by the time I think about getting married (seriously think about it,) I’ll own a house with a nice big yard. Who needs a venue when you have a beautiful backyard? Set up a couple tables with food, one nice table in the middle for some form of cake treat (sweets aren’t my thing, so I don’t even know what I’d want,) and rent or buy an archway for the day. Etsy sells them for a couple hundred dollars, so I’m not even worried.

Tips With Deryn!

Now, again, weddings are not my favourite thing. They’re expensive, owned by massive billion dollar businesses, and just too much for a day, but it is easier to find local, handmade, and less expensive stuff if you just look around. If you don’t ask for things like a “wedding cake” and just get a fancy cake, you can actually save a lot of money depending on where you go!

Now, I Can Get Behind Flowers

Flowers are another big thing that I always see in movies and such. Can I even keep my wedding bouquet? My favourite flower is a Dahlia which I’ve grown for a few years now. I’d probably dry them out and put them in a shadow box forever if I could. I’ve never done that kind of thing before, but it would be fun to try. Especially because there’s a particular shade they grow in that would be beautiful for wedding colours.

Photo Credits

Themes and Colours

Themes and colours sound difficult, but one can dream about having enough money that is doesn’t matter. Burgundy is an absolutely beautiful colour, and goes with a particular colour pallet that is either fiery or super soft blush tones. Both of those options are stunning when you see them come together. Looking at the scheme again, it’s very autumn, which is probably why I love it so much. Man, Pinterest has a lot to look at.

Wedding or Guest Book Alternative

As for music, I’ve never looked into it. I listen to a little of everything, but I think a fun idea would be getting a song from everyone who comes. Like one of them wedding book things, but for a song book. Listen to what each guest thinks about attending and their hopes for our future, ya know?

Photo Credits

Am I Missing Anything?

What else goes along with a wedding? Oh I guess a photographer, but I’m pretty sure I’d have that covered too. Man, the idea of getting married was almost completely ruined for me from past relationships. It’s exciting dreaming about the possibility again. They aren’t necessary at all, but they can be really fun. And that’s what matters in the end, if you had fun and make the most out of it.

That’s It!

My idea of a wedding is very lowkey and comfy, especially since I can be overwhelmed quick. It’s crazy to think February is not only flying by already, but somehow it’s also the wedding month. I always figured it would be June for them warmer days. But yeah, that’s my ramble of the day, thanks for coming by and stay safe out there!
— Deryn

Vancouver Island was Intense


As you know, I went to Vancouver island for a wedding. It was a blast! I went with two friends as my boyfriend was home sick and it was just amazing. We had sing alongs, watched the cows walking by the road, and ate way too much food. I’m writing this as I have returned home since I was so busy in the moment.

Day 1
Wow, the way there was smooth. I rented a car as mine has no breaks and let me tell ya, that car was so nice and roomy. The road conditions were nice too! Went over the Coquihalla which was rumored to have snowfall. By the time we got to the summit, which is 1244 meters (or 4081 ft) in elevation, I was expecting to see a lot of snow. But there was almost none which made driving easier.
China town! We had to make a stop. Holy my god that was insane! First stop there was the supermarket. I’ve never been in a market with live fish in tanks. That was cool. Fresh breads and buns, sweets galore; it was so cool to see it all. After that was the dollar store. It had everything. Party supplies, storage containers, beauty products, like it was nuts! But at the same time it wasn’t overwhelming to be in.
Other than that, nothing eventful until the ferry. BC ferries are really well maintained and super pretty. My one passenger had never been on a ferry so he was having a field day. Watching him walk all over the boat and asking questions was adorable. Other than that, smooth sailing all the way to the hotel.

Took this on the ferry

Day 2
The wedding day. Man were we not prepared. I wore the worst fucking shoes ever and my poor feet were dying. But that’s just cause I’m dumb. We had to go buy more decorations half way through set up. The best part though, I left one of the wedding bands in our hotel room like an idiot. Apparently it’s the maid of honours job to have one of the rings which no one fucking told me, oops. The chapel had a good laugh though. After all of that, dinner! Now, I made a bad decision or five, and got trashed. The rest of my night was chatting and sobering it up.

Wedding Decor

Day 3
I was so hungover and I hated everything. Until I found apple juice and some breakfast. From there, home time. We packed up, said our goodbyes and went out. But of course, I’m dumb, so I went towards Victoria. Now that may not sound odd, but I went from Tsawwassen to Swartz Bay, not Victoria. It’s an hour the other damn direction. So now I’m behind schedule but whatever. My lovely passengers fell asleep at one point so I got to just sing and drive which was kind of nice.
Ferry ride number two. This boat was way larger than the last one. On this ferry there was a full buffet and white spot restaurant inside. That’s insane! I got some good pictures of the water since it was daylight on this trip.
We had just got off the ferry and found Tsawwassen Mills Mall. Holy crap is that a huge mall. We walked around there for hours and I bought some cute clothes for super cheap. We had a great time at that mall. I think the best part about that mall, was the fact it was all one floor. It had to have been close to the size of Metropolis in Burnaby.
Still no snow on the drive home. By the time I got home, I just ate and went to bed. Man I missed my bed, and my house, and Shadow.

On the Ferry Trip Home

Needless to say, I had a lot of fun. The road trip is something I’m going to remember forever. My travelling companions are friends I’ll treasure as long as my memory doesn’t go. If you get the chance, travelling with friends is actually a great idea. I didn’t go broke either which was nice. It’s a real shame I had to return the car. Now, I said intense in the title because both sides of the family at the wedding were either rude or just complained about the other members the whole time. I was emotionally drained for most of the wedding itself. Anyways, I’m home and alive. So I missed Saturday’s post but I was busy as frig.

Beautiful Nature Shot

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Thanks for reading!
— Deryn

Travelling Again


So I’m headed to Vancouver tomorrow, again. My longest friendship brings me out there for a wedding! I’m hyped, my girl is getting married! The wedding is Saturday so I probably won’t have anything written for then but we’ll see. My boyfriend isn’t coming with so I’m going with a bridesmaid and her husband.

I’m so happy that she’s getting married I don’t know what kind of feelings would arise with me name dropping so we’ll just stick to pronouns and bride for now. This is my first bridal party, and my first made of honour position so I’m kind of excited! Too bad I have zero idea on what to do with that title, but let’s see if I mess it up.

All this wedding stuff has got me excited for mine! I don’t know when it’s coming, but I am super excited! That might be my next post actually. My wedding dreams <3 Stay tuned for that I guess. And all of my squealing until then!

I’ll try and document my travels just so there’s something for later reading. No concert this time unfortunately but lots of scenery and a ferry ride! Anyways…

Thanks for reading!
— Deryn