Rough News


I got bullied into giving up my position at the Adult Store. I don’t know what I did, but honestly there’s not a lot I can do about it. With that, I spent an unholy amount of time writing up a hefty Patreon post with a rough idea on what I’m going to do now. What’s my Patreon you ask, well it’s the only thing with the same name as my website!
Because I’m me, I figured I’d write out what I said again so if you want the extended version, which you probably don’t, it’s here. 

With having so much more free time on my hands, I’ve decided I’m going to invest that into my blog, my writing, and my photography. My website could use and expansion, and I could stand to learn some tips on handling this sucker better. There are probably a trillion different resources out there too, so I’m good.

Graffiti out the Wazoo

I mostly want to do this more, so I’ve planned out some scheduling updates and future plans. They’re not bad, I promise. It’s just more of me. 
Right now, I just post something on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. I have my closet almost finished, so why not do something fun with fashion? It won’t always be me playing dress-up, because I like looking at what’s new and different trends, so I figured something like “Fashion Friday”. Maybe even throw in my attempts at learning makeup into that and I’ll be ready to go!
I also really enjoy gaming, and with having nothing to do all weekend, Monday GameDay is what I’m thinking. That gives me two days to try something new, or invest time into something I really enjoy. Plus I can buy Turnips on Sunday so… But yeah, some schedule updates for the near future. I say the near future, but I have a few more things I have to still do.

My writing and photography skills are not of legend, but that doesn’t mean I should give up on them. I’m going to take the time to hopefully finish a draft or two of my novel this year, and buy a camera. For those who are curious, since my last novel update I’ve written maybe three words. It’s rough I know. And with photography, I live in such a beautiful place, I would live to show it to the world. Even if I don’t buy a camera right away, my phone does a really good job.

I want to grow who I am on the internet and as a person. With that, I need help. I know not everyone has the money to spare, so please, follow my social media, comment on stuff, and share who I am with people you know. I’m always around and I really enjoy everything that has come out of this hobby I started almost year ago now.
I appreciate all of you, and I cannot say that enough. Without you, I wouldn’t have made it this far. You mean a lot to me, and I hope you all are safe and well right now.

Some Good Boys

I know I say it a lot, but thank you so much for stopping by today. Be safe!
— Deryn


I’m a Real Gamer


A ways back now I did a gaming update because I picked Bloodborne back up. You can find my attempt at a terrifying explanation tagged bellow. But since then I’ve fallen off the band wagon a bit besides two games; Animal Crossing and Rune Factory. Without a proper desktop, I really am limited to maybe three games to play. Bloodborne being difficult and me being directionally impaired, decided casual games are a better idea.

Bloodborne Shenanigans
My Switch I Bought

Casual games are such an odd thing. I find myself being consumed either catching bugs or planting crops that literal hours are lost to the in-game clocks. One task after another and the sun has started setting through my window. And since I’m sitting on my couch, my roommate and Midna sit with me, just letting time fly by. It’s just so easy to get lost in games like that.

In my free time, when we’re not adventuring and when I forget to do renovations, playing these games is what’s taking up my time. I’m actually having to put in reminders on my phone to blog because of these damn games. Please tell me I’m not the only one... I’m thinking I might leave gaming to like, Sunday’s for the turnip buying in Animal Crossing this week so I can actually finish the closet mostly and clean my house.

I have to apply another layer of drywall mud, sand and paint still, plus the baseboards need to be installed! But, farming is just so soothing to the brain.
I just barely have passed the one hundred thousand step goal for the month so I should keep going, right? Or I could gather fossils up and see if my museum wants any of them.
I can’t even bring myself to swap the HDMI in my TV so I can play my PS4 again. All I seem to want to do is buy and sell random crap in different Nintendo games. I’m hoping that if I buy a computer soon, I can get off my damn couch for a day.
I’m not that upset I’ve been wasting all of this time though, I mean, if I’m enjoying what I’m doing, it can’t be that much of a waste, can it?

Today I’m not going to pick up my Switch. I’m going to do some much dang laundry, and I’m going to photograph some more renovations! I can do this! I need a vacuum too. *

*Famous last words

When I get my computer rig built, I may even consider starting up a Twitch account just because. I’ve played videogames my whole life and that’s probably why I can’t kick this habit. Anyway, that’s all I’ve got today. I should really do some laundry…
Thanks for stopping by today! Stay safe, lots of love!
— Deryn

That Switch


I’ve been playing Rune Factory in anticipation of Animal Crossing. It’s terrible because I AM LATE AGAIN on my Thursday blog post.

I could use that wake up…

Ugh, this game is great. It’s just Harvest Moon with dungeons man. It’s fantastic. And with work super dead over this pandemic, I can play it at work and not have to worry. It’s just after noon and I’ve had one customer.

Although I wish I was at home. I have like two weeks until I have a roommate, and Shadow snuggles are calling my name. But alas.

I may have to start writing these earlier if I keep being late!

Thanks for coming by, and I hope you’re all safe right now. Thanks for reading!
— Deryn

Took a Break


Reno’s are kicking my butt, so I’m trying to not overwork myself too hard. I was diddling around on this laptop and apparently it runs Minecraft! So that’s what I’ve been doing with my time mostly. That and reading tarot, and learning more French. I really struggle with not being busy, but that’s fine.

I was doing the counters when I made an awful mistake and tore up a huge part with my microwave. A fiery ball of rage took over and I ripped out all the work I did, and now I need a distraction. So I went to install Minecraft and to my surprise, it worked. So I was binging that while listening to French Podcasts trying to get better with understanding the speech itself. I can read it somewhat fine, and can even spell at an okay level, but hearing it. Oof… They talk so fast! Which I mean, I am one hundred percent guilty of, but I never really understood how difficult it is to understand people talking…

Total side note, I know I said I was going to stick to Thursday’s for posting, but I’m bored throughout the week and writing posts way ahead of time, so I’m going to reinstate Tuesday’s as well. My updates or posts will still be at 12:00pm Vancouver time.

Back on track, I’ve been reading tarot cards for a couple years now and I even do readings for donations through my Tumblr but am going to open that up to my Twitter too eventually. I swear I struggle not being busy; it’s as if I can’t stop sometimes. But I learn a lot by doing this. And I kick absolute butt in Minecraft Hardcore mode! Work today is beyond busy, to the point I can’t actually do any real work, so I’m going to spend today writing and doing surveys for cash. Girls gotta work.

I’ve got a plan for tomorrow to actually do a ton of renovations and finally get this done. I’m going to get some more paint, and I need something to remove wallpaper faster because my kitchen has tons of it??? And my counter, I have to try this again. Thursday will be my make or break for this, because my place is getting evaluated on Friday (hopefully) and I NEED it to be amazing. Wish me luck <3

Thanks for listening to me try and make sense of my own thoughts today!
— Deryn

Oh My Goodness Bloodborne


I’m still playing this game, day by day chipping away at it, and my God isn’t it just amazing. I’m about four bosses in and am lost beyond belief but I’m loving every second. The fact I measure this game by bosses. Oh no..

Not from my game but this roughly where I am

This game is all I’ve had time for the past few days and it’s getting bad. I’m absolutely in love with it, although I think my boyfriend is getting worried. I might have to put it down and go back to Harvest Moon. At least then I wouldn’t die just for opening a door. JUST KIDDING I HATE MYSELF!

This dickhead is just rotten

This game is stupid hard, and I have come to be afraid of the “You Died” screen. But the challenge is well worth every second of struggle. It’s been too long and I’ve forgotten how certain things work. Like, the story. What the hell is going on? I love it. Once I get my computer working I’ll stream my gaming shenanigans.

This game is beautiful

I wish it was available on my switch so I could play on the train ride from the airport to the town I’m staying in while in the UK.

I was debating on investing in a game capture card and streaming that way. But we’ll see. Look forward to that maybe? Anyways…
Thanks for reading!
— Deryn