Took a Break

Reno’s are kicking my butt, so I’m trying to not overwork myself too hard. I was diddling around on this laptop and apparently it runs Minecraft! So that’s what I’ve been doing with my time mostly. That and reading tarot, and learning more French. I really struggle with not being busy, but that’s fine.

I was doing the counters when I made an awful mistake and tore up a huge part with my microwave. A fiery ball of rage took over and I ripped out all the work I did, and now I need a distraction. So I went to install Minecraft and to my surprise, it worked. So I was binging that while listening to French Podcasts trying to get better with understanding the speech itself. I can read it somewhat fine, and can even spell at an okay level, but hearing it. Oof… They talk so fast! Which I mean, I am one hundred percent guilty of, but I never really understood how difficult it is to understand people talking…

Total side note, I know I said I was going to stick to Thursday’s for posting, but I’m bored throughout the week and writing posts way ahead of time, so I’m going to reinstate Tuesday’s as well. My updates or posts will still be at 12:00pm Vancouver time.

Back on track, I’ve been reading tarot cards for a couple years now and I even do readings for donations through my Tumblr but am going to open that up to my Twitter too eventually. I swear I struggle not being busy; it’s as if I can’t stop sometimes. But I learn a lot by doing this. And I kick absolute butt in Minecraft Hardcore mode! Work today is beyond busy, to the point I can’t actually do any real work, so I’m going to spend today writing and doing surveys for cash. Girls gotta work.

I’ve got a plan for tomorrow to actually do a ton of renovations and finally get this done. I’m going to get some more paint, and I need something to remove wallpaper faster because my kitchen has tons of it??? And my counter, I have to try this again. Thursday will be my make or break for this, because my place is getting evaluated on Friday (hopefully) and I NEED it to be amazing. Wish me luck ❤

Thanks for listening to me try and make sense of my own thoughts today!
— Deryn

Scheduling Change

So, the new year is almost here. (Literally two weeks until new years…) And with that, I’m going to change up my schedule. I’ve applied at a couple places, looking to get real hours and pay, and with that I need to adjust my blogging schedule too.
I blog with WordPress, which has been amazing, and it has a neat feature where it shows me my most popular day and time of day for foot traffic. After looking over that, I’ve learned that Thursday and 12:00pm are my most successful overall. With that, I’m going to cut down my posting to Thursday for sure will get a post every week. Throughout the week, I may make a bonus post or two that could be shorter, or even just because I wanted to say “hi” to everyone.
The Thursday posts will also grow in length, not just quick blerbs. I’m hoping to make more meaningful posts, and quality ones too. I’ll try and keep my posting time, so twelve in the afternoon, the usual for even off day posts. But, I am super lazy sometimes, so we’ll see. I have faith I can keep it up.

I’m almost done the first draft of my novel that has taken forever, so come the next draft, I’m going to hopefully start posting bits for thoughts and critiques. I’ll save those posts for Thursday’s just because novel size would take awhile. I’d only go piece by piece, but still.
I’m also hoping to get my computer built soon so I can start photo editing for my blog and just making a few extra bucks on the side even. Really, I’m just a hustler who doesn’t like being bored.

This scheduling update won’t take place until January. The first happens to be a Wednesday, so I’ll more than likely post a small update and then start strong for the second. I’m excited for the new year. I’ve already made a dent in my debt, and house hunting is fun, but it’s going to have to sit on the back burner for awhile. But at the rate I’m going, next year I’ll be able to actually buy something!

I’m still going to keep my social media updated, and I’m going to continue to make improvements on my site. So stay tuned!
On a side note, I don’t have too much snow this year, which is a bit of a bummer, but I’ll live. Anything you want me to talk about in particular for the new year? Something like resolutions, or going the extra mile to be green? Maybe? Any tips on widgets or themes that look nice, give me comment or a DM even! – Twitter Link – I know for sure I want to make a signature instead of just typing out my name every time. So I’ve gotta learn to do that. I’m sure Photoshop and a good enough camera will make that happen.

But yeah, that’s my scheduling change laid out for you. For me really, you’re more likely to remember than I am. And as always, thank you for stopping by and being the awesome person you are!
And thanks for reading!
— Deryn

The Birthday Present is in!

So awhile back I had a custom cabinet made for my boyfriend for his birthday and IT’S HERE! It’s absolutely stunning and is just perfect.
For those who don’t know, I ordered my boyfriend a huge custom cabinet for his birthday, and I had a friend make it for me. He did a truly amazing job as it’s exactly what I wanted.
I asked for 5 feet high, 4 feet wide and glass doors, and it’s just so amazing. Now, we were going to paint it together, but I put a pot on top to decorate it, and now it’s full. I’ve taken a corner on the bottom shelf, and where the pot sits. He has filled the rest. Like, I’m so happy! It’s so beautiful!

This is the beauty! Standing upright and the one door open, mostly because lighting is garbage. We were going to paint it, but then we got lazy. It’s absolutely perfect though! I can’t get over how amazing it is!
From there, we decided to decorate. Now, it was delivered while the boyfriend wasn’t home, so I started the decorating. Back when I was in Vancouver, I got to keep my bouquet. So I put that in a vase that we bought forever ago. It was then overwhelmed by nerd things.

From there, I took the bottom left corner. I don’t have much for nerd things so it all sits together quite nice. The Goku is signed, the rest are just little things I’ve picked up over the years. Pardon the lighting, I know it’s garbage.

After it’s actual owner came home, he was so excited! So he went right into filling it as much as he could. As you can see, he put in all of his mini’s he paints. I think it looks amazing! – Link to his Instagram – There’s also a bit of Lego and Magic the Gathering too.
From there, close ups on the individual shelves. And again, I am so sorry about the lighting. I am not an actual photographer, nor do I have real lights in my living room.

And there you have it. My lovely boyfriends birthday present. In most of it’s glory. I love this thing so much! It is everything I could have wanted, and more! As soon as you walk into my place you can see it, just rocking out and enjoying itself. I love it! I can’t thank the friend who made it enough, it’s actually amazing! I’ve got empty bits all over the cabinet, so I’m going to use that for gifts from friends and family, or pictures. One of the two. This is the best purchase I have ever made.

Thanks for checking this thing out with me!
And thanks for reading!
— Deryn

Merry December

Another year is passing, and another snowfall is coming! Can you believe it’s already almost the end of 2019? That’s insane!!! I’m excited for this holiday season, I even think I’m going to pull out my mini Christmas tree and make a wreath for my front door. Although, I need to decorate for more Yule traditions too. I’ve taken a few extra shifts because I AM GOING TO FIX AND SELL MY PLACE! I will do it! Eventually. Plus, being able to buy presents for people who deserve something nice is my favourite thing to do. So there’s that.

In preparation, besides working more of course, I’ve made a board on Pinterest for Christmas/Yule crafts. – Link – Besides that, it snowed!!!

From outside my house
From outside my job

On a side note, JINGLE JAM! For those who don’t know, Jingle Jam is the event held by the Yogscast (A UK based YouTube and Twitch company) to raise money for charity. They go all December long and it’s amazing. As of when I’m writing this, so December third at about 10am, they’re at $1,314,646 raised! That’s insane!! I’ve been watching these guys play games since 2011 and I just love them and everything they do. – Link to their Twitch – So I’m also going to spend all of my free time watching these nerds have fun and raise money.

Anyways… I guess I should call this one done, huh?
So yeah, Merry December!
Thanks for reading!
— Deryn

So, I Lived!

Black Friday wasn’t that bad. Most of my customers were actually amazing. And I didn’t have an anxiety attack! So that’s a huge bonus! After work my colleague’s and I even went and had a drink which was cool.

Today is going to be everyone who couldn’t make it in yesterday, and people who have questions and such. Which in the end, I really don’t mind. Retail hasn’t completely ruined me yet.

Over the next little while, I’m putting in extra shifts everywhere so I can fix my place up faster. I’m hoping to at least sell this year. That’s the goal, but I’m going to remind myself that it’s okay if I don’t get there.
On that note, I was looking at places again. I’m indecisive, like, it’s bad. One minute I want to move out, the next I don’t. I blame it on the fact I can be shy to change. But this is my time and I should really seize the opportunity. Blerg, why is this so hard?!

Anyway, today’s post isn’t going to be crazy large just because I have other things I have to do. Did you get any good sales for Black Friday? Waiting for Cyber Monday? Don’t care at all? Let me know! Follow me if you want – Here and Here – And as always…
Thanks for reading!
— Deryn

Black Friday

Today starts most of the sales for this season, and I work retail so I’m caught in the middle. I can’t promise I’ll have content ready for Saturday but I’m gonna try. Wish me luck everything for the next few days!

Normally I would post this on my social media, but it seems that nothing is working this morning, so here I am.

I’m personally going to try and get in on the sales tomorrow. I don’t start till 11am so I want to try and head to our local mall and see if I can’t get something super cheap. Plus I get paid tomorrow, so all around it’s going to be an adventure.

I ran out of bus tickets, so my bus adventure post is going to stay a work in progress for now. I promise I haven’t forgotten about it. I love writing them and taking the bus anyway so it will be finished soon.

Sorry this post is short, but I only have a few minutes to type this out. Y’all are amazing, and to my American followers, Happy Thanksgiving! You’ll hear from me soon enough. If there are any deals I should know about, hit me up!

Thanks for stopping by. Wish me luck the next few days!
— Deryn

So, Maybe Moving Again?

I know I know, I said fuck it to moving out like, two months ago. And at the time I meant it, but now I may want to do it again. – F*** Moving Out – Now the only reason I’m looking again is because a friend of mine is looking to move out, and his budget is higher than most of my other friends so, yeah.

This time around I’m looking for at least two bedrooms and pet friendly, not just for Shadow, but also possibly another cat and a dog. Side note, for those who don’t know, I’m scared of dogs.
I’ve also decided that as much as I love having a garden and plants, I just am not responsible enough to maintain a decent sized amount of life. So a balcony would be enough, but not mandatory.

I’d love to move out of this trailer and just be done with all of the garbage it’s holding, but I don’t know if I’m emotionally ready to move yet. I’ve been in the same house for almost 20 years. Looking around, I’ve found places that aren’t much more than what I’m paying now considering I’d have the extra soul around.

Condo’s and apartments are cute, and much more in my being able to afford range. Plus if I sell my trailer, I could just buy a condo and have a roommate or two. Man, moving out makes my emotions go wild. If I find anything that really speaks to me, I’ll probably tweet about it. – Link to That – Otherwise, I’m just going to complain about how difficult and expensive everything is. But yeah, that’s my life update for right now. Anyways…
Thanks for reading!
— Deryn