Binge Watching More TV


Weekend trips to the boyfriends are great! I say trips, but he lives just up the road. Our new ritual of sorts is to start the weekend with the newest episode of The Mandalorian. It comes out on the Friday so we get that out of the way. I am in a constant state of panic of my favourite alien child and his adoptive dad, this show is bad for my health. After a good thirty minutes of anxiety, my indecisive ass is usually tasked with picking something for dinner.

Screenshot from The Mandalorian

The next show we bury ourselves in is The Boys. We’re caught up on that now too, and that’s a bummer. People die so often, and it leaves this Game of Thrones “don’t love anyone ’cause they might die” vibe. Next season has Jensen Ackles who is one of the most beautiful people to have ever lived. He’s also one of the stars of Supernatural, and I’m in love with him. Its violence still catches us off guard, it’s insane the amount of blood and death you get to see.

Season Two Hero’s for The Boys

Out of our two “go to” shows, we decided to pick something new up. Originally we were talking about Breaking Bad, but decided on Orange is the New Black. Woah man, this show is its own kind of intense! Each episode is almost an hour long, which means we got ten episodes in. An all female prison, we follow this group of crazy yet awesome women just try and make it day to day.

Cast from Season One of OitNB

This show is easily one of the harder shows to watch if you’ve been through some stuff in your life, but I’m really enjoying it. The drama is a lot, and the boobs everywhere is fun, but the writing itself is just captivating. These poor women have such a crazy life, and I think the fact everyone is in for such different reasons, all of which feel natural, is really just so good.

I don’t know how there’s seven seasons unless sentences are extended. But I guess we’ll have to keep watching to find out. So far, I’m really into it, but I would 100% put a trigger warning on it. As much as I enjoy this show, it can be a bit, much. No regrets on picking it though! Plus, I’m now so invested in the lives of everyone except like, four people in this prison.

But yeah, that was my weekend. I hope you have a great day, and be safe out there! Side note, we find out if lockdown gets worse today in BC. So yeah, stay tuned! Love you all!
— Deryn

Making Up For Lost Time


Over the past few years I went through a lot, and with that, I missed a lot. I loved sitting on my couch and catching up on the newest TV shows and movies. Dating someone long term who takes something like that away from you, well, all I can say is I’m never doing that again. Since I have some free time again, I’ve been catching up. TV shows mostly are what I’m trying to get ahead of right now. With working being quiet, which happens too often, I’ve been doing some light bingeing.

I am a HUGE Supernatural fan. Great show, fantastic, amazing, I love it, and now I’m finishing it. Starting where I left off, season thirteen, I only have two more seasons before the show is just over. After that I’m thinking the Haunting of Bly Manor. Oh man I am so excited! The boyfriend is letting me use his Disney+ as well, so maybe I’ll pick up something on there too.

Yo, The Boys is awesome! We picked that up since we’re caught up on The Mandalorian. The concept is amazing and I don’t think I’ll ever watch a superhero movie the same ever again. Definitely graphic though, there’s a scene I actually just couldn’t watch and had to be told it was safe again. The premise of corporately owned superheroes is just brilliant, and people die so violently, it’s an adventure every episode.

Actually turning Supernatural on again, I’m realizing I should start from the beginning again. There’s quite a lot that just doesn’t him home as hard anymore. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still an amazing show, but I really need to devote a weekend to just rewatching it. I’ll probably cry a whole bunch if I do that though…

Monday, when I got home, dad wanted to watch New Mutants. I thought it was going to be a TV show, but apparently not. I went in expecting a more adult themed X-Men style of show, with more blood and swearing kind of thing, but holy frick. The movie was intense and had an amazing tie to Native American mythology. More movies, or spinoffs? like this should get made! The odd scene had some scares, but is still totally worth watching!

Eventually here, the boyfriend and I are going to watch Breaking Bad too I think. That show has a good amount of seasons, so that’ll keep us busy for sure! As for now, that’s all I’ve been watching. And that’s all I have for today! Thanks for stopping by, and be safe out there!
— Deryn

Bingeing Some TV


Wow, I am behind on some amazing TV shows. Yesterday, yes, all of yesterday, I watched the last season on Lucifer and watched all of The Mandalorian. Two very different shows I know, but they were both on my list. And then the night was finished with the newest Star Wars movie since I never watched that.

Binge watching TV is something I haven’t done in a long time. Considering I’ve been overworking myself with both renovations and actual work, this was a great way to relax. A couple drinks and some food, it was a good time.

I was already most of the way through Lucifer when we started yesterday. I think we only had a few episodes left, and I’m so glad we finished it! That’s a great show. Tom Ellis does a great job with that role, and it kind of super attractive. Well, he does play the devil, so that makes sense. The season ends with a very DUH DUH DUUUUUHHHH kind of cliffhanger and I’m all for it. With the world being where it is though, I’m not sure when I’ll get season six.

The Mandalorian is kind of amazing. I’ve never watched that through, and my boyfriend suggested we give that a shot since the new season is out soon. Why not, right? I’m not the biggest Starwars nerd, but I’ve heard good things. Plus, I mean, Baby Yoda. The overall show is actually just great and I love the characters.

I’m glad my day was dedicated to relaxing. I really needed that, and I’m glad I got to spend it with the person I did. Plus he knows so much lore, so I could ask questions and actually get answers. I may also start buying Baby Yoda merch, but we won’t talk about it.

Sunday ended with the newest Starwars movie. I hadn’t actually finished that trilogy, so that was necessary. Visually, it was amazing! I’m going to watch them all through again so I know what’s going on better though. I found myself getting lost on certain things. Nonetheless, a fun movie!

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for today! Have a good one, and be safe!!! Thanks for reading!
— Deryn