There is a Potato Museum


Guys, guys, guys, there’s a potato museum. Now, as you know, I’m a po-ta-hoe and love potatoes! Maybe that’s my inner Englishman just craving a good side of mashed potatoes, (I’m pretty sure that’s a German thing but shhhh…). This museum is in PEI and all things considered, that isn’t that bad. I live in BC if you didn’t know, so I would have travel to the east coast . For potatoes, it’s worth it. In light of my discovery, should I share potato recipes? Or maybe some crafts and such? Potatoes.

Prince Edward Island huh? I’ve never been to an island on the east coast, so that trip would be one for the books! I just looked it up, I can drive there! Without traffic, it’s a fifty-five hour drive. I’m excited, don’t mind me. I’m reading a “12 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions” post for PEI, and it’s very old fashioned, the province that is. Aww, it’s the smallest province, isn’t that cute! I’m not very good at being a tourist, I find I often get bored. So, finding stuff to do ahead of time helps me a lot, and hopefully bringing people with. Being a coastal province, there are lighthouses! Oh frick yeah I want to go for sure!

Friend overseas taking awesome pictures again

I’ve pulled up a list of restaurants in the surrounding area of the museum, and there isn’t much. In fact, there’s really nothing out there at all. This part of O’Leary? is very family oriented. A local hospital, schools and quite a few parks are all that really fills the space out there. Well, dang. The bridge to drive onto the island must be quite the sight, and happened to be finished the year I was born too. Like, that just sounds awesome! The shots you could get on that bridge, oh I’m excited thinking about it! Wait, is it a toll bridge?

I’ve never been that far east before in Canada, so that trip would be so awesome! Planning a trip around on particular sight is something I’ve done before. My trips to England are usually based around one particular thing I need to see, and then the rest of the trip falls in place. Other than that, I’m not sure what else there is to do besides hike, which I’m in to for sure!

Like, look at these!

That’s all I have for today though. Thanks for stopping by, and be safe out there! And stay warm! It’s snowing here and I’m excited!
— Deryn

Some New Tunes


On the second I pre-ordered a CD, I know, a CD, but hear me out, for Ninja Sex Party. They’re signed and everything and I am SO EXCITED!!! I had the chance to see them live in England but I’m not talking about that yet… The album goes live in about two weeks and I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited for new music. 

Their YouTube channel has one of the new songs on it “Thunder and Lightning“. When they shared the song, the one band member Brian tweeted – “Hi, I used to be a professor of theoretical physics. Please enjoy this new song of mine about my friend’s superpowered testicles.” – I love everything about this band and am just so excited over their new album! 

Don’t talk about England… You’ll get embarrassed Deryn… You were overtired and stressed and… Just don’t… So there’s a fun story about seeing NSP last year… I say fun, I was so devastated when it happened and haven’t put it on the internet yet. We were in the middle of watching the two opening bands, TWRP and Planet Booty (great names I know), and I had almost no phone battery left. Our train was going to be there for like, 22:00 and was the last train back to Chesterfield. Because I had no idea what time it was, and that we were in a different country, I just got super sad and left to make sure I wasn’t late. We flew for thirteen hours over an ocean to see that show, and friends but still, only to NOT MAKE IT! Was I mess for like three days? Yes. Do I still not like talking about it? Also yes. Is that going to stop me from putting this on the internet? I wish…

Long story short, I’m trash at planning. But, now that it’s been a year, there’s new music! Oh I am so excited! Next time they go on tour, I am going to over plan the whole trip because I am not missing this again. 

Look at them <3

When the CD comes in, I’m going to have to buy a shadow box to display it inside my cabinet. You can be guaranteed when it’s on Spotify that’s all I’ll be listening to. But anyway, that’s all I’ve got for today! Be safe out there!
— Deryn

Missing England


One of my really good friends overseas keeps sending me pictures of his walks. I miss England so much, and these pictures are really not helping! I just want to fly back, enjoy the cooler weather and some Costa again. I’ve been there twice now, and I just feel like I haven’t seen anything yet. I’m not much of a tourist and find myself mostly just visiting with friends or exploring Chesterfield. Every day there was such a different experience. Wandering around the market and seeing all the people every day was also just so neat. I remember walking down some side street, and we could hear a busker playing a violin. Jordan caught me on video just dancing as we walked right by.

Like, look at those views!

I was still blogging when I was in England last year. Man, it’s already been almost a year since I left… I wrote quite a bit now that I’m looking back. What I’ve Noticed was my first post from my trip. I love Chesterfield, it’s such a cute little town! That’s where I stayed the majority of both my trips. When I talked about it, I put in pictures from two other cities as well, but I guess I just never said anything? Our trip home was a mess! Oh gosh I remember that! Memories like that are part of the reason I want to go back so bad!

England is just so pretty!

The next trip I’ll be taking my lovely roommate as we both have friends there, and she’s actually from England. She wants to go back and smell the rain again at the very least. Plus I have a few other friends who actually like to be tourists that I may try and drag along. Two weeks isn’t enough time to travel. I shared so many pictures on my Instagram. All of these pictures like I said we taken by a friend of mine who lives over there. He doesn’t social media or I’d tag him.

All of these were not taken by me

But yeah, that’s all I’ve got time for today. Thanks for stopping by! Be safe and have an awesome day!
— Deryn

Homeward Bound


It’s currently 4:15am in Leicester and I’m on the express coach to Gatwick airport. From there, Toronto, Vancouver and then home. I’m going to document this part of my travel in hopes of not crying nor complaining about going home. I would be home earlier if I went through Calgary instead of Vancouver but I am not wanting to risk getting stuck there due to things like snow. It’s -3 there and snowing. So no thanks. Next stop, Gatwick!

Slept for most of the bus ride, now my neck is messed up. But I was so tired i couldn’t stay awake. Plus, I get motion sick, so that helped me through it.
Flight One! Was pretty fun actually! Made a friend, slept a bit although the boyfriend didn’t. Round two here we go!

Tagging everywhere so you can follow along. Because there is a LOT of running around going in.

Customs was rough. Blerg..
Flight Two! Should be good. Much smaller plane but we have way more room now! Hopefully we can get more sleep.
Only an hour until we’re in Vancouver, and it seems that we both slept. We’re so close to being home! I miss Shadow! I hope he doesn’t think I left him.
Last Flight. Delayed. 2 hours. Fog. I just wanna go home. Calgary flights were delayed to snow, mine to fog. Good thing YVR is a nice airport I guess.
They switched our flights. Headed home now! Should be there for about 9:15pm. It’s been a long day..
Made it home about 9:45pm local and went straight to bed.

I’m back to work today. Sucks too cause I just got back from vacation, but whatever. Thanks to everyone who followed me on my adventure, and thanks for reading! As always, find me here and here, or feed my travelling and tea addiction here and here.
— Deryn

I Love Chesterfield


Something about this town just makes me so happy. I wish I could be here more. My amazing friends are always welcoming and the market is such an adventure every time. If you follow me Instagram and Twitter, you’ve been seeing my updates, pictures, and rambles. Here are some highlights.

A pretty fountain in Sheffield
Spitfire from the 1940’s themed market
My favourite part of Warhammer World in Nottingham
The Crooked Spire Church in town
This kickass Warhammer figure I pained

It’s been quite the adventure. I’m in England for another couple days visiting family. But the crazy busy party of my vacation, and the drinking, is over. Thanks to everyone who has stopped by.

Enjoy my trips and shenanigans? Feel free to support me here or here! I appreciate everything! Or even better, tell your friends and family about the rambling Canadian. I made myself laugh, don’t mind me. (I made this post from my phone as I don’t have a computer right now, so apologies if stuff looks weird.)

Thank you so much for reading!

— Deryn