In Case of Emergency


And by emergency I mean corona virus, or Covid-19. If I have to lock myself away for an extended period of time I’m going to go nuts. Who wouldn’t though..? So I’ve made myself a checklist of things I can or honestly should do. If I don’t make a list, I will forget and then I will stay bored. I will probably still have to dispatch at the very least as we have government accounts for moving people around. But then I’ll have five more days off in a week…

I bought a Nintendo Switch! The special Animal Crossing one finally came in and holy frick it is so cute! The game itself doesn’t come out until the 20th, but I have Zelda and Rune Factory to keep me busy. And if you haven’t bought this unit yet, honestly I recommend it! There’s something about dissociating for like four hours while you farm turnips and befriend villagers that just makes everything better. Plus like, ANIMAL CROSSING! I’ve been hyped up for this game since it was announced. Casual games are my weakness.


Cleaning… Because I have to do it. I’ve got like two weeks until my new roommate moves in and I have to redo the floor in her room still… And paint the one wall, and put in some shelves in the closet.. It’s all around just a mess. Tomorrow she’s starting to bring some furniture in and I have to be ready. Honestly I need to take some time off but I can’t. I overwork myself. (I mean, I would have time off if we went quarantine mode but what ever.)

Rebuilding my blog for the thousandth time, because I can right? There’s something about adding new functions and sub menus and such that just makes me feel super cool. Although I’d have to catch some tutorials on what to do since I don’t code.

Yeah I know I should write more. I promise I add some words to my book once in awhile. But with a couple weeks of not leaving the house, I may have to see if I can pull an all nighter like that one night in England where I was up all night just typing. I’d probably enjoy it more if I had a set spot where I could just sink into the pages. I’m going to have a devoted study one day in my future house.

A local Starbucks. This was weird to see to be honest

Workout progress is in picture too honestly. Like, that long on lock down, I could make some real gains. In two weeks I could lift my own ego! That’s not funny and I know it... Imagine the legs a person could have after just two weeks, or lack there of depending. Plus most places don’t deliver food to my house, so I’d have to actually eat healthy.

Man, I should put myself of isolation and just watch what I do. I feel like I could be extra productive and finally get some stuff done! But at the same time, this pandemic is a real problem. I’m not worried about myself because I know a flu won’t kill me. There are a few people in my life however that a flu, especially a bad one, could realistically kill them. Please, for the sake of the people around you, be careful and don’t forget to care about others too.
Stay safe, and thanks for reading this today <3
— Deryn

New Years Resolutions


This is it, finally! The last day of 2019! And thank the gods we are done! A tradition that some people have for the new year is making resolutions, or promises, to themselves for what they’re going to do to better their lives. “New year, new me” kind of thing. I normally don’t do them, but I’ve started some habits that I want to last, and want to try new things to continue to improve as a person. I guess the best way to do this is by a list, huh? Cause you know, I love lists.

First Thing
Keep on cooking and baking my own stuff. Cooking has become such a fun hobby for me that I really want it to last. I’m saving money and have got a healthier lifestyle from it. And baking, I made sugar cookies with a friend right before Christmas hit and they were so much fun to make! I’m going to for sure keep that recipe for the rest of my life! They may have been simple, but man was it a blast to make them! So yeah, definitely going to be the cook in my house! Or at least try to be.

Second Thing
Laugh more! I’m a very easygoing kind of person who was burdened this year by too much crap, so come next year, more goofy pictures, more vine videos, and more relaxed and laid back choices! Too many people act like the world owes them everything and that laughter is a crime, and I do not agree at all! Life is fun, and I’ll make sure to have tons of fun this year! And yes, I love vine compilations, so whatever. Maybe I should attend a comedy show? Actually that sounds amazing! I think there’s a local bar that does comedy once a week, I should go and stop in.

Third Thing
Financial stability. I work two jobs, manage this blog, and sell things on the side (crafts and such) so that I can live. I want to be able to live somewhat comfortably, and be able to afford the houses in my area. So whether I can get a job to back up my lifestyle or if I can get this blog to the point I’m making something (wink wink sponsors) that I can stop working finally, at least in retail. In the mean time I’m building a savings account, I’ve got like $50! (The little victories you know?) I’ve also applied at a few places just to see if I can get a new and better paying job overall.

Fourth Thing
This damn book! I’m going to finish it! I figure if I keep getting on my own case for it I’ll actually finish it instead of putting it off. Well, even if I don’t finish the book, just writing more. I’ve gathered too many drafts of ideas that I want to make into either short stories or even eBooks eventually. Come the new year I’ll probably have too much time to myself, so I should be able to at least make a name for myself as an author.

Fifth Thing
Plants. I want trillions of plants. I’ve been watching home renovation videos on YouTube and it’s slowly consuming me. They’re helping me get inspired with decorating and learning to do reno’s myself. Having plants will also help me feel less lonely I think, not that I’m a lonely person, I’m just in constant need of attention. I’ve also got to make sure that none of them hurt Shadow, I’ve had him too long to lose him now. Plus plants make fantastic decor because I have none of that in my house.

But Yeah,
That’s it really. Some resolutions to keep in my mind for the next, at least couple months. I know I’m not the best at following things like this, but I’m going to try. Stay tuned (I know this is my new catch phrase, and I’m sorry) for me botching this! Stay safe out there! So come January, regular showings of your favourite program will move to Thursday at 12pm Vancouver time. And, well, I don’t know… See you next year? Is that cliché ? Because I’m doing it anyway, since I made myself laugh. Anyways…
Thank you so much for this whole year, you’re amazing!
— Deryn

Stormy Saturday


No home renovations today. Rain has been putting a wedge in my plans for a couple days now. So today I’ve had to think of something else to do at work, besides working of course. I instead wanna talk about things I’m looking for in my new place! I’ve made a little list. I like lists.

1) Something Newer
So to clarify, living in Canada, especially the west coast, the oldest homes around me are only 50ish years old. That means I want something preferably only 10ish years old. Water tanks and central air are less likely needing to be replaced and the wiring for the place is up to code. Saves me so much trouble unlike my current mess of a house.

2) A Yard
It doesn’t have to be acreage, just something for maybe a berry bush and a maybe a lawn chair. I’m probably going to dig up most of the grass anyway. It’s such a water suck. I don’t understand how people can have such green, perfect yards. They look so, flat.

3) Walking Distance to Work
My car died awhile back, as you may know from my bus adventures, and that makes getting to work expensive if it’s not close by. Plus, it’s the only way I get exercise anymore as I am the laziest person I have ever met.Walking has saved me a lot of money though, which is a blessing in a way.

4) Somewhat Relaxed Strata
I LOVE DECORATING! Especially for holidays like Halloween! I had someone complain one year cause I was “too into the holiday”. What kind of a complaint is that? I’m still upset. I want to be able to enjoy my place and not get in trouble, like come on..

5) Pet Restrictions
I have a cat and some places, even if I own it, won’t let me have him. Shadow is vocal, and I get that some people have allergies but pets do way less damage than kids in my opinion. I am not getting rid of him.

He’s such a cutie! I can’t just let him go!

That’s really the biggest group of things I would like out of my new place. Anything I’m missing? Let me know! Anyways…
Thanks for reading!
— Deryn

Had a Thought


I was browsing Pinterest and found an article on winning the lottery. As much as it was a garbage post, I started thinking about what I would do if I won. I’m sure everyone has their own ideas, but when you have too much time with a bottle of wine in a nice bath, you can get so lost in thought. I made a 5 step process.

Step 1) Fix my Current Place.

My current place was inherited and is in a complete wreck. I’ve been slowly trying to fix it for about a year now. I’d finally get that done so I could sell it and move out. I want a place with a real backyard. There isn’t too much left to do, roof and a couple floors. I can do it all myself, I’m just also really, and I mean really lazy.

Step 2) Set up Future Finances

Most lottery winnings are at least $20 million, and even if I got half I would still have so much money. Now full disclaimer, I’m dumb with money. I’d try and buy useless stuff, but I’d have to put like, a million or so away. Interest right? Make money off the money I won. I have a very minimal amount of debt for someone my age, so I could pay that too. I recently learned that you get taxed on that winnings hard for awhile, so putting that money away can help incase living in Canada bites me in the ass later down the road.

Step 3) Give my Family Some

My family is the best thing to ever happen to me. They’ve never left and have always stood strong beside me. I know my dad would cry if I had some money to just give him. Different people get different opportunities in life, and I’d really be changing his life too. Plus the boyfriend, depending on what winning does to our families, would get some for himself and his family.

Step 4) I Love Spending Money

I’d have to start buying things for my friends. Little things though. Like covering dinner, or buying gas if we go anywhere. Just helping people out ya know. Buying myself stuff is not as much fun as it is for buying friends presents. I know a really good friend of mine wants a new card for the game we play every Saturday, speaking of which

Step 5) I’m a Huge Nerd

I have a list of 5 expensive (more than $10) Magic the Gathering cards I really want for one of my decks that I would buy, or even a new keyboard that makes better clicking noises so I feel cooler cheating in Sims. Plus the expansions for Settlers of Catan, I need those eventually. I’ve got a concert I’m going to in England later this year, so I want to be able to buy a shirt and such.

I keep exciting myself over the idea of winning the lottery and spoiling everyone I care about. Taxes on that money are not as much fun, but hey, payday! Anyways…

Thanks for reading!

— Deryn

Top 5 Things That Would Make Anybody’s Day


Being a Tuesday, I’m working a long shift and I talk to hundreds of people in a day if it’s busy enough. Out of all the people I talk to, very few are polite let alone kind. Since I deal with it all the time, I figured I’d share my ideas for just a few small things you can do to make another person’s day a little brighter.

1) Starting with “Hello”

You’d be surprised, but I answer the phone for work and every conversation I have is always better when the person starts with “Hello”. It doesn’t seem like much, but that recognition that I’m also human surprisingly makes my day a little brighter. Ya know?

2) Would it Hurt Ya to Compliment?

Now I understand, there are people with anxiety and such, and I’m not saying go out of your way and talk to people, but if you see a sad little kid and you feel bad, compliment their outfit. Or if there’s someone wearing the most awesome band merch, don’t be afraid to say “nice shirt”. I’ve had the opportunity to see people’s days made from just a little interaction like that. Or if that person is shy and they blush, that’s the best feeling.

3) Please, There is ZERO Reason to be Rude

I don’t understand how people think that being a dick means I’ll do what they ask. And swearing, holy crap. Telling me off is a good way to get me to hang up or tell you to leave. I don’t have to put up with it. Especially being an employee, I can reserve my right to “refuse service” and tell you to leave. And when you leave, you can be guaranteed I’m going to laugh at you, unless you were actually awful. I’ve cried a few times from genuinely terrible people. Don’t be one of those people please.

4) Connect with Old Friends

Sometimes you get the opportunity to reconnect with that one person from high school who was actually cool and reminisce about all the shenanigans you two got up to. I love doing this! Recently I got back in touch with a friend from my childhood and we just kept talking and talking. I haven’t had that much fun just remembering school since I was actually attending it! Plus, if you add your favourite warm or cold drink, it becomes more homey.

5) Basic “Please” and “Thank You”

The amount of adults that really could use a lesson in their manners is absurd. I know toddlers who are more polite than at least half of the people I deal with. Although I am Canadian, so most people say “Sorry” a thousand times more than “please and thank you”. But still, it drives me nuts. It’s always the people who get mad at me for saying “no problem” instead of “you’re welcome” too. They’re the people who won’t be polite with me. It really drives me nuts.

So those are a few things you can do to brighten someone’s day. Nothing crazy, except maybe going to a coffee shop. These are all my personal opinions too, I promise this isn’t the one and only way. Anyways…

Thanks for reading!

— Deryn