Apps I Have Paid For


Spending money on apps is dumb. At least, on Android phones. There’s an app for you to essentially answer questions for Google and they give you credit to their stores, whether Google Play, Google Play Movies (I rented a lot of movies when I wasn’t paying for things like Prime Video), and in game app purchases. I got this app back when I had just started in my old job and the phone store, and it changed my app game. 

Since then, I’ve either spent all my credit on Pokeballs in Pokemon Go, or bought an app or two. The actual credit you get isn’t a lot, but living here in the Okanagan, when I can actually go downtown, I tend to get a few bucks (dollars) every time I go out for the day. 

We Put Midna’s crate up, and Shadow moved in

As For Apps I’ve Bought

Moon Phases are something I like to watch. I was using this app for a couple years before I bought it. The UI shows you the part in the moon cycle we’re in, when the moon and sun both rise, and the weather mostly. And there’s even a “golden hour” and “blue hour” section for photographers out there. I have my notifications turned on so I know the full moon cycles every time they happen. 

Rain Noises for peace, focus, and to help me sleep sometimes. Being able to customize whether I want only rain, some thunder, where I am and where the rain is, MMM! I love it. This app has been with me since I first got a cell phone back in high school. Thunder and rain has always been super peaceful for me. 

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Minecraft is well, Minecraft. Yes I own this game on like, four different platforms, but I didn’t technically have to pay for it. Plus it connects to the computer version, so I’m able to play with friends of mine while out and about. (To a certain extent, it only works on Wi-Fi). But yeah, I own it on my phone too.

Don’t Starve was a game that I picked up after it went viral on YouTube, only to fall in love with it and own three different versions of it now. This is a game that I can 100% get lost in, even by myself (since this is the single player version). I played this a lot riding the bus when my headphones were in for repair. I’m not very good, but I do enjoy it. 

I Haven’t Bought A Lot Of Apps

But there’s definitely a few. Most of my credit went to movies and Pokeballs for sure. Wow, I just went a looked, and I’ve made over $180 since I started. I bought way too many pokeballs dude... As far as I’m aware, it only works for stuff like that, but that’s honestly fine for me, it fits my lifestyle. That and it’s hard to find apps worth buying.

Percy Just Vibing

Thanks for coming with me today! Be safe out there, and we’ll talk soon!
— Deryn

Side Hustles


I don’t want to work forever, and I’m pretty sure most people I know feel that way. And the odds of winning the lottery for BC is 1 in 13,983,816 as of December 1st. So that’s basically out of the question, which means I need reliable and legit way to make it. If you’re broke and live in Canada, you know that selling organs isn’t a thing here either. I’ve looked way too far into it as legally as I can. On that note, my roommate and I were talking about ways to make it big.

Passive income was a HUGE piece of the discussion. I love to write and she’s an amazing artist, so the idea of things like ebooks and children’s books were discussed. Royalties, as unreliable as they can be, are a great way to start earning money “on the side”. Being able to reinvest that into our futures makes a lot of sense. If I ever actually publish anything I write, I would be able to get a jump start on that getting passive money coming in-ness. 

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Talks of podcasting in my house are fun. Being able to sit with a cup of tea and just talk about nothing? Hell yeah! No idea as to what we’d actually talk about or anything, just the idea of one, right? I enjoy talking about things and learning, so that could be quite the experience. Don’t worry, I promise to share it if it happens. With all the presents I got on my birthday, I could totally start one though.

My lovely roommate has tasked me with making her a present. I asked her what she wanted for Christmas and that was my answer, doesn’t matter what it is, I’ve just got to make it myself. Have I been on YouTube for hours looking at fun things to crochet? Maybe. I did however, find a cute pattern for a hair scrunchie that I am going to try and make.

LOOK!! I made this!!

It’s been almost a whole twenty-four hours and I’ve made an entire hair tie package worth of these things… Oops I guess? Hyperfocus out of the way, now I can go back to living. These scrunchies are super cute too, I’m going to see if I can sell these for a bit. Since I made 32 extra ones and all... 

Anyway, that’s all I have for today. Thanks for stopping by and be safe out there! 
— Deryn

Gaming and Dating


The world has fallen into a state of “what the hell???” and that’s forced a lot of us to change some habits. Not being able to spend as much time together as I want, the boyfriend and I have found games to play together. That quality time though, I’m a sucker for it! Minecraft is what we’re playing at the moment, and it’s super peaceful just digging and exploring. My dad likes to make everything extra square when he mines, very three by three hallways and tunnels, and I’ve found now I’m doing that too…

But I’m not here to talk about Minecraft, I’m here to talk about being able to still visit with people. Even though I’m not beside the people I play with, I can still talk to them. I’m still able to chat about life, make jokes, and enjoy my time. Video calls are definitely helping too. Technology and gaming really helps me feel like I’m not alone. Plus, sending Starwars memes to the boyfriend is a great pastime. 

I was chatting with my roommate about love languages, and I’ve finally come to terms with the fact I need quality time. Being able to connect from such a large distance brings a peace. I only actually get to see him once a week anyway, so this is great. Don’t tell anyone, but I was even trying to install Minecraft on my work computer. Connecting with people I care about over the internet is my favourite thing now. I know I’ve been doing it for years, but I have a new found love for it again. Some of my bestest friends I met online, so there’s a long running history for me. 


Am I late on todays post because I installed Minecraft on my phone? Maybe. But that’s fine, I have no regrets. Thanks for stopping by today, and stay safe out there!
— Deryn

New Phone and Family Updates


Samsung has been my go-to for cell phones since I was in high school. Black Friday has spoiled me, and given me the opportunity for a Note 20 Ultra for a good price! I mean, I did steal my brother’s upgrade to do it, but we won’t talk about that. But yeah, I got a new phone! I’m not a stats person with phones, but I’ll add them for those who are. Specs, not stats, apparently. My bad.

First picture I took on the new phone

I am not retyping the specs, but I did find an amazing website. The camera is really all I’ve been playing with in terms of “new features”, but I’m in LOVE! Well, apparently I only had my last phone since March… Oops, guess I was too excited by sales. And this is what we call – ADHD – folks! No matter, the way it worked out, I’m not hindered at all which is hype. 
I just discovered the drawing app that comes with the phone, and I totally just spent an hour drawing. This is going to make my brain so happy!

The clouds are so nice!!!

Other than that, I haven’t had the chance to properly play with all the phone or the s-pen’s features yet. Taking this a whole different direction now, a more serious one... Dad wasn’t feeling well yesterday. He had a few of the symptoms, so I’ve got him staying home. I’m sure he’s actually just got the “man cold” but these days you can’t be too careful. After quite a bit of explaining, I think I’ve convinced both him and my brother that they need to stay home. Fingers crossed for now I guess… Means I’ve got a car for the next few days though. 

This shot is with the 50x zoom on. I took this at work

Black Friday is going to be crazy I’m bettin’. I was hoping to get some shopping in, but I may just order stuff online for now. It’s also safer that way lately. If everything doesn’t close though, there’s a couple early Christmas shopping things I should go pick up. But for now, back to drawing. Be safe out there, and have a great day! 
— Deryn

Phones and the Future


If you didn’t know, I have two jobs at the moment. One of those jobs has me selling phones and my goodness Canadians have it rough. Besides the point, I was watching the Apple conference just as I’m sure a lot of people in the world did. Having worked for EB Games in the past, I’ve noticed Apple and Nintendo make some similar decisions when it comes to their customers that just really annoy me. I mean, I get it, but it still sucks.

The new iPhone boxes don’t have a cable or charging block in them, I remember this with the New3DS from forever ago now. Nintendo told their customers that they didn’t need a charging cable in the box because their customers should have had the cable from their last device. Excuse me? So almost every unit I sold I had to tack on a $15 charging cable. Now, granted that made my store a lot of profit, but like, what the frick Nintendo.

I can see Apple doing this for a similar reason; buy a phone and everything you need to actually use the dang thing. So let’s say you buy a new phone from your local cell phone store, you probably buy a case and a screen because that phone is worth more than my life, and now you also have to buy cables? You’re looking at two hundred dollar transactions for a new phone on day one. Or I guess you could just use what you’ve got, but for new users for even families. Kids take charging cables all the time, it’s just a fact at this point.

Dad’s birthday cake! Guess who’s 44 today

A funny anecdote, I was telling my boss about this post, and he told me I can’t publish it. Because I represent this company and am trash talking a product we sell, I could get fired. Oops I guess.

But yeah, Apple kind of bothers me sometimes. Not that there’s anything I can do about it besides complain. But I do that anyway...
Well, I’m late to posting this, my bad. Anyway, have a good day and be safe!
— Deryn