My First Few Days


New job, same old house. In case you didn’t know, I got a “work from home” job working for a new telecommunications company. In the grand scheme of telecommunications, I moved from Bell to Rogers. Work desk lives pretty much behind my computer desk. Cramped doesn’t quite cover how this room is right now, but that’s alright. With said new job, this has been my first few days.

Dad and I went back to plant land

Day One is Always Fun

First day, starting off strong with a woodpecker on my roof. Bastard bird… I love woodpeckers, they’re cute and are honestly one of the better birds. But this dickhead, is on my roof. Roof ain’t good for bird. They’re endangered, so no harm must come to this bird. I must be creative in getting this feathered friend to leave. Apparently a plastic owl or even a pie plate on my roof can scare it off. Only thing is, I don’t want to scare the other birds too. Plus, my house is like, the bird sanctuary of the neighbourhood. I’ve got to get super freaking creative…

Oh, I guess I also had my first shift. First day was a good day! Met my “class” and learned how to play with the computer system Linux a little. Otherwise, work is work. 

My little dolphin

Onto the Real Learning

Day two has its own spice. We all introduce ourselves and spend hours learning about the company. I’ve worked some shitty jobs before, but the overall environment from this job so far is very, comfy. Feeling safe and like I can actually talk to people is amazing. Talks of inclusivity and helping our community are also very large topics for today. I’m lowkey really into this job..

Other than work, Percy is also an issue lately. The past little while he’s been sitting by the front door meowing for hours at a time, and like, I love him. But after only a few hours of sleep and he’s just whining at the door for about an hour makes me want to die. (Not really, but it sucks.) *As of the moment of writing this, Shadow almost died… Bastard tipped over a water glass and killed the power to half my trailer. So that’s cool… Poor baby, didn’t even know what happened. 

Best shot I’ve got of her yet


This job is going to be a big part of my life for probably a long time, which means my streaming schedule is going to change. I’ll be trying to stream in the morning, starting between seven and eight, and going until about ten. Don’t worry, I’m still around. That and with a new job, and warmer weather, I’ll be blogging more too! So stay tuned for blog updates!

Drenched war horse

But Yeah

Life is fun right now. I know this is coming out at a weird time of day, but work and Shadow, it’s been a busy day. I appreciate everything from everyone, and I hope you have an amazing day!
— Deryn

I Thought December Was Cold


This morning my weather app shared an amazing picture of -11° with a high of -8° and a low of -18°… It’s cold outside this week. Being that cold, there isn’t much outside I can do. I mean, I can dress for it, but there’s nothing to do. I’m lowkey wishing it were “December Cold“… Although, having a roommate who gets as cold as I do means my house isn’t as cold! So, here’s some plans I have for the week until it warms up! As well as what I’m doing today, because I’m running out of new things to do.


My boyfriend bought me Valheim because it’s the new big survival game. So we played that last night for a bit, and I think it would be fun to stream! That or more Age of Empires. (Since I rushed myself on that post, I may redo it. Just so you’re aware.) Other than that, I don’t really have any plans. I also have to rebuild all of my picture storage on my computer. Apparently I have a few GB’s of saved TikToks on my phone that I need to sort through. But yeah, to catch my streams, shoot me a follow

Photo Credits

This Week

I want to find a way to share my deck lists for Magic the Gathering so bad! I’m sure there’s a way, but I haven’t tried or really looked into it at all. That would be super cool to share, especially since I play commander all the time! Otherwise, I really want to hit the 50 followers on Twitch to get my own “subscribe” button!

Oh, and I have this writing contest I want to enter, so I have to hurry up and get writing. On Vocal there’s a contest for $20,000 for a short story! After I enter, I want to publish that short here too. I only just discovered Vocal and I really like the challenges they have going on. Being able to keep writing and have the chance at winning a few bucks, that’s exciting! I may burn out, but I’m trying to keep myself taken care of... So yeah, going to try and devote time to that.

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Thanks for hanging out with me today, and I hope you have an awesome day! Be safe out there, and keep being awesome!
— Deryn

Warmer February


We, did it, a whole month into 2021 already! Following through with my agenda for this year, I’ve already streamed once, which hopefully I’ll do more of, and I made sure to install a ton of games to either share or talk about. So I got that out of the way. Today, I might play with the controls and play some Final Fantasy, but I don’t have my heart set on anything yet.

The Final Fantasy I’ve got on Steam

I need a controller. In my steam library I have Dark Souls 1 and 2. A PlayStation controller would help if I start streaming those. I’ll be sharing more of my streaming thoughts, questions and updates on Twitter. I’m super glad I finally sat down and turned that stream on. I was telling my roommate “if I didn’t just ‘do it’ I wasn’t going to ever,” which unfortunately is true.

Besides Streaming

I was also thinking about possibly vlogging on here. I’d be better off making a YouTube channel and linking everything if I did that, but the thought crossed my mind this morning. When I was younger I loved the idea of being a vlogger and sharing all the cool stuff around where I live. Have an opening scene that was like this.

Photo Credits

Remember when I said I was going to be reading more? That hasn’t really happened… Now that my desk is set up and I have a little space, I should start reading more. No promises though. But I really need to finish Dune… I’m like, a third of the way through, and I will finish it. Eventually… One of these days I may just devote a day and just go for it. Don’t make promises you won’t keep Deryn...


Totally different topic, still on the Media side, I’m building a new Magic the Gathering deck. Elf tribal in Golgari from that new precon. Forever ago when the Oathbreaker format was introduced, I built a deck on Vraska, Swarm’s Eminence that was elf tribal. So I’m just upgrading this and switching the format. I’m so excited, Magic is such a fun game and every game I play is just worth every second.

The new Commander in the Precon

I’m going to look at publishing my deck list once I’m done. Only problem is a lot of those amazing elf cards are either so old you can’t find them, so good you can’t find them, or not out until this deck goes live. Oh I am so excited. Normally zombies and Esper are my jam, but green has been really growing on me.

La Finale

But yeah, that’s been my thought process today. Thanks for coming along, and I hope you have an amazing day!
— Deryn

Streaming and the Gym



On Thursday I streamed for the first time! The whole stream went on for just shy of three hours, and I had a lot of fun! I recorded like, an hour of it so I could watch it back to see what went on in the background. Twitch was telling me I had an average of 3.2 viewers and I got 5 followers right away. Granted, all of them are friends, but still. Want to catch one? I don’t have a schedule mind you, but a follow gets you notified!

This kind of thing is right up my alley. Being able to hold a conversation, playing games, and just enjoying life is easy for me. Plus, I’m already all over the internet with things like my blog so…

He loves that seat so much


As for the gym, today, Friday, is my first day. No sign-up fee right now, and we have to be right next to it anyway. If this blog post is late today, it’s because I’m there. I love running on treadmills, don’t know why, but I have very fond memories of it. So I’m excited I get to do that today, hopefully!

My relationship with the gym is weird. I’ve gone in before but I get really anxious. Most I’ve done of a gym is a tour. But today will be a real leg day. Man, I just want to run now, and when I get home today, I want to stream more. This is the feeling I get at 2am when I want to get my life together, but at a reasonable time without my ADHD being a buttface.

Back from the gym, and my legs feel awesome. By awesome I mean numb, but accomplished. This was a good idea!

Cuddly baby

Anyway, that’s if for today. I’m super late on this post and I still have stuff I need to get done. We’ll chat soon, and be safe!
— Deryn