Some Zombies and A Hedgehog


I was watching a “7 Scary Movies You Probably Haven’t Seen” video, and this movie popped up. I figured why not, and put it on. A French movie similar to the 28 movies, we follow this guy, whose name I don’t know, try and survive while hiding in an apartment building in Paris is the whole plot really. 

The Night Eats The World, A French Zombie Movie

The zombies are weird, very 28 (days and weeks later) style, but they don’t have voices. The only noises they make are from running and their teeth clacking against each other. That is such an interesting concept I haven’t seen before! I can’t really say if that makes them more scary or not, since a horde of flesh eating monsters is scary either way.

Our survivor’s name is Sam, and we follow as he tries to survive not only the dead, but also his own mind slowly falling apart as the days go by. Out of the massive amount of zombie movies I’ve watched, this protagonist has the best sense of actual survival I’ve seen in a long time. Although, his loneliness and paranoia are probably going to kill him. 
I don’t know the actor, but he does a great job freaking out and losing his mind. I’m into it. 

Some “while I’m watching the movie” Commentary For You…

OH SHIT THERE’S A CAT! Oh no, he’s going to try and save it, but there’s so many zombies my guy, don’t be dumb. I love cats but the dead don’t seem to care about him. OH MY FRICK I’M SCARED! I hope the cat is okay! Sam, you did you’re best dude, but the cat isn’t going to come to you!
Yes, I take notes while I watch movies… Don’t judge me..

Final Judgements

Time passes so well, and the story moves at such a good pace, I really enjoy this movie. We got to see a cat for a bit, and I’m super glad the cat was okay. Too many movies decide the animal needs to die. So because of that and the fact the movie was actually good, I’d totally recommend it. The final shot alone of the cityscape is just beautiful.

The Night Eats the World Movie Poster

I Decided I Also Needed To Watch Sonic, You Know, To Calm Down

And like, that’s fine. I heard good things so why not? First impressions, SONIC IS SO CUTE! The art team did a good job with him. There’s almost too many lines though, like lines of dialog. I find the characters talk too much, considering the movie I watched prior to this, that isn’t a surprise though.

Jim Carrey is a treasure and I truly enjoy him and his personality more than I’ll ever be able to describe. Him as Dr. Robotnik was an amazing casting choice. 

I do have some questions though, such as, do speedometers actually go that high? Would that turtle have actually lived? How much of Jim Carrey’s performance was scripted? The tie to “Eggman” was brilliant. 

I Could Go On Forever, But Sonic Is

Actually just a lot of fun. I really enjoy how they made it come to life. The actors did a great job, and I hope we get the chance to see more video game movies succeed. I’m glad I sat down to watch it.

Sonic Movie Poster

But yeah, I watched some more movies finally. I recommend these both, 100%. I know they’re two very different movies, but they’re both totally worth it! Thanks for stopping by today! Be safe out there! I’m starting to feel a lot better besides this bastard cough by the way. Lots of Love!
— Deryn

Scary Movies


My lovely roommate and I have been watching more scary movies. She never really watched any when she was younger, so now is a great time to force her to sit down and enjoy them with me! I say force, but she enjoys it really. Our most recent watches were The People Under the Stairs and Hush. The People Under the Stairs is a classic more of a thriller type movie. I’ve never seen it myself and that made the experience more interesting. Hush is a Netflix movie about a deaf woman getting fucked with by a murderer. 

Now, I have to address it, I went into the People Under the Stairs expecting something like the Hills Have Eyes kind of horror. We watched that movie with a friend of ours who did say it’s more of a thriller. I just didn’t really process that and expected to be on the edge of my seat scared. The characters were interesting, and if you haven’t seen it, the main antagonists are beyond weird, it was great. The protagonists are just kids but they’re awesome. I loved watching them just try and escape everything going on. 
There were definitely some parts that really just threw us off. Little spoiler – We see one of the villain’s in a full leather “gimp suit” at one point and that was bizarre. When he came into frame wearing that we all just freaked out. 
All in all, great movie and I’m glad this movie was recommended to us.

Poster for The People Under the Stairs

Hush was amazing! Our protagonist is a deaf, ass kicking, and resourceful woman who has her night just ruined by this murderer dude. Being a sadistic and all around just terrible guy, he decides to mess with her. All night he’s just tormenting her. Playing with the fact the audience can hear but she can’t was super neat. The ending kicked so much ass and I will one hundred percent recommend this to horror lovers. 
I was recently talking to a friend about this movie, and he was telling me this is by the guy who did the Haunting on Hill House series which makes sense. It was amazing and now I know this director does more amazing work. 

Movie Poster for Hush

Even with the two different styles of movie, it was a good night! But that’s all I have for today. Thanks for stopping by and be safe out there!
— Deryn

Working the Night Shift


I was very bored between calls on my most recent shift. Working from six to six overnight, not a lot happens. While I had nothing to do, I decided I was going to watch some movies. Were they all zombie movies? Hell yeah they were! Today I may drop a spoiler or two, just fair warning. 

Train to Busan was first on my list. A Korean zombie movie that came out in 2016. I’ve read some amazing reviews recently about it and figured I’d have to watch it. And let me just say, I’m glad I did!

The early parts of the film do an amazing job at showing us the characters we’re going to be following and their personalities. I, unfortunately, don’t speak Korean, so I never actually learned their names, but that honestly didn’t take away from the movie at all. The style of “zombie” gave me World War Z vibes, as in more of an “infected” than an actual zombie.

The characters were so amazing written and really believable considering the circumstances they were all thrusted into. By the end I was so invested in their safety, at one point I paused the movie to message a friend about how scared I was so the little girl. Even though the whole real cast in on the train, you still get to see a while group of people that would walk past you in your everyday life. It’s really neat how everyone worked around each other.

As for the zombies, they were so dang cool! They were fast and had just enough intelligence that no matter where they were, they were always a threat. A particular scene in the movie with our dead friends just blew my mind: our living passengers were getting on what I assumed was they train again, and the dead have just overrun the train station. After enough pressure just from the overwhelming force of the dead pressing on the glass, a window breaks. Watching a hundred “dead” people fall out of a window, onto the train, and the ground below, only to get back up and start running, was so cool! I was so amazed by the effects, and by the fear that I thought I knew before.

The ending of Busan left me in tears and I loved every second of it, from the banter between characters, to the fear of the inevitable that was thrown at my face over and over again. I recommend this one hundred percent to any zombie / horror fan.

The Poster for Train to Busan

After that, I watched Quarantine for the first time. That was an okay movie, but not one I’d watch again. I found myself skipping through the movie. The ending was super neat though! The actors did a good job, but I’m going to watch the movie it’s based on next time I get the chance. Which I believe is called REC.

Movie poster for Quarantine.

My last movie I watched was the first Resident Evil. That movie is still super fun. For a movie based on a video game, it’s well done. It’s too bad that series went so, action. Can I totally quote all of the Red Queen lines too? Maybe, definitely. I would watch this movie whenever I’m looking for something fun to watch. Maybe if I watch these movies through, I’ll have the courage to play the games…

And then the Resident Evil poster

I know this was mostly a praise post for Busan, but that movie was just so good. But anyway, that’s all I have for today. Be safe out there and we’ll talk soon!
— Deryn