Errands and Homework


I have jobs to do today, starting with errands, my roommate has lost a part of her piercing. I have to go downtown and see if I can get some cute replacements for her. I don’t buy jewelry often, so let’s see how this goes.

That’s really it for errands though, but since I have to make a trip out of it, I’ll be busy for a couple hours. I may also actually apply to be a batista at the cute nerd cafe in town. She may not need one, but it wouldn’t hurt to try. I don’t need a job, I’m just kind of, bored? I think? Maybe just feeling stuck...

As for homework, for those who don’t know, my Tuesday job is dispatching cabs. We have a system for quotes and estimates, which is super out of date. My job for today is to hopefully rebuild it. If not, I’ll have to work on it tomorrow too.

I’m also mad hyperfocused on writing my novel right now. I’ve almost completely redone my first draft and have plans for a full series. So hopefully I can put more work into that today. I haven’t written this much in awhile, so I’m not gonna stop myself.

Today’s weather is supposed to be cooler with a hint of rain, which I think is perfect for writing in. So we’ll see what I get done today! But for right now, that’s all I’ve got. Stay safe, and check me out on both Twitter and Instagram for updates on life, and behind the scenes stuff!

Thanks for reading!
— Deryn

Summer Dates


Have I mentioned it’s hot out yet? ‘Cause it’s hot… In the summer spirit, the roommate and I are out together again, bringing up my date standards. Back into Kelowna we go! Although, no creepy people this time..
We saw a TikTok awhile back about a place in town called Karat. It’s a chocolate and pastry shop that’s all local and made in house. So, that’s our first stop!

Midna is such a good girl!

The aesthetic of that store is top notch! I fell in love before we even walked in! (Future editing note, apparently the baker there knows a good friend of mine, so I’ll be going back!) We ended up splitting a delicious veggie sandwich! 

I’ve said to my roommate that 35 is too hot, but 30 is manageable, so we are trying to not spend too much time downtown. I say that, but, have I ever talked about my favourite bar downtown? I went back and looked and I don’t think so, but it was called Muninn’s Post. It was a viking bar that had board games and a stellar staff. My group of Magic nerds definitely loved that place. The reason I bring it up is because they sold and now it’s a cafe.

Highlight from our downtown adventures!

Twice the Dice is it’s new name. We were walking by and saw a chess table outside. and of course, I clued in and ran inside super excited! I wandered around looking at the shelves or board games just amazed at how full it was with life. The owner is very friendly and talked to me about renovations and Magic for a bit. I’m glad, that little shop appears to be in good hands. She kept the big viking hull as the counter too which was comforting to see. 

After our little adventure has got rather warm, so we’ve decided to hit up the mall. See if we can blow way too much money on shoes. 
No shoes, but there were some redeeming sweaters. Pastel pink is everywhere and I am a sucker for that as of like three months ago! Only real downside, I was about ready to throw down with this lady for trash talking her own kid for having feelings. The poor girl got overwhelmed about choices and started to get worked up, and this woman literally shouts at her “what’s wrong with you!” My god, some people are dooming the next generation. 

Shadow is secretly a demon, but that’s fine

Our social batteries are running low, so our buddy is going to pick us up. Apparently there’s a food truck event downtown, so that for dinner and then homeward bound. Spending the day out with my roommate was a lot of fun. I love her dearly and am blessed to have her in my life. But yeah, that was our adventure. Thanks for coming with us!
— Deryn

Busing Again


It’s been a hot minute since I got to talk about taking the bus. And I know I just got my car fixed too, but that doesn’t mean I’m driving yet. There’s still so much to see out in the wild public transportation world.

June 22
Man it’s been awhile since I rode a bus. Today, the roommate and I are headed into town for just a couple hours. It’s been long enough now that bus drivers are collecting fare again even. Hopefully I can start making these regularly again! And hopefully the plague goes away soon…

My dads flowers

July 9
There’s a leak in the light fixture, water from outside is getting all over the bus. And of course, I had to sit under it because there are too many people on the bus and I’m shy… I think the dude next to me is asleep. His nose is whistling but I don’t want to stare just in case he’s actually awake. 

Dad loves his lilies

July 20
Going into town with the roommate again. Kelowna is currently the largest epicenter for Covid in BC, so we’ve got masks and are trying to stay safe. People keep looking at us funny, maybe it’s just anxiety, but I feel like too many people are disregarding how problematic this is. I do not want to get sick, that would ruin me. 
On the way home…
“Hey Blondie! Nice glasses!” Best bus interaction I’ve ever had. Some guy smelling of booze was trying to be friendly. I’m a social person, but you could see my poor roommate just freaking out inside. We got asked all sorts of questions, like where are we from, I lied of course, visiting or, again, totally lied. Like, buddy, frig off. And then, the best thing ever, “hey Red, your tattoo mean anything?” 
When we got off the bus, this guy tried to skate away and biffed it on his board. People man, got to love ’em. 

Such pretty flowers

But Yeah,
That has been my slow entry into busing again. I missed this, people are so odd. If cases end up getting worse here, I’ll have to postpone doing more of these just for safety. Thanks for coming around today! Have a good one!
— Deryn

Date with the Roommate


Yesterday, the roommate and I had some drive to go out and do stuff in town. So we decided to see if the cute Japanese garden and the art store were open or not. So at about noon, we set out on our journey. 

To get into Kelowna we have to take the bus. Yes, I will be bringing back Bus Adventures eventually. The main downtown strip is almost completely closed to vehicle traffic, so the bus had to do a funny loop and wait for so many people on foot. At first when the Mayor said he was going to close it to vehicles I thought he was nuts. Now that I’ve been down there a couple times, I really like the idea.

What an awesome parachute!

The way the huge interchange, exchange thing, is built is that you have access to city park, the library and downtown. With that, we had options, and the art store was the closest. My roommate and I like wandering that store, Opus is what it’s called I think. Guess what’s closed on Monday? Well frick. Onto the next thing then?

Chaibaba, which is a cute little tea cafe place was our next destination. Beautiful 25 degree weather complimented our iced lattes as we doubled back towards the downtown area. The different groups of people downtown are just, wow. We saw so many gorgeous people, there are just too many people to gawk at all the time really. 

Koi living their best life

With our lattes in hand, the Japanese garden awaits! I made a post on it awhile back because the koi fish are so cute! Seeing the Sights! The city is putting new fish into the pond and doing maintenance to keep the place alive and healthy. Walking through there is so peaceful, you can’t hear the cars driving by. It’s just so amazing and calming. If you’re ever in Kelowna, I recommend it one hundred percent!

With calm vibes and some tea in our systems, it was onto lunch. I needed, like, needed, poutine. There’s a Smoke’s Poutinerie that was just calling to me. I don’t normally get cravings, so I couldn’t fight it. Restaurants in my town are taking names and phone numbers just in case your health is at risk. I know it’s only been a day, but I haven’t heard anything so…

That Japanese Garden is still vibrant and stunning

The lake is warm and such a stunning view as of recently. There are way too many people out and about though. Being on the lake, we happened to catch the parasailing people. My lovely roommate treated me to a ride on that parachute and it was amazing! What a relaxing way to see the whole city. If I wasn’t scared of dropping my phone into the lake, I would have got a picture from up there.

After all of that, my poor roommates social battery was running on empty, so we made our way home. That happened with perfect timing as the weather started to change on us. I had a great time.

I love Koi fish

Having a good relationship with my roommate is something I really am thankful for! I love her so much and am beyond grateful to have her in my life. 
Thanks for stopping by today!
— Deryn

Building a Closet


I am the best handyman ever. Straight up, godlike powers. My ego is so large, I don’t fit through doors! I’m also so full of shit, but at the same time, I’m getting good at these renovation things. Now, I have one bonus room in my place and it used to be my brothers room. It’s not the smallest room ever, but it’s definitely not big enough for much. The roommate had a brilliant idea of making a walk in closet. We can share a lot of clothes, and my boyfriend has a lot of coats and such so why not optimize the space I have available, right?

This room started off an absolute mess, bits of the floor were rotted and I have a wall and a half painted. First thing I had to do was rip out baseboards that were half missing or so damaged they dissolved when I pulled them off.
At the time, we had stuff just piled in there for storage too, so trying to maneuver boxes and ripping out boards was unnecessarily difficult.

Look at this mess!
Like, gross!

Step two, flooring. Now we couldn’t just move boxes around, we had actually cut and lay boards down. I am by no means an expert, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to pay someone to do it for me. I’m new to this, but I’m also a broke human so…

Cutting boards became a huge mess. Guess who forgot sawdust is a thing? And we made a few mistakes while cutting boards. The boyfriend was helping for awhile, then the roommate chipped in, so we got a lot done on day one!

We spent most of day on just cutting and laying boards. Not sticking anything to the floor, we were making sure all of our measurements lined up and did our best to have no gaps between them.
Spoiler, that didn’t work.
About halfway through we started getting a tad lazy and more just trying to have fun while doing a chore. Worked our way all down to having to make a couple more cuts, and it got late. Trying to be considerate of the neighbours, we quit for the night.

I got to use the saw too, but he made it look easy
Check out the gaps!
No one was harmed in the capture of this shot
Day two!

Day two came around and I was not willing to leave the floor alone. After placing all of our boards and making them look at least almost okay, I noticed some massive gaps.
Off to Home Depot!
Now, when I’m by myself, I hate the place. People always ask if I’m lost, or pretend that since I’m female, I have zero idea on what I’m doing. I make sure going into a project I know at least like twenty percent of what I need. I was there for specific things.
Number one, grout. Before I get into why, please remember I am not a professional and I literally just tried something and hoped it worked. Okay, with that out of the way, I got grout for putting between the boards. My logic, it holds tile together, why not hold laminate too? So far, it’s working. I’m just going to let it do it’s thing.
Number two, baseboards! I bought thick white boards to match the new ones in my bedroom too.
Installing them is for another day.

Day three
Swept and sorted

Day three, the roommate finished filling the final gaps in the laminate while I was at work. So now I have to do the baseboards and then paint! We’re so close! Well, actual order of events, lay plastic down, paint, and then put baseboards in. Today I’m going to get some plastic to cover my floor, then paint. I have like two and a half cans of paint which should be enough friggen paint. Paint and grout need maybe a couple full weeks to dry completely. After all of that, up go the standing closet bits and that’s really it. We’re so close!!

In three days I was more productive than I have been in a long time, and it’s turned out FANTASTIC! Painting, decorating and filling the closet will also be a post. I’ll keep y’all updated on what I’m doing with that room. But that’s it for today, so thanks for reading! Catch ya next time!
— Deryn