It Has Been Another Year


Bruh, guess who hit another year of blogging???? (That’s me!) I know that past year we haven’t talked as much, but I still try and hang out at least twice a month. Mostly because I ran out of stuff to do, and streaming started taking up my free time. Speaking of which, I have a fun stream planned for tomorrow! I’m going to play Civilization V with some friends! But that’s not what I’m here for today.

Today I wanted to say that this blog has been amazing. As I’m sure you know, my memory is trash on a good day. Being able to go back and read old posts, and remember what I was doing and how I was feeling about certain things is just so cool. Granted, there are things I wish I never had to remember but whatever. Reading old posts about jobs and having the same feelings now, or even about different hikes and trying to make arrangements to go back, it’s been great. And soon I’ll have posts with paddleboard adventures! The boyfriend has one and I’m super jealous…

Speaking Of…

New things to talk about? Yeah nerds! The paddleboard should be ordered next month, (should be) and I’ve got pet pictures for days to share! My cats are always doing something dumb, and Midna is an actual Angel. Hopefully I can get some good nature shots on that board too. Oh! And I was chatting with the roommate, we’re thinking about some new hair colours soon, so that will be awesome! And we won’t have to bleach my scalp again!

Shadow not caring where Percy is. Classic

Did I tell you that story? So, when we first started the blonde process, my roommate asked if I was okay with trying the scalp. If it was too much for me, just wash it out, right? Well, it was awful. Turns out I’m super sensitive to the burning sensation of bleach on my skin, who knew? The pink hair looked so good, and the leftover blonde and purple is also awesome, but we’ll be trying something new soon, maybe.

I Update A Lot

But I promise, there are actual stories and posts coming. I’m overbooking myself and finding I’m not leaving the time to blog much. I do really love blogging though, so I’ve added more time in my schedule, yes, I have a schedule, I have ADHD... Plus I have some reno / deep clean posts I’d like to make. My bedroom in particular is just a lot right now, and that would be both an amazing and terrible post.

Am I currently neglecting working? Yes. Is it because it’s so busy I haven’t done anything important in over two hours? Maybe… The Okanagan is crazy busy since the world started opening up again. I went to Penticton the other day to Skaha beach and it was BUSY! Thankfully we didn’t spend much time on land, hence why I’m buying a paddleboard. Eventually... But for now, I have to listen to this phone ring off the hook because I’m too busy to help these people.
I have to call one of our contracts to confirm an address, and I’ve confused this poor phone person so bad. They’re just trying to do their job and I’m like, here’s my situation. I can hear the “what do I do???” in their voice. But it’s all okay as we got it all settled. I feel bad but it gave us both a good laugh.

Remember this pic?

Ending Notes

This has been so much fun, and I love what I do. Thank you for helping me make my dreams come true! If you really want to see how things are going though, check out last year to the day’s post. I hope you have an awesome day, and be safe out there!
— Deryn

Age of Empires But Redone


I said I’d fix that post, so here I am. I left the old one up too so you can compare, but like, please don’t because it’s bad...

Onto The Post

Age of Empires is one of those games that’s been around forever. Launching in 1999 (the same year my brother was born) a lot of my younger days were spent playing this game. Up there with Zelda and Sims, AoE grew up with me. This is also one of those games my dad pirated and played too back in like, 2000, so it’s been around my home forever.

In January, a new expansion was released called “Lord’s of the West” and it looked awesome! So a couple friends and I bought it. It felt amazing getting back into the game and it being the way I remembered. Hopping back into a game like that, sometimes things like graphics can be a huge disappointment. Since the game has stayed popular, Microsoft has been updating it and keeping the visuals all pretty. I mean, it’s gorgeous!


This edition is the Definitive Edition, not the HD. The High Definition version came out in 2015 I think? This one was 2019, so it’s *fancy*. You’d think since I’ve been playing this game forever that I’d be good at it, but I’m not.

I streamed this on my second stream ever. My goal was to beat a harder A.I. and declare my victory on screen. I succeeded! And in the stream I got raided. If you’re unfamiliar with Twitch and how that all works, a raid is another streamer sharing your stream with their audience when they finish theirs. I was SO excited to share my victory with all those people! And that stream drove me to continue playing games online like that.

More Screenshots!

AoE is up there with Civilization V for me for strategy games I hate losing. I’m a sore loser already, but these two particular games, it just sucks. I put a lot of time into learning strategies and getting really good at Civ, so watch me try and do the same with AoE. This game is amazing! 


Thanks for tuning in on my rewrite of this post. I love everything about this game and am so thrilled to share it! Professional games are my goal for this. It would be so awesome to play ranked AoE games! But yeah, thanks for everything, and have an awesome day!
— Deryn

Age of Empires


I bought the expansion for the Definitive Edition, “Lord’s of the West” and holy frick I missed AoE! This gem of a game launched in 1999, so for reference, it’s two years younger than me (that’s weird to say). January had a new expansion, so I figured I’d play.


My dad pirated this game in like, 2000 and it’s been a part of my life just as much as Zelda and Sims. The “ahh” noise that the monks make, and the building noises, man this game is nostalgic as all frick! Too bad I’m not very good at it, but I still love to play! I got raiding in my stream on Wednesday for AoE and had over 50 people show up, I even made it to 20 followers, and I am so excited! Man, AoE is going to be a special game in my life forever!

Enough Rambling…

Soundtracks are a way to really push a game either to perfection or into another game in my Steam library I never play, and this game, oh damn. Every interaction has its own audio clip, and the music is just amazing! I was joking with my boyfriend that I was going to change his noise on my phone to the relic noise. It’s just a little “ding” but it’s iconic.

More Screenshots

AoE and Civilization V are two games that I just put in the hours of reading strategies and watching pros to learn, and I really couldn’t tell you why I do. I love winning these kind of games, so I put in the time to actually try. Unlike Civilization, I don’t win as much as I want in AoE, but I’m working on it. Got to “git gud” and beat everyone! At least that I would play the game with because tournaments are scary.

I Know I’m Hella Late

If everything is a mess, I’m sorry. Today I’m super behind and playing catch up. Thanks for coming by nonetheless!
— Deryn

Some Zombies and A Hedgehog


I was watching a “7 Scary Movies You Probably Haven’t Seen” video, and this movie popped up. I figured why not, and put it on. A French movie similar to the 28 movies, we follow this guy, whose name I don’t know, try and survive while hiding in an apartment building in Paris is the whole plot really. 

The Night Eats The World, A French Zombie Movie

The zombies are weird, very 28 (days and weeks later) style, but they don’t have voices. The only noises they make are from running and their teeth clacking against each other. That is such an interesting concept I haven’t seen before! I can’t really say if that makes them more scary or not, since a horde of flesh eating monsters is scary either way.

Our survivor’s name is Sam, and we follow as he tries to survive not only the dead, but also his own mind slowly falling apart as the days go by. Out of the massive amount of zombie movies I’ve watched, this protagonist has the best sense of actual survival I’ve seen in a long time. Although, his loneliness and paranoia are probably going to kill him. 
I don’t know the actor, but he does a great job freaking out and losing his mind. I’m into it. 

Some “while I’m watching the movie” Commentary For You…

OH SHIT THERE’S A CAT! Oh no, he’s going to try and save it, but there’s so many zombies my guy, don’t be dumb. I love cats but the dead don’t seem to care about him. OH MY FRICK I’M SCARED! I hope the cat is okay! Sam, you did you’re best dude, but the cat isn’t going to come to you!
Yes, I take notes while I watch movies… Don’t judge me..

Final Judgements

Time passes so well, and the story moves at such a good pace, I really enjoy this movie. We got to see a cat for a bit, and I’m super glad the cat was okay. Too many movies decide the animal needs to die. So because of that and the fact the movie was actually good, I’d totally recommend it. The final shot alone of the cityscape is just beautiful.

The Night Eats the World Movie Poster

I Decided I Also Needed To Watch Sonic, You Know, To Calm Down

And like, that’s fine. I heard good things so why not? First impressions, SONIC IS SO CUTE! The art team did a good job with him. There’s almost too many lines though, like lines of dialog. I find the characters talk too much, considering the movie I watched prior to this, that isn’t a surprise though.

Jim Carrey is a treasure and I truly enjoy him and his personality more than I’ll ever be able to describe. Him as Dr. Robotnik was an amazing casting choice. 

I do have some questions though, such as, do speedometers actually go that high? Would that turtle have actually lived? How much of Jim Carrey’s performance was scripted? The tie to “Eggman” was brilliant. 

I Could Go On Forever, But Sonic Is

Actually just a lot of fun. I really enjoy how they made it come to life. The actors did a great job, and I hope we get the chance to see more video game movies succeed. I’m glad I sat down to watch it.

Sonic Movie Poster

But yeah, I watched some more movies finally. I recommend these both, 100%. I know they’re two very different movies, but they’re both totally worth it! Thanks for stopping by today! Be safe out there! I’m starting to feel a lot better besides this bastard cough by the way. Lots of Love!
— Deryn

Monster Hunter


My lovely boyfriend bought Monster Hunter World: Iceborne for both him and myself. Apparently the Iceborne DLC is exciting, which means we have to play it. I’ve never played a Monster Hunter game before, but the controls feel like Dark Souls but smoother. Playing on mouse and keyboard is proving to be quite fun though, I was worried I would need a controller. We both booted up the game at the same time, and I think that was the best idea.

It took me way too long to get through character creation. I believe the words I used were “I play Sims, so I have to play with this,” which bought me enough time to not see the Palico companion right away. All I hear is “you’re going to love the next part,” and BOOM! CAT! I freaking love the little kitty friend idea! As you can tell, my priorities are perfectly in order.

The missions are straight forward; find the monster, kill the monster. Apparently there’s an awesome story I could pay attention to, but I don’t think I will. Designs for everything are just jaw dropping. After playing with the graphics for a good hour, I finally got to where the game is supposed to be visually.

We’ve only fought the first few monsters, and I picked the bow. I remember my brother had really good luck with the bow when the game first came out. I’m actually kind of upset I waited so long to pick this game up, it’s super fun! I haven’t found any big monsters yet, which is probably a good thing honestly, but I’ll get there soon. The hunts themselves are time limited a lot of the time to an hour, which makes it a great game to pick up, kick some ass, and go back to whatever I was doing.

There’s a wicked snowfall today, so I think I’ll do another hunt or two. I found an armour set for my Palico that I need for aesthetic purposes. He looks like he’s wearing a full winter parka and stuff! I love him so much!!!

This suit is what I want to get for my Palico. I’ve got most of it now

Anyway, I’m beyond late today. Sorry for that, but thanks for stopping by! Be safe and stay warm out there!

— Deryn