Some Zombies and A Hedgehog


I was watching a “7 Scary Movies You Probably Haven’t Seen” video, and this movie popped up. I figured why not, and put it on. A French movie similar to the 28 movies, we follow this guy, whose name I don’t know, try and survive while hiding in an apartment building in Paris is the whole plot really. 

The Night Eats The World, A French Zombie Movie

The zombies are weird, very 28 (days and weeks later) style, but they don’t have voices. The only noises they make are from running and their teeth clacking against each other. That is such an interesting concept I haven’t seen before! I can’t really say if that makes them more scary or not, since a horde of flesh eating monsters is scary either way.

Our survivor’s name is Sam, and we follow as he tries to survive not only the dead, but also his own mind slowly falling apart as the days go by. Out of the massive amount of zombie movies I’ve watched, this protagonist has the best sense of actual survival I’ve seen in a long time. Although, his loneliness and paranoia are probably going to kill him. 
I don’t know the actor, but he does a great job freaking out and losing his mind. I’m into it. 

Some “while I’m watching the movie” Commentary For You…

OH SHIT THERE’S A CAT! Oh no, he’s going to try and save it, but there’s so many zombies my guy, don’t be dumb. I love cats but the dead don’t seem to care about him. OH MY FRICK I’M SCARED! I hope the cat is okay! Sam, you did you’re best dude, but the cat isn’t going to come to you!
Yes, I take notes while I watch movies… Don’t judge me..

Final Judgements

Time passes so well, and the story moves at such a good pace, I really enjoy this movie. We got to see a cat for a bit, and I’m super glad the cat was okay. Too many movies decide the animal needs to die. So because of that and the fact the movie was actually good, I’d totally recommend it. The final shot alone of the cityscape is just beautiful.

The Night Eats the World Movie Poster

I Decided I Also Needed To Watch Sonic, You Know, To Calm Down

And like, that’s fine. I heard good things so why not? First impressions, SONIC IS SO CUTE! The art team did a good job with him. There’s almost too many lines though, like lines of dialog. I find the characters talk too much, considering the movie I watched prior to this, that isn’t a surprise though.

Jim Carrey is a treasure and I truly enjoy him and his personality more than I’ll ever be able to describe. Him as Dr. Robotnik was an amazing casting choice. 

I do have some questions though, such as, do speedometers actually go that high? Would that turtle have actually lived? How much of Jim Carrey’s performance was scripted? The tie to “Eggman” was brilliant. 

I Could Go On Forever, But Sonic Is

Actually just a lot of fun. I really enjoy how they made it come to life. The actors did a great job, and I hope we get the chance to see more video game movies succeed. I’m glad I sat down to watch it.

Sonic Movie Poster

But yeah, I watched some more movies finally. I recommend these both, 100%. I know they’re two very different movies, but they’re both totally worth it! Thanks for stopping by today! Be safe out there! I’m starting to feel a lot better besides this bastard cough by the way. Lots of Love!
— Deryn

Monster Hunter


My lovely boyfriend bought Monster Hunter World: Iceborne for both him and myself. Apparently the Iceborne DLC is exciting, which means we have to play it. I’ve never played a Monster Hunter game before, but the controls feel like Dark Souls but smoother. Playing on mouse and keyboard is proving to be quite fun though, I was worried I would need a controller. We both booted up the game at the same time, and I think that was the best idea.

It took me way too long to get through character creation. I believe the words I used were “I play Sims, so I have to play with this,” which bought me enough time to not see the Palico companion right away. All I hear is “you’re going to love the next part,” and BOOM! CAT! I freaking love the little kitty friend idea! As you can tell, my priorities are perfectly in order.

The missions are straight forward; find the monster, kill the monster. Apparently there’s an awesome story I could pay attention to, but I don’t think I will. Designs for everything are just jaw dropping. After playing with the graphics for a good hour, I finally got to where the game is supposed to be visually.

We’ve only fought the first few monsters, and I picked the bow. I remember my brother had really good luck with the bow when the game first came out. I’m actually kind of upset I waited so long to pick this game up, it’s super fun! I haven’t found any big monsters yet, which is probably a good thing honestly, but I’ll get there soon. The hunts themselves are time limited a lot of the time to an hour, which makes it a great game to pick up, kick some ass, and go back to whatever I was doing.

There’s a wicked snowfall today, so I think I’ll do another hunt or two. I found an armour set for my Palico that I need for aesthetic purposes. He looks like he’s wearing a full winter parka and stuff! I love him so much!!!

This suit is what I want to get for my Palico. I’ve got most of it now

Anyway, I’m beyond late today. Sorry for that, but thanks for stopping by! Be safe and stay warm out there!

— Deryn

Binge Watching More TV


Weekend trips to the boyfriends are great! I say trips, but he lives just up the road. Our new ritual of sorts is to start the weekend with the newest episode of The Mandalorian. It comes out on the Friday so we get that out of the way. I am in a constant state of panic of my favourite alien child and his adoptive dad, this show is bad for my health. After a good thirty minutes of anxiety, my indecisive ass is usually tasked with picking something for dinner.

Screenshot from The Mandalorian

The next show we bury ourselves in is The Boys. We’re caught up on that now too, and that’s a bummer. People die so often, and it leaves this Game of Thrones “don’t love anyone ’cause they might die” vibe. Next season has Jensen Ackles who is one of the most beautiful people to have ever lived. He’s also one of the stars of Supernatural, and I’m in love with him. Its violence still catches us off guard, it’s insane the amount of blood and death you get to see.

Season Two Hero’s for The Boys

Out of our two “go to” shows, we decided to pick something new up. Originally we were talking about Breaking Bad, but decided on Orange is the New Black. Woah man, this show is its own kind of intense! Each episode is almost an hour long, which means we got ten episodes in. An all female prison, we follow this group of crazy yet awesome women just try and make it day to day.

Cast from Season One of OitNB

This show is easily one of the harder shows to watch if you’ve been through some stuff in your life, but I’m really enjoying it. The drama is a lot, and the boobs everywhere is fun, but the writing itself is just captivating. These poor women have such a crazy life, and I think the fact everyone is in for such different reasons, all of which feel natural, is really just so good.

I don’t know how there’s seven seasons unless sentences are extended. But I guess we’ll have to keep watching to find out. So far, I’m really into it, but I would 100% put a trigger warning on it. As much as I enjoy this show, it can be a bit, much. No regrets on picking it though! Plus, I’m now so invested in the lives of everyone except like, four people in this prison.

But yeah, that was my weekend. I hope you have a great day, and be safe out there! Side note, we find out if lockdown gets worse today in BC. So yeah, stay tuned! Love you all!
— Deryn

Home Stretch Now


Y’all, there’s only one month left of 2020. Talk about a surreal feeling right? Recap; life was throw into a tornado and we all came out different people. Today I want to talk about how this year has changed me, as well as life around me. And I should also talk about the future of what I’m doing here on this website. Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere. Not yet anyway... What a year.

This year started so rough for a lot of people, and I am one hundred percent one of those people. Not being able to recognize when you’re in one of the lowest parts of your life is just a bummer. Relationships that weren’t meant to be, questioning where money was going to be coming from, and just in a real rut was how my year started. It wasn’t too long after I connected with the lovely soul that is now my roommate, and adopted a couple more furry kids. She has been such a light for me, being able to grow together in a healthy environment, I love her so much.

New relationship? I know right, scandalous. I say that, this is the most healthy transition I’ve made pretty much ever. From June until September I was a single pringle. I know that’s not a lot of time for a lot of people, but for me that’s a huge accomplishment. I haven’t been single for more than twenty-four hours in about seven years. Being able to communicate and share experiences without feeling invalid or even like I talk too much is so relieving. That feeling that someone cares for you makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. I’ll stop simping over my boyfriend now, sorry. Not actually sorry, I enjoy it.

Highlight for December, BAKING! Oh I am so excited to be baking so many treats! By no means am I a baker, but I do love me some snacks. Almost every friend of mine bakes around the holidays too. Bella and I have made cookies, and salsa, and the odd mess or two, my lovely roommate makes a killer tiramisu, and this year we’ve been invited to do some baking at my boyfriends place. SO MANY SNACKS!!! I’m so hyped! Plus, some of my drivers have bakers in their families. I’ve got to start working out... Quality time is definitely up there in my love languages.

Remember when we all had high hopes for 2020? Even with the lows, there were a lot of highs too. Mentally, I’m in a good place, and I have an amazing group of people around me. Plus, everyone here, this website, this memory holder, has been so amazing for me. I love doing this, and I hope you love reading my rambles. Come 2021 I should also have a camera for my computer (I forgot what the word for that is…) so I can start maybe streaming for my Multimedia Mondays. In short, I’m going to be staying for the time being, and hopefully for a long time. Plus, I have some more hiking trails I want to share when I get there. So yeah, you’re stuck with me for now.

Thanks for coming around today, and be safe out there! We’re in the home stretch, only a little more left and we’re free! Don’t forget, you can support me via my social media, whether Twitter or Instagram, as well as donations in both Paypal and Patreon. Thanks again for everything!
— Deryn

Age of Calamity


ZELDA’S NEWEST TITLE IS OUT! Oh I am so excited! Breath of the Wild was, well, is a fantastic game. Getting to see what happened 100 years prior to what happened is going to probably make me cry a whole bunch, but I’m going to pretend I’m ready! As it is with video games, this will have some spoilers. I hate having stuff spoiled for me, so if you want to avoid that, dip out now. 

In game screenshots

Starting this up, it’s easy to tell it’s a Hyrule Warriors and not a Legend of Zelda title, which isn’t a bad thing, it’s just fast. The story telling and world building is so much faster compared to Breath of the Wild. I’m glad I played that as much as I did because I know my way around. The map is the same after all. The “Warriors” team partnered with the actual Zelda team, which makes this a real joy to play.

Getting to see certain characters when they were younger is super cool! I love the character designs and the way they interact with everyone else. Definitely preparing myself to cry with the fact they’re all dead now. I did mention spoilers, right? The growth and smiles on everyone’s faces is just *amazing*! Prince Sidon though, WHAT A CUTIE!!!! I loved him before, and I extra love him now!

This fight was actually super fun!

Grinding, oh my frick. I don’t know why I didn’t expect to be playing for HOURS and not get anywhere besides in level and rupees. I say hours, really it was like, two hours looking for one particular mushroom. Long questlines and hunting for that one damn thing is something I enjoy doing though, I’m used to playing games like Bloodborne, this isn’t anything new. Plus, it helps me get the “all things possible” stuff done. 

I only got about six-ish hours in trying to do as much of everything as I can. So many side quests that I feel like I have to do, ya know? With the sales being done at work, I’m going to be bringing my Switch with me in case I get bored. Being able to pause games is *amazing*! Would I recommend this game? Oh totally, I have loved all of it so far!

I’ll be sharing more screenshots on my Twitter

But, that’s it for today, thanks for stopping by! My fault for being late today, locked myself out of my house. Check out my screenshots for this game on my Twitter! Be safe out there, and have a great day! 
— Deryn