Happy No More 2020


Guys! We did it! 2020 is over, and we welcome 2021 into our lives! I’m so excited, and with my excitement, I’ve decided to do some New Years Resolutions again! I say again, I’m going to have a look and see if I did them last year at all… Found them! Wow, I was super generic with those, huh? Life was thrown quite astray this, or I guess last year. But in all honesty, I had a pretty good year. There are some habits I would like to build though, and some goals I have in mind for the future. I know, blogging on a Friday? What is this? The new normal, and I promise I’ll get into that soon.


Onto those goal things!

The body is a goal a lot of people go for when looking at “improvements”. I don’t have the worst diet, but I do want to have arms that give the impression that I could kill a man. Like, that just sounds fun, you know? My amazing wife, her boyfriend and my boyfriend all go to the gym, so I’m going to have to also go with eventually. I’ll have a post more devoted to this later, but my real goal is to do one pullup unassisted. Mostly because being Lara Croft sounds super fun! But I can’t fake something like a pullup, I have to actually work at it.

No matter what, this year, I’m going to fix and SELL my trailer. I’m going to do it. Nothing is going to stop me! If I work hard, and start kicking my own butt into gear, I know I can do it. I’ve got to make a list of things I need vs things I think I need. As an example, I’d love to have a huge yard for Midna, but if I had a smaller yard and lived close to a dog park, I’d be set. My kids mean a lot to me, so being able to give them the life they deserve is a real goal of mine. Plus, windows for the cats to look out of, I’m just really wanting that.

My blog, I love it so much. And I want to be able to continue making posts that don’t totally suck. With that, I’m going to change up my schedule for the new year. Multimedia Monday’s are sticking around for sure, but my Tuesday and Thursday are moving to Wednesday and Friday. I’ll be sticking to my “noon-ish” times as well. Since today is Friday, I figured I’d start now! With all my time off, I’m going to try and being around more just in general, so catch me on mostly Twitter honestly. My kids are taking over my Instagram.

I own so many books. You know what I don’t do often? Read. I also have a huge novel draft built, you know what I don’t do? Write pages in that instead of on here... Not that I don’t enjoy blogging or anything, I just want to finish that book eventually. Maybe even try and do that this year, hopefully! I know I can do it if I just actually do it... A chapter before bed of reading, and at least a paragraph of writing or editing a day, I’ll make it through everything real quick!

Enough Resolutions, what am I doing today?

But yeah, 2021! Here’s to a great year! We started off 2021 with the destruction of the Death Star and a nice glass of wine. Although granted, I had too much wine yesterday, but whatever, it’s fine. My amazing boyfriend made a salmon dinner to send off 2020 with, and my god that man makes some good food. Can I say I’m going to keep him for the cooking?

Starting off my morning of this new year with a nice cup of tea. As for breakfast, that sounds like a problem for later. Also this morning, waking up next to someone who actually cares about me, 10/10 great time. Being able to relax and enjoy the vibe of the new year is definitely the best idea. I lied, I’m making bacon for breakfast. My boyfriends kitchen has some real goodies, so why not right?


Thank you so much for another amazing year! Be safe, we’ll talk again soon! And have a happy new year!
— Deryn

New Years Resolutions


This is it, finally! The last day of 2019! And thank the gods we are done! A tradition that some people have for the new year is making resolutions, or promises, to themselves for what they’re going to do to better their lives. “New year, new me” kind of thing. I normally don’t do them, but I’ve started some habits that I want to last, and want to try new things to continue to improve as a person. I guess the best way to do this is by a list, huh? Cause you know, I love lists.

First Thing
Keep on cooking and baking my own stuff. Cooking has become such a fun hobby for me that I really want it to last. I’m saving money and have got a healthier lifestyle from it. And baking, I made sugar cookies with a friend right before Christmas hit and they were so much fun to make! I’m going to for sure keep that recipe for the rest of my life! They may have been simple, but man was it a blast to make them! So yeah, definitely going to be the cook in my house! Or at least try to be.

Second Thing
Laugh more! I’m a very easygoing kind of person who was burdened this year by too much crap, so come next year, more goofy pictures, more vine videos, and more relaxed and laid back choices! Too many people act like the world owes them everything and that laughter is a crime, and I do not agree at all! Life is fun, and I’ll make sure to have tons of fun this year! And yes, I love vine compilations, so whatever. Maybe I should attend a comedy show? Actually that sounds amazing! I think there’s a local bar that does comedy once a week, I should go and stop in.

Third Thing
Financial stability. I work two jobs, manage this blog, and sell things on the side (crafts and such) so that I can live. I want to be able to live somewhat comfortably, and be able to afford the houses in my area. So whether I can get a job to back up my lifestyle or if I can get this blog to the point I’m making something (wink wink sponsors) that I can stop working finally, at least in retail. In the mean time I’m building a savings account, I’ve got like $50! (The little victories you know?) I’ve also applied at a few places just to see if I can get a new and better paying job overall.

Fourth Thing
This damn book! I’m going to finish it! I figure if I keep getting on my own case for it I’ll actually finish it instead of putting it off. Well, even if I don’t finish the book, just writing more. I’ve gathered too many drafts of ideas that I want to make into either short stories or even eBooks eventually. Come the new year I’ll probably have too much time to myself, so I should be able to at least make a name for myself as an author.

Fifth Thing
Plants. I want trillions of plants. I’ve been watching home renovation videos on YouTube and it’s slowly consuming me. They’re helping me get inspired with decorating and learning to do reno’s myself. Having plants will also help me feel less lonely I think, not that I’m a lonely person, I’m just in constant need of attention. I’ve also got to make sure that none of them hurt Shadow, I’ve had him too long to lose him now. Plus plants make fantastic decor because I have none of that in my house.

But Yeah,
That’s it really. Some resolutions to keep in my mind for the next, at least couple months. I know I’m not the best at following things like this, but I’m going to try. Stay tuned (I know this is my new catch phrase, and I’m sorry) for me botching this! Stay safe out there! So come January, regular showings of your favourite program will move to Thursday at 12pm Vancouver time. And, well, I don’t know… See you next year? Is that cliché ? Because I’m doing it anyway, since I made myself laugh. Anyways…
Thank you so much for this whole year, you’re amazing!
— Deryn