There Goes My Strong Start

The contact paper went sideways really fast. I should have had help…
I cut my floor, tore my finger open, and in frustration I tore off all of what I had put down. After being a pouty five year old, I called my dad and he told me I should try again, since the marble looked so nice, I shouldn’t let it beat me. And of course, he was right. As I had now used all of the paper, I had to go buy more.
Back to Home Depot!
I don’t know what it is, but I love wandering around that store. Well, most of the time, there are times where older men decide I need help and won’t leave me alone until I get aggressive.

It’s hard to see but I cut a stripe right down my floor

Guess while I’m out, I should grab paint shouldn’t I?
And everything I need to tear up carpet…
Paint is on the other side of town, and I still don’t have a car. Would it be weird to take the bus with a can of paint? I should do it. (Cuts to an hour later getting paint on the bus.) Nah, I’ll just recruit someone to drive me.

My kitchen is old and damaged…

Guess who didn’t leave home!This time though, I have a plan! I kept the same marble look that I was going for the first time, but I actually measured things and took my time. Stupid microwave making me start again… And I took my hairdryer just so I could clean up my corners. The kitchen is going to look good, but the marble needs a new backdrop to match the new counters. The local ReStore will have tile or something for the backdrop, but I’ll have to actually learn how to do that.

Took a selfie while sitting on the counter. I think it’s on my Instagram..

Since I’m planning ahead of time, stuff gets done so much faster. And with getting stuff done at a reasonable rate, I can start finishing other rooms. Going to finish the painting job I only half finished, and more, tedious flooring. Going to take up my carpet in my living room and put in laminate. You know, cause I’m just cool like that. And then I saw a neat trick of painting your vinyl floor, yes I said paint.
Step one, wash.
Step two, sand.
Step three, wash again.
Step four, paint!
Legit, you can paint your floor! I’ve heard you should use paint for a deck when you do this, but that’s okay since that’s easy to find. I’ve made a stencil of sorts for a pattern I want to try. Wish me luck!

The marble is nice!!

Stencil has been made but of course I didn’t take a picture of it… I’ve gone looking at tile for the backdrop but I cannot find anything that is enough to cover the space, or doesn’t look like it’a a thousand years old… And I have started investing in doing laminate in my living room.

This will be it for renovations for awhile as I got another job (that’s three now) and am trying to save as fast as I can. But, I have found the house I’m going to buy, so this is going so well! I’ll try and take more pictures before my realtor shows up and starts listing my place. This weekend is going to be flooring and packing day, hopefully. Moving the boyfriends cabinet is going to suck…

Thanks for stopping by and giving this a read!
— Deryn

Starting Strong

We did it fam! We made it to 2020! Now, I know it’s only the second, but I have really been trying the past couple of days to be extra productive while not burning myself out. I went and bought some caulk and tar for some basic renovations, and finally went back into painting my spare room. I was taking pictures as I was working, so I can take you with me while I talk about what I did, and messing up a whole bunch.

First thing I did was I had to look at what needed to be done.
1) Bathroom needs some love
2) Spare room has to be painted eventually
3) Kitchen looks as old as I feel…
So, starting with number one, the bathroom.

After my bathroom was rebuilt, we were relying on family to help; painting was done by someone else, installing everything was someone else, even the original caulk was someone else. The poor bathtub is a mess. And because it’s been through some shit and is barely a year old, I decided I was going to finish it. Guess who learned to caulk? That’s right! ME! So, I filled in all of the spots that needed it, and gave it awhile to dry. (I forgot about it so I came back to it when I finally remembered…)

Look at it! It’s awful!

I literally have never done this before, so all things considered, it’s pretty good! Turns out if you have the gun and actual material, it’s like, BOOM – Done! I watched a few bathroom renovations just to see how people did it, and it’s so easy! Don’t pay anyone to do it, legit the easiest thing I’ve had to do.

Onto the spare room. I’ve been putting this off for months! The floor is slowly rotting away, and the walls were a disgusting blue. (I’m sorry I didn’t get a picture before I started painting.) This room was my brothers and that’s why it’s, well, sad.

The start of painting!

We have a spare bed we’re going to put in there, and maybe a shelf or two. Otherwise, that room is going to be for guests, when I actually have any. And I have to fix the floor problem, which is probably going to be for another day honestly. Flooring is long and tedious.

That’s the wall in the spare room that isn’t blue

My kitchen is the stock style that came when the trailer was put on the ground. It’s yellow and old and just, old. So I want to revamp it a tad. I discovered contact paper, and it seems like my fix all thing right now.

These are a fantastic idea!

The wood I want to do in my bathroom over my cabinets that are just a plywood look, and the marble should be my kitchen counters. However, I apparently double booked myself and haven’t gotten around to actually trying to do it yet. I promise I’ll make a little thing for it. Hopefully I can do it this week, since I have nothing else but work left planned for the week.

Sorry for the bad lighting. But the counter is yellow and like, old.
Not much of a difference but I think it’ll look nicer

And yeah, I did some stuff! I’m super pumped at learning to do maintenance on my own! As I was walking through Home Depot, people were looking at me weird for telling my boyfriend how certain things work.
On a side note, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! And sorry I’m late today…
And as always, thanks for reading!
— Deryn