Holy Frick Retail


Man, I am over retail. I know I’ve said that like four hundred times, but I am so over it. Customers, mega corps, and having a boss… Work is just not worth the stress that it gives you. Relax Deryn, you’re just stressed... I don’t know if it’s the pandemic or people are actually dumb, but my god. With everything getting bad again, I feel like I’m losing my mind. And because the company I work for is what it is, I don’t speak on behalf of the company. These thoughts are mine and I hate people most of the time…

Stole more pictures from my friend overseas!

We have plexiglass between us and the customers right now, and yet people don’t understand that. My boss and I have been running into interesting arguments of sorts with almost everyone. There’s been too many instances where people have straight up pushed the glass off my counters. I understand you’re lazy, but please don’t lean on the counter. The sanitizer smells terrible and if you touch anything I have to spray it. And I don’t get why people just refuse to listen to me.

Right now people are either on edge, or just don’t care about anyone. Man, I hate dealing with arrogant people and all their unnecessary crap. There’s signs all over my store asking people to not touch shit, but of course, no one in the world can read. We’re working on it, but holy frick, and asking anyone to stop touching anything in my store is impossible. It becomes a fight not worth having.

Ranting isn’t my favourite thing to do, but thank you for coming along with me today! I just don’t understand why people can’t be kind. I was talking to my boss about getting a raise, and my lovely roommate chimed in with a really good piece of advice. “why invest my time into a career I’m not passionate about when I could invest my time into what I really want to do.” I can’t thank her enough for being in my life.

But, that’s all I have for today, as you can tell, I’m almost an hour late today. My bad... Thanks for stopping by, adn be safe out there!
— Deryn

The Internet is Dumb Sometimes


I’m on Pinterest way too much and am always reading those “30 day blog challenge” posts. I saw one on “your views on religion” and though, that can’t be a safe topic to discuss, especially on the internet. After I read a few more of those kinds of posts, I couldn’t help but think about it. I’m not crazy enough to talk about it the fresh into my blogging life, don’t worry.

Every morning I read our local new website and found a disgusting picture.

I live in BC, and this scares me. This shouldn’t be a thing. This is why I don’t drive anymore. I’m frustrated.

In other news, I want to die my hair again. I had purple hair for awhile and I miss kids asking me if I was a fairy or a witch. I want pastel pink this time, but it’s just so hard to maintain.

Did you hear about the Amazon? If not, go read about it now!

I apologize for this but I just really needed to ramble, ya know? The past couple weeks have been up and down emotionally and physically and I needed to vent that energy. No matter where I go on the internet, some bullshit crazy stuff is invading my sanity. I especially feel bad for the US. I’m sorry again I’m feeling better though. Anyways

Thanks for reading I guess?

— Deryn

Can I Rant?


I work in service jobs, I’ve got three of them on the go. Girls gotta make money right? I deal with a lot of people in a day, like it’s absurd how many faces I see. When you work around so many different people, you get to the best and the worst of ’em. There are some things that I cannot stand!


I’m not a punching bag! Why are you shouting and swearing at me? I have done nothing but my job the whole time. Like c’mon rando


If I say something is a certain price, that’s because that’s what it is. No I’m not joking, no I can’t mark it down. And especially, no, I cannot make it free. You think I get paid enough to make something free and lose my job because you don’t want to buy it online for a third of the price? Nah. Not at all how that’s going to go.

3) Trying to be “Funny” or Prank Calling me Wastes Our Time

Yes I said “our” because now I have your phone number. And I am one hundred percent okay with reporting that number for as many different things as I can. It’s 2019, I can pay the dollar and have your phone number on the internet as a “do not answer” number. Like buddy, leave me alone. Call a pizza joint or something.

4) Yes I’m a Woman. Yes I’m Nice. No I am NOT FLIRTING WITH YOU

It’s literally my job to be nice to you. I act that way with every single person who walks through the door. Thank you and good bye.

5) I have an EXTREME Perfume Allergy

Why do you have to wear so much perfume and cologne? Take a shower and wear deodorant. Or you know you don’t even need the deodorant. Just reduce the man made scents so I can breathe please. I’m coughing because my throat is swelling and I actually cannot catch my breath.

I’m sorry about this rant but I needed to say something before I go insane. I am a FIRM believer that everyone should have to do retail or fast food at some point in their life so they understand the struggles people like myself put up with.

I don’t believe I’m asking too much. I just wish people were more respectful. I’m really not trying to make your life difficult.

Thanks for reading!

— Deryn