Thoughts on Cannabis


Quick thing before I go on, I know my dad reads my blog sometimes. So, dad, I suggest this post not be one you read. There’s nothing really bad about it, but I just don’t think you’ll like it. Cool? COOL! That, and you can look at the Midna pictures.

My baby girl!

With that awkward announcement over…

I was discussing “self medicating” with my roommate and my boyfriend over the past week. A mix of my thoughts on it and learning more about cannabis as a whole. I smoked a bit in high school but otherwise it’s never been too big of a thing in my life.
I struggle to focus as I’ve mentioned before, and I’ve been reading a lot on the topic of self medicating. It’s never been something I’m against, I just haven’t pursued anything of the sort before. 

There’s a cannabis store just up the road that I’ve been into a few times, mostly for gifts, but that’s probably where I’m going to go. That and it’s the closest store to me. Now, for clarification, I’m going to go there later today and really pick the brains of the employee. I know you can buy like, a little two pack thingy. Today, I’m going to try and write a whole bunch! Because focus sucks and I want to try. 

I’ve left Google Docs open for when I get back. Setting future me up for success. That, and how yesterday went, I’ve got to make food too. Did you see what was going on? Other than that, I don’t have a whole lot planned. Maybe some cleaning if I still have the energy. If this plan works out, I’ll have to consider doing it again. I’ll keep you updated nonetheless. 

Only reason for a cellphone. Pet pictures

But Yeah

That’s what I’ve got for today. Thanks for stopping by and stay safe out there! Oh, and a side note, the high for today is 4. It’s getting warm out!
— Deryn

I Thought December Was Cold


This morning my weather app shared an amazing picture of -11° with a high of -8° and a low of -18°… It’s cold outside this week. Being that cold, there isn’t much outside I can do. I mean, I can dress for it, but there’s nothing to do. I’m lowkey wishing it were “December Cold“… Although, having a roommate who gets as cold as I do means my house isn’t as cold! So, here’s some plans I have for the week until it warms up! As well as what I’m doing today, because I’m running out of new things to do.


My boyfriend bought me Valheim because it’s the new big survival game. So we played that last night for a bit, and I think it would be fun to stream! That or more Age of Empires. (Since I rushed myself on that post, I may redo it. Just so you’re aware.) Other than that, I don’t really have any plans. I also have to rebuild all of my picture storage on my computer. Apparently I have a few GB’s of saved TikToks on my phone that I need to sort through. But yeah, to catch my streams, shoot me a follow

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This Week

I want to find a way to share my deck lists for Magic the Gathering so bad! I’m sure there’s a way, but I haven’t tried or really looked into it at all. That would be super cool to share, especially since I play commander all the time! Otherwise, I really want to hit the 50 followers on Twitch to get my own “subscribe” button!

Oh, and I have this writing contest I want to enter, so I have to hurry up and get writing. On Vocal there’s a contest for $20,000 for a short story! After I enter, I want to publish that short here too. I only just discovered Vocal and I really like the challenges they have going on. Being able to keep writing and have the chance at winning a few bucks, that’s exciting! I may burn out, but I’m trying to keep myself taken care of... So yeah, going to try and devote time to that.

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Thanks for hanging out with me today, and I hope you have an awesome day! Be safe out there, and keep being awesome!
— Deryn

Wedding Season


I’m going to start this off with a no, I’m not getting married. It’s February and that’s it. But, almost every girl is raised with the idea that women have to get married and have kids one day, so I have some idea on “necessities” for that day. I use that term loosely, because the odds of a full wedding in my future are slim. My Pinterest has a board for Weddings, just in case. Plus, you know, there’s a pandemic.

Beginning Thoughts

Massive parties and people from all over my life (and my partners) showing up sounds awful. Too many people and too much to worry about, no thank you! The idea of the closest friends and family, a small group, getting together and doing a potluck style dinner and dessert thing is significantly more appealing. Plus then everyone can either take home leftovers, or donate them to a shelter after. Actually now that I think about it, I could see it happening.

The Dress

The dress is a major piece with weddings, but spending more than a couple hundred dollars on a dress blows my mind. Especially because, what do you do with it after? I’ve seen people frame it, and others have it turned into lingerie, but I don’t know. Seems crazy to me. If money didn’t matter though, there’s a silky one I found that I love! I just clicked the link for this dress, and it’s $169.99? I could buy that now and just keep it!

This is the dress!

Venue Ideas

I’m hoping by the time I think about getting married (seriously think about it,) I’ll own a house with a nice big yard. Who needs a venue when you have a beautiful backyard? Set up a couple tables with food, one nice table in the middle for some form of cake treat (sweets aren’t my thing, so I don’t even know what I’d want,) and rent or buy an archway for the day. Etsy sells them for a couple hundred dollars, so I’m not even worried.

Tips With Deryn!

Now, again, weddings are not my favourite thing. They’re expensive, owned by massive billion dollar businesses, and just too much for a day, but it is easier to find local, handmade, and less expensive stuff if you just look around. If you don’t ask for things like a “wedding cake” and just get a fancy cake, you can actually save a lot of money depending on where you go!

Now, I Can Get Behind Flowers

Flowers are another big thing that I always see in movies and such. Can I even keep my wedding bouquet? My favourite flower is a Dahlia which I’ve grown for a few years now. I’d probably dry them out and put them in a shadow box forever if I could. I’ve never done that kind of thing before, but it would be fun to try. Especially because there’s a particular shade they grow in that would be beautiful for wedding colours.

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Themes and Colours

Themes and colours sound difficult, but one can dream about having enough money that is doesn’t matter. Burgundy is an absolutely beautiful colour, and goes with a particular colour pallet that is either fiery or super soft blush tones. Both of those options are stunning when you see them come together. Looking at the scheme again, it’s very autumn, which is probably why I love it so much. Man, Pinterest has a lot to look at.

Wedding or Guest Book Alternative

As for music, I’ve never looked into it. I listen to a little of everything, but I think a fun idea would be getting a song from everyone who comes. Like one of them wedding book things, but for a song book. Listen to what each guest thinks about attending and their hopes for our future, ya know?

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Am I Missing Anything?

What else goes along with a wedding? Oh I guess a photographer, but I’m pretty sure I’d have that covered too. Man, the idea of getting married was almost completely ruined for me from past relationships. It’s exciting dreaming about the possibility again. They aren’t necessary at all, but they can be really fun. And that’s what matters in the end, if you had fun and make the most out of it.

That’s It!

My idea of a wedding is very lowkey and comfy, especially since I can be overwhelmed quick. It’s crazy to think February is not only flying by already, but somehow it’s also the wedding month. I always figured it would be June for them warmer days. But yeah, that’s my ramble of the day, thanks for coming by and stay safe out there!
— Deryn

Workout Routines


Working out is the worst, but if I’m going to pretend to be Lara Croft, I’ve got to do it. I set myself a goal for this year, I want to do one pullup unassisted. That and wear high wasted shorts ’cause they’re cute, not to hide my tummy. But we won’t talk about that… And maybe a real crunch, that would be cool too.

My roommate has some resistance bands and we both own two 10lbs weights, so every now and again I’ll use the bands while sitting at my computer. Since I’m sitting there all day, I may as well right?

As for an actual workout routine, she has her own goals, so I’ve been crashing her party too. It’s not much, but it feels like I’m working out at least three or four times a week right now. I say that, we did like three days in a row and my body is SAD! She’s been super supportive and teaching me how to do at home workouts properly.

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What Can I Say, I Love My Roommate

I’ve only done a hand full of days with her so far, but I’ve been feeling good and I kind of am starting to enjoy working out. I complain the entire time, but that’s how I cope at this point... Being unmotivated is really easy for me though, I find if I don’t have someone to do it with, than I don’t want to do it at all.
So I just found out that’s called body doubling… And now I’m sad, not actually, my whole life is my ADHD and I’ve accepted it.

What Makes This Year Different?

What a good question! I’ll never do that again... This year is different for me solely because I feel like I actually can be better. This is a year where I don’t feel I need to change who I am, especially not for anyone else. I’m doing this for me, and that’s it.

Being able to hike a mountain for a sunrise, the chance to live a healthier life, and even just to do whatever I want are what I really look forward to. My body has always been an issue for me, and I have the opportunity to beat up my insecurity. That’s kind of awesome, and I’m excited to see what I can do. Plus like, pullups and showing my 18 year old self that we really made it.

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Anyway, I’m starving. So that’s it from me today, but we’ll talk soon. Be safe and have an awesome day!
— Deryn

Deep Cleaning My Space


I say deep cleans, I’m not very good at the whole “deep clean” thing, but I’m trying. My roommate is a lot better at cleaning than I am. Spending too much time on Pinterest, I’ve been looking at tips and schedules for cleaning in order to both help and learn for the future. The only real thing I can keep clean is my room, half the time, and I end up doing dishes sometimes. My current cleaning ability is not good enough, hence my learning.

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What Have I Been Doing?

Starting small, there are some neat little things I’m attempting to invest in. There’s little sticky toilet cleaning things that clean the toilet lightly every time you flush it which helps a lot actually. That and disinfecting wipes for quick cleanups around that don’t require me to wash the whole bathroom. TikTok taught me that one.

Laundry is my biggest weakness. I can do like, one, maybe two loads before my brain moves on. And I have too many clothing options. I’ve sorted my closet over and over again hoping to downsize. It doesn’t work as much as I need it to, but I’m trying.

Since I got a positive Covid-19 test, I’ve had a good opportunity to stay home and clean! My kitchen looks really good and I’m actually able to keep on top of dishes. Plus, I’m learning how to cook some new stuff!

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A New Day

My living room looks less like a plushie murder scene and more like a comfy place to relax. All credit for that goes to my wife though, she really has done an amazing job. Now all I have to do is not fuck it up.

Today she said we should tackle the bathroom, which means I get to learn how to actually clean one! Maybe I’ll finally finish caulking the shower too. Probably not, but I can pretend. She’s not actually awake yet, so I’m going to relax for the time being.

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But yeah, that’s all I got for today. I’ll let you know come about March or April how everything is going! Thanks for visiting! Since I have to stay home for a positive Covid test, I’m going to be around more. Thanks for all the support, and make sure to stay safe out there!
— Deryn