My Body Hurts


Yesterday (at the time of writing this) my roommate convinced me to climb Boucherie Mountain again. We’ve been walking around it to get some good mileage in. Well, she did a good job. Here are some pictures from out first real hike of the year!

We tried to be up before the sun came up, but the sun beat us (bully). Even though we couldn’t beat the sun, this view is just perfect. Onto breakfast, picnic style! Midna is such a good girl, she loves hiking with us! Sitting and waiting for mum and mum to finish their breakfast though, not so much. My feet are sore and my lungs are sad, but this is some great quality time! Well, back down the mountain I guess.

It’s just after 8:30am and I just got out of the shower. My feet still hurt and breakfast wasn’t enough, so I’m going to go cook something. Calorie burning makes one hungry. I love the views up there so much, I hope you enjoy them too!!!! Climbing the mountain is and always will be worth every minute it takes. 

Be safe out there, especially if you live near me with all the bears, mosquitoes, and rattlesnakes!

Went Out Again

Oh, my goodness! I get to go for a walk with the boyfriend and his precious pup too??? FRICK YEAH!

We ended up going the wrong way and walking way too far. My feet hurt and my legs are aching. And my underwear was rubbing my legs wrong so that fabric burn is just… Great… Tonight, dinner and relaxing on the couch, and only that. Catch everyone tomorrow morning.

The Next Morning

My feet and legs are surprisingly okay today! My hip on the other hand, is straight up fucked. Standing in the mirror, I don’t know if it’s my brain or what, but my butt also looks extra good today too. Maybe Onlyfans isn’t too distant of a dream..

Story Time

Back in high school I took dance instead of the P.E. class. And one day I decided I was going to try my hand at a pirouette, or three, and I landed very wrong. Turns out there isn’t much muscle in my hip and the bone grinded on the other bone and… yeah… Long story short my hip is messed up and will be for a long time. Slow muscle gain can help a lot, at least that’s what I was told years ago. Since then, I started working my hip more through basic workouts. 

But Yeah

I had a fun day. Between the mountain, both my dog children, and the sense of adventure, it was a great day. Thanks for coming with, and have a great day!
— Deryn

Christmas Already


Wow, tomorrow is Christmas. Feels like it was April like three days ago. I’m alone at work today, yes I work Christmas eve, but that’s fine honestly. I know there are going to be people who may need a phone or whatever, and it’s my bosses birthday today. Either way, I don’t mind being here. Christmas is going to be awesome this year!

My baby boy

There’s a few more presents for my boyfriend in my closet. He was all “don’t buy me things,” so I bought him the odd couple of things. If I have the chance, I’m going to give them to him today or tomorrow. Oh hey, side note, when I got my new phone, I got some airpods as a gift with purchase. I don’t buy Apple products since I’m a Samsung person and all, so I decided to sell these headphones. I just sold them, got myself $150!

Percy is such a good boy!

Without much going on, I don’t have anything really to talk about. The Mandalorian is over, so no more of that until next year. Orange is the New Black is still an amazing show. The Boys season three is coming out soon.
I have a surprising amount of receiving to do today. Hopefully work isn’t busy so I can go home early. I may not get to though, just with the amount of foot traffic I’ve already had. Going home early is all I’ve got to look forward to. That’s a joke, but not totally.

Midna is camera shy

Well, that’s all I really have to talk about. Supposedly our random snowstorm will be gone by tomorrow, so no white Christmas. If all the ice melts, I’ll be happy. Walking to and from work with nothing but ice on the roads, not fun. I’ve been procrastinating putting my car back on the road, which may be so, not in my favour. We’ll see what happens in January.

Pardon my mess of a living room

Thanks for stopping by today. Be safe, have a great holiday season, and stay warm!
— Deryn

Gosh Darn it’s Cold


At the moment it’s -4° and I’m FREEZING! The next week it’s supposed to be about this temperature too. Looking forward into next week, we should see solid positive degrees, which is great. About another week of warmth and then we can get some snow again for Christmas, maybe, hopefully… 

The moon be looking nice

I put the tree up, and even rearranged the letters on my little board for a Vine reference in the spirit of consumerism, I mean the holidays. Soon, the wrapped presents will be put on the little ledge and my house will theoretically smell like a Bath and Body Works store. I’ve got no lights, but that’s for the better. Once I own my own house I’ll consider buying some. 

Percy in a box

Putting the tree up I was worried was going to be a problem. This year I have bonus kids and wasn’t sure how they would react to the little tree and its lights. Everything is great so far and everyone seems to be okay with it. All the boxes and wrapping paper is going to be amazing for the kids. Shadow and Percy both love just sitting in the boxes from Amazon so… I’m excited to also get the kids some presents. 

Oh hey speaking of presents, I’ve got a box coming from overseas with some gifts from my friends over there! That’s going to probably be the first real present on display this year. Unless of course my roommate tears it open immediately. I know won’t open it, but she’s unpredictable with present season. I also scored HUGE on a present for the boyfriend, that I have to find a way to wrap… 

My lovely Christmas tree

Won’t be long now, and we’ll be back into warmer months, beach days, and hiking up mountains again. For the new year, I’ll be splitting up posts better than what I’ve got going on now. But we’ll see if I’m not too lazy to do it. I’ll be putting up picture updates as my present count increases. 

That’s it for today though, have an awesome day! Be safe out there and if you’re in a colder part of the world, stay warm!
— Deryn

New Phone and Family Updates


Samsung has been my go-to for cell phones since I was in high school. Black Friday has spoiled me, and given me the opportunity for a Note 20 Ultra for a good price! I mean, I did steal my brother’s upgrade to do it, but we won’t talk about that. But yeah, I got a new phone! I’m not a stats person with phones, but I’ll add them for those who are. Specs, not stats, apparently. My bad.

First picture I took on the new phone

I am not retyping the specs, but I did find an amazing website. The camera is really all I’ve been playing with in terms of “new features”, but I’m in LOVE! Well, apparently I only had my last phone since March… Oops, guess I was too excited by sales. And this is what we call – ADHD – folks! No matter, the way it worked out, I’m not hindered at all which is hype. 
I just discovered the drawing app that comes with the phone, and I totally just spent an hour drawing. This is going to make my brain so happy!

The clouds are so nice!!!

Other than that, I haven’t had the chance to properly play with all the phone or the s-pen’s features yet. Taking this a whole different direction now, a more serious one... Dad wasn’t feeling well yesterday. He had a few of the symptoms, so I’ve got him staying home. I’m sure he’s actually just got the “man cold” but these days you can’t be too careful. After quite a bit of explaining, I think I’ve convinced both him and my brother that they need to stay home. Fingers crossed for now I guess… Means I’ve got a car for the next few days though. 

This shot is with the 50x zoom on. I took this at work

Black Friday is going to be crazy I’m bettin’. I was hoping to get some shopping in, but I may just order stuff online for now. It’s also safer that way lately. If everything doesn’t close though, there’s a couple early Christmas shopping things I should go pick up. But for now, back to drawing. Be safe out there, and have a great day! 
— Deryn

The Best Few Days


I spent a few days with friends and family, not paying attention to social media or the world really, and enjoying the company for my birthday. I stayed with the boyfriend for a couple days to start everything off. Most of our weekend was watching TV, which I’ll have a separate post for, but it’s more than that. Homemade meals, quality time, and getting overly spoiled, I had a great weekend. Turning twenty-three was so special! Before I met up with him, my lovely roommate had to spoil me first. 

Boyfriend took this picture, and yes I totally am using it

Starting with my lovely wife*, we got home from work about 6:30ish. *I call my roommate my wife. It’s a thing we’ve been doing forever now. Presents, a new hair colour and some needed bonding started my weekend off strong. I’m currently a red head with a new Little Mermaid backpack to match! Mind you the hair was a last minute “we should do this” kind of thing. There was more with the backpack, but that’s for me. From there, my dad offered to drive me to the boyfriends place since it’s getting cold and snowing now. 

He made an amazing dinner! Chicken stuffed with .. fancy cheese, ham, and some other goodies (I honestly forgot everything that he used) and wrapped in prosciutto with veggies and pasta! Dang, thinking back I was, well am, so spoiled! I should have taken a picture of it! From there, caught up on the Mandalorian. We’ve started The Boys now too, and I have a new headset and microphone to use! The comfort of spending time with someone who enjoys my company and makes me feel safe is just, amazing. I’m a sap, I know, but he’s just, the best! Oh, and I had a frittata which is super yummy. I will never get tired of his cooking.

Outside my window this morning

Getting home Monday, since I stayed there for two days, my dad and I spent some time together. And now I can make my own London Fog’s too which is cool. They’re my favourite latte, and he got me a milk frother. I spend an unholy amount of money on them, especially working next to a Tim Hortons. Milk, vanilla syrup, earl grey tea and a bit of water makes the most amazing drink ever! We also got to see New Mutants which is an interesting movie. I’ll write more on that later. 

My great friend Will took this one. England is less snowy than here

I’m not the kind of person who needs a lot for holidays or birthdays, the experiences and time spent with the people I care about is the best part of my life. I can’t thank the people around me enough for being there. Since I didn’t post yesterday, expect that tomorrow! Updates from The Mandalorian, The Boys, New Mutants and gaming! Those kitty headphones from Razer I loved are now mine! I spent a good hour making them glow pink too! Pictures of my setup will go live eventually. But, that’s all I have for today, thanks for stopping by! Be safe and warm out there if you live near me!
— Deryn