My Body Hurts


Yesterday (at the time of writing this) my roommate convinced me to climb Boucherie Mountain again. We’ve been walking around it to get some good mileage in. Well, she did a good job. Here are some pictures from out first real hike of the year!

We tried to be up before the sun came up, but the sun beat us (bully). Even though we couldn’t beat the sun, this view is just perfect. Onto breakfast, picnic style! Midna is such a good girl, she loves hiking with us! Sitting and waiting for mum and mum to finish their breakfast though, not so much. My feet are sore and my lungs are sad, but this is some great quality time! Well, back down the mountain I guess.

It’s just after 8:30am and I just got out of the shower. My feet still hurt and breakfast wasn’t enough, so I’m going to go cook something. Calorie burning makes one hungry. I love the views up there so much, I hope you enjoy them too!!!! Climbing the mountain is and always will be worth every minute it takes. 

Be safe out there, especially if you live near me with all the bears, mosquitoes, and rattlesnakes!

Went Out Again

Oh, my goodness! I get to go for a walk with the boyfriend and his precious pup too??? FRICK YEAH!

We ended up going the wrong way and walking way too far. My feet hurt and my legs are aching. And my underwear was rubbing my legs wrong so that fabric burn is just… Great… Tonight, dinner and relaxing on the couch, and only that. Catch everyone tomorrow morning.

The Next Morning

My feet and legs are surprisingly okay today! My hip on the other hand, is straight up fucked. Standing in the mirror, I don’t know if it’s my brain or what, but my butt also looks extra good today too. Maybe Onlyfans isn’t too distant of a dream..

Story Time

Back in high school I took dance instead of the P.E. class. And one day I decided I was going to try my hand at a pirouette, or three, and I landed very wrong. Turns out there isn’t much muscle in my hip and the bone grinded on the other bone and… yeah… Long story short my hip is messed up and will be for a long time. Slow muscle gain can help a lot, at least that’s what I was told years ago. Since then, I started working my hip more through basic workouts. 

But Yeah

I had a fun day. Between the mountain, both my dog children, and the sense of adventure, it was a great day. Thanks for coming with, and have a great day!
— Deryn

Normal Hours and General Rambles


As of Saturday, I’m moved to five day work weeks. If you don’t know, I’ve been pulling extra shifts for the past couple weeks. You can read up on my complaining in two different places. Don’t worry, now that I’m through the fire, I’ll complain significantly less. My paycheques are nice for sure, but I’m excited to have a regular schedule going forward. Having the two days off means I can have time to do new stuff again.

Myra Canyon Shots

Remember when I went hiking all the time in July? Myra Canyon was so beautiful I went twice! Or Scenic Canyon? And then the (more of a walk) Knox Mountain? I miss going out and exploring, but with the weather getting cooler I am totally going out again! I’m hoping on Monday to register my car so I can get back into that groove. That may however put Bus Adventures on the back burner for awhile. Meh, whatever, it’s all fine.

So much hiking was done over the summer!

My lovely roommate likes to ski, and Big White isn’t too far from my place. Hopefully this year I can take her up there once. I don’t ski or snowboard myself, but that drive would be so much fun! Plus all of the pictures after fresh snow fall. I’m investing in some boots to help with the winter weather, like these Timberlands. (Granted these may not be the most practical, but damn they’re cute.) I might try skiing at least one this year, but I’ll have to prepare, knowing myself I have literally nothing I need at the moment. That’s a list I’ll have to make later.

I’ve been sorting my photos, and I miss these views

Another side note thing, I really want a VR gaming unit. I have to upgrade my motherboard I believe, so I should start saving up for that. Plus, I could stream that for everyone! I love the idea of streaming, and I tend to just talk a lot so I feel I’d be good at it. I don’t know any of the tech sides of it but I didn’t with phones either before I started working here. And, actually doing it is another thing.

These shots are stunning though

But yeah, that’s all I’ve got to talk about today. Have an amazing day and be safe out there!
— Deryn

Exploring by Myself


I’m by myself today, and I don’t know what else to do besides go out and try to enjoy the day. Can’t start my day without a snack though, so I guess the mall is my first stop. Craving poutine today, so I have to deal with that. My journeys always start with a bus ride I’ve noticed.

Got to the mall safely. Complimented like four people along the way. Stopped at New York Fries for lunch, they’ve got a nice poutine. Now, I’m back on the bus headed to City Park. Or maybe Starbucks first. This week was the start of pumpkin spice. It’s not my favourite but it’s alright, and I’m feeling thirsty.

Got a trente? Trenté? Got a super sized cup from Starbucks. Did it give me a headache? Yes. Did I regret it? Not even a little. Sitting under a tree in City Park now. Going to read for about an hour and a half, then head home. Actually I’ll go right to the roommates job, then we can walk home together.

This book is actually pretty good. About a third of the way through now, and it’s getting spooky. I’m super into it, and with my headphones, I’m getting lost in it. There’s too many people walking through this park, so hiding under a tree was a great idea. The closest person to me is about twelve feet away, so I’m safe.

I’ve read fifteen chapters, granted, they’re small, but this book is great. I’m super digging it. 10/10 recommend if anyone is looking for something new to read. I’ve got to put it away for a bit though, I’ve got to go catch my bus.

Guess who literally just missed their bus? But that’s okay, because I caught up with a friend! We’re chatting all the way to my stop, his is one after mine. It’s cool to catch up with friends, especially with the world being where it is right now.

Back on my side of the bridge, got here a bit early, so I’m going to loiter and read until the roommate is off work. This book is great, have I mentioned that yet? I’m enjoying the almost plot twist going on. I’ve got like twenty minutes to read!

She doesn’t know I took this picture…

My dad got us, and we’re headed home now. So, that’s it for today I guess? I love y’all! Have a great day!

— Deryn

My Week Off


Monday was quiet, the roommate and I didn’t do a whole lot. She was having an off day, so I let her play Halo with some of my friends overseas. I, on the other hand, took Midna to the beach with her best friend Taz. It was a good relaxing day for sure. The dog beach we went to had a ton of people Taz’ dad knew so I was all quiet and awkward. Prime first impressions, am I right? I know, I’m shy at the oddest of times, but it’s fine.

Midna is such good girl

Tuesday was just another Tuesday. I worked, caught some League of Legends streams, got super invested in the new game Fall Guys, and laughed with my cab drivers. I had a driver almost get screwed out of $277, but somehow the universe loves him enough and it worked out. It was a huge deal, cops were involved, I couldn’t help but think “for that kind of money, why not just ask for it in advance,” but whatever. That kind of good luck or karma? is wonderful and we all could use some more of that.

My lovely roommate has got me into The Good Place on Netflix. That show is hilarious! I think we’re a couple episodes into the second season, but I highly recommend it. I’ve had a great time the whole time. About once a week, her and I watch a few episodes together until I get just too tired. The characters are well written and the setting is just perfect. We always stay up WAY past my bedtime, so about eleven or twelve at night, and I’m usually way too invested 

Found some deer

Wednesday, the roommate started doing some noon till eight shifts, so having the morning is exciting!
Once back from taking her to work, I’m having sushi with an old friend from high school. I’m excited to tell her that I have no idea who she is… I’ll probably devote a post to that. At least, if much happens.

Not a whole lot happened. Her and I chatted, ate some sushi and went on a nice walk down by the lake. Nice chick, and I’m glad I reconnected with her! Man I sure have booked today up. I still have to go out to play some Magic. Maybe I’ll grab some dinner too while I’m out.

We got to play in Twice the Dice, which I believe I’ve mentioned before. They took over for the viking bar in town and now sell board games and a really good London Fog. I went out with the ex to play as we still hang out, and I really need to step up my Magic game because I’m so tired of losing! 

When I got home, the lovely roommate surprised me with some dollar store plates and permanent markers. Our goal, write all the bad things we think or hear about ourselves on these plates, and then smash them. Mine was an absolute mess, words scribbled all over and tons of overlap, hers was much more neat and quite easy to read. After we finished, we went outside and just threw them to the ground. Who needs therapy! That’s a joke… I need therapy...

Aftermath of plate smashing

Thursday is cleanup day. Took the roommate to work, did the litter boxes, swept my whole house and then was finally able to relax. 
Same with Friday. Friday was quiet. I played an unholy amount of Stardew Valley. Ended the night with Fall Guys and Sims. 

Beautiful views of West Kelowna

Saturday, O’Keefe Ranch. Dad wanted to go to the candy store, and I made friends with goats! In primary school, we apparently went there on a field trip, but I definitely have no idea. They’re like, an actual ranch still though, so goats, a nice donkey, and the sheep were great. I didn’t pay enough attention to the history of the place, that’s my bad. There were goats!

And the donkey!

Sunday was a rough day. I slept most of it. Don’t know what hit me but my overall mood was rather low. When I finally got out of bed, I played some Fall Guys with some friends. So I guess it wasn’t all bad! Oh, that and my dad and I are going to get through the last few seasons of Game of Thrones. Apparently he never finished it so… Woo! We’re going to finish season six and then I’m going to convince him to binge it with me. But, that’s for another day.

Nice fountain at O’Keefe Ranch

So, as you can tell, I’m the most interesting person ever. All in all, it’s been a good bit of time to devote to other things. Thanks for coming by, and for sticking around. Stay safe out there!
— Deryn

Errands and Homework


I have jobs to do today, starting with errands, my roommate has lost a part of her piercing. I have to go downtown and see if I can get some cute replacements for her. I don’t buy jewelry often, so let’s see how this goes.

That’s really it for errands though, but since I have to make a trip out of it, I’ll be busy for a couple hours. I may also actually apply to be a barista at the cute nerd cafe in town. She may not need one, but it wouldn’t hurt to try. I don’t need a job, I’m just kind of, bored? I think? Maybe just feeling stuck...

As for homework, for those who don’t know, my Tuesday job is dispatching cabs. We have a system for quotes and estimates, which is super out of date. My job for today is to hopefully rebuild it. If not, I’ll have to work on it tomorrow too.

I’m also mad hyperfocused on writing my novel right now. I’ve almost completely redone my first draft and have plans for a full series. So hopefully I can put more work into that today. I haven’t written this much in awhile, so I’m not gonna stop myself.

Today’s weather is supposed to be cooler with a hint of rain, which I think is perfect for writing in. So we’ll see what I get done today! But for right now, that’s all I’ve got. Stay safe, and check me out on both Twitter and Instagram for updates on life, and behind the scenes stuff!

Thanks for reading!
— Deryn