The Gaming Agenda


What should I play this year? I mean, I’m definitely going to play Sims, and maybe some Story of Seasons. Rune Factory 5 comes out this year I think, and I’m going to have to get to the DLC in Monster Hunter eventually. Plus, I’d like to start streaming this year. I’m lowkey jealous that my boyfriend streams and I don’t. Especially because I play games all the time and have some moments I’d love to share! Plus like, I’d get to interact with people! I like to think I’m also fairly good at games, so there’s the idea that I play games because I’m good at them and I enjoy them!

All these new games, but there are games I already own that I should continue to play, or actually pick up. As an example, I play way too much sims. With the chance at streaming, I’d like to play things like Cities Skylines. Oh, and Civilization would also be fun to stream.

I’m going through my steam library, and I totally forgot I own Final Fantasy IX for both PC and the Switch. That would be a fun play through if I were like, the Youtuber type. Nah, I’d stream that, why not? I’d have to start the game over again since I’ve beaten it about five times now…

As for games I’m going to play in my own time, I still haven’t finished Age of Calamity. You’d figure I would have finished it right away since it’s a Zelda game, but apparently not. There’s so much lore I need to look into and currently can’t as I’m not actually playing it.

Enough Rambling Honey…

I’d like to start streaming soon here, I’ve been watching some tutorials for OBS I have pretty much everything I need to get started. Since I changed my blog schedule, I should be able to stream a day or two a week, at least.

I lowkey forgot today is Monday and that’s why this post is late. My bad, but thanks for coming by today! Keep your eyes open for all my gaming shenanigans!
— Deryn

Age of Calamity


ZELDA’S NEWEST TITLE IS OUT! Oh I am so excited! Breath of the Wild was, well, is a fantastic game. Getting to see what happened 100 years prior to what happened is going to probably make me cry a whole bunch, but I’m going to pretend I’m ready! As it is with video games, this will have some spoilers. I hate having stuff spoiled for me, so if you want to avoid that, dip out now. 

In game screenshots

Starting this up, it’s easy to tell it’s a Hyrule Warriors and not a Legend of Zelda title, which isn’t a bad thing, it’s just fast. The story telling and world building is so much faster compared to Breath of the Wild. I’m glad I played that as much as I did because I know my way around. The map is the same after all. The “Warriors” team partnered with the actual Zelda team, which makes this a real joy to play.

Getting to see certain characters when they were younger is super cool! I love the character designs and the way they interact with everyone else. Definitely preparing myself to cry with the fact they’re all dead now. I did mention spoilers, right? The growth and smiles on everyone’s faces is just *amazing*! Prince Sidon though, WHAT A CUTIE!!!! I loved him before, and I extra love him now!

This fight was actually super fun!

Grinding, oh my frick. I don’t know why I didn’t expect to be playing for HOURS and not get anywhere besides in level and rupees. I say hours, really it was like, two hours looking for one particular mushroom. Long questlines and hunting for that one damn thing is something I enjoy doing though, I’m used to playing games like Bloodborne, this isn’t anything new. Plus, it helps me get the “all things possible” stuff done. 

I only got about six-ish hours in trying to do as much of everything as I can. So many side quests that I feel like I have to do, ya know? With the sales being done at work, I’m going to be bringing my Switch with me in case I get bored. Being able to pause games is *amazing*! Would I recommend this game? Oh totally, I have loved all of it so far!

I’ll be sharing more screenshots on my Twitter

But, that’s it for today, thanks for stopping by! My fault for being late today, locked myself out of my house. Check out my screenshots for this game on my Twitter! Be safe out there, and have a great day! 
— Deryn

My New Gaming Addiction


Like, all I want to do is farm in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town. That’s all I want to do all day, every day. I remember playing the original on GameBoy Advance so often that buttons on the little unit started to die. I had seven in games years clocked within a few months.

I’ve wanted this for so long!

At first I was a little turned off by the art style of the game. Something about the more cartoon like look just wasn’t what I was expecting. Now that I’ve put in about ten hours a day since I bought it… I’ve really grown to appreciate how the artists made the game look. The animals are adorable and the villages feel like they have personalities beyond the words on the screen.

Plus, they’re so damn cute!

Some parts of the game have been changed for the new Switch edition, but so far I enjoy what they’ve done. At first, I didn’t even notice, and then I found a new staircase here, and a couple villagers over there, all of which don’t feel forced at all. I haven’t made it through the first year yet, so we’ll see come year two.

Old gameplay! Man I missed this game!

Gameplay mechanics for games like Story of Seasons normally isn’t hard to accomplish, but it really feels smooth and natural. I don’t find I’m looking at my controller to see what button I’m supposed to hit. Although, that may be because of the crazy amount of hours I’ve put into my switch and into games but the same developers.

The old title screen. Pardon the low resolution

It’s crazy to think I’ve been playing this game since about 2007, which was a couple years after it’s original release. With this remake, I’ve fallen in love with Mineral Town all over again, and I love befriending everyone. This journey down memory lane has been a great time, and I recommend this game to anyone who loved the original as much as I did. Plus, you can be gay and I love that. Girls in these games are always better.

The map of town

I’ve put in way too many hours into this game, and I’m going to go add more now… Thanks for stopping by today, and if you want to pick this game up but don’t own a Switch, it’s on Steam for some reason. Have an awesome day!
— Deryn



Some Quiet Farming


Trying to get back into gaming as a way to charge my social battery, I’ve been going back and playing old games that brought me peace, and that I sold my soul to years ago. This time around I turned on my GameCube and started playing some Harvest Moon Magical Melody. I’ve always found comfort in taking care of animals and watching crops grow day in and day out.

The title screen, pardon the quality it is from 2005

I don’t quite know what it is about farming for hours on end that is so therapeutic, but my god is it great! I’ve played almost every Harvest Moon, or I guess as of their 30th or 35th anniversary, Story of Seasons title since the GameCube. Seeing reoccurring characters throughout the years has always brought a smile to my face.

There’s a new title coming out for the Switch which the player goes back to the town from the GameBoy. Mineral Town was the place to be if you were a fan back then, even GameCube titles let you visit or mentioned it. As I was on Google looking up when that comes out, I found out it’s tomorrow and wow, I am beyond excited now and I really want it to be Tuesday so I can farm all day!

The GameCube version let you play as a girl

Okay, back to the one I actually own, I made myself laugh again, Magical Melody is the one that I keep going back to. It’s also one of those games, like Skyrim, where I’ve never beat the main storyline. Farming, raising animals, meeting locals, those are what I find I waste hours on end doing the most.

My love for these games has cost me years of plating turnips, raising sheep, buying Rune Factory and losing time in that series as well, and even got me planting my own plants over time. That partially is also my dads fault but whatever. I definitely plan to post way too many pictures tomorrow on my Twitter and whatnot. And I’d like to say, if you are looking for something new to unwind with, at least in the video game department, try these games out.

Man, older games don’t always age well

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for today! Thanks for stopping by! Be safe out there!
— Deryn

Playing Some Zelda


Oof, Multimedia Monday is doing fairly well! And by fairly I mean I freaking love doing these! I’m going to not always review books if I can help it, mostly because I also love playing video games. Today we’re tackling The Legend of Zelda, Links Awakening for the Nintendo Switch.

All pictures are screenshots from the game

First impressions are a big deal, so my first impressions are HOLY FRICK IT’S CUTE! I love the art style. Character design and colours are just perfect. Koholint Island, which is where Link wakes up on, is CUTE!

So, as far as I can gather, I’m here to wake this Wind Fish thing. The Mysterious Forest is my next stop apparently? It’s definitely a faster game which is cool. And the owl is adorable! This one definitely feels like an old school Zelda game.

Complaints, because I need them obviously, I’ve gathered a couple. Not many, but a couple for sure. The frame rate is probably my largest one. Whenever you load another area the game feels so heavy. My old laptop ran League of Legends at a ripe five frames per second, this game feels slower between area crossings.

And render distance, oof. The fog of war kind of thing, at least in the opening area, is annoying. The Switch is a powerful little machine, and I feel as if Nintendo didn’t optimize their game properly.

Now that I’m like an hour in, this is definitely a game I’m going to play more. Even the frame rate and fact I got lost for way too long in the Mysterious Forest isn’t going to stop me from learning this games story. I never actually played the original, so I can’t stop now.

I say I can’t stop, but I kind of have to. I was busy all weekend and now I’m having people over today. So I’m putting this game down for now. But I’ll come back. Thanks for stopping by today!