Mid March and I Have News


Been a bit huh? Don’t worry, I’m good. Streaming and job hunting have taken over my life a lot. One hundred percent worth it though, this has been great!

Since we’re half way through March, I figured I’d share some fun things that have been going on in my life. Like that job hunting. I may have (I’m pretty sure I got it,) got a job for another telecommunications company. This time, call center though. Until the world is safer it’s a work from home job too, which is super cool.

* I just woke up, it’s Monday morning and I found out the company I applied for, which is Rogers, just spent twenty-six billion to buy Shaw up. Shaw, being another tech company but mostly west coast based, is a crazy purchase, but for kind of cheap. But yeah, just read the news this morning and wanted to share.

The boyfriend and I were making homemade pasta

Enough About Possible Work

Remember my cute parsley and lettuce? Well, the lettuce died. I didn’t plant them fast enough, and the parsley went full “I’m actually just a yummy weed” mode and started sprouting where it didn’t belong. I’ve replanted a lettuce and now I also have a garlic. Little gardens in my kitchen are going great.

I’m thinking of getting my boyfriend a little herb plant. He’s moving to the other side of town, so he’ll need a housewarming gift. Actually that parsley once I replant it might be perfect.

Oh yeah, he’s moving. Friggen expensive rent man… But with that, I may be bussing more. It’s quite the distance and if I can even just surprise him at work, it’s one hundred percent worth the trip. Maybe some more Bus Adventures in the future! Because public transportation is bizarre. That or I’ll be having more adventures in general with my car.

The Lettuce and Garlic

A Car? What?

I know I know, my amazing car that I keep not completely fixing and not insuring. She’s still sitting there, in the driveway. Well, my sweet baby got in trouble for not having plates. Apparently that’s “against park regulations”… So I may be forced into having her work soon. I’ll be looking into a cover for my back seats for Midna if I do that too.

I’m excited, if I get that back on the road, I’ll have to look at going to Vancouver for a weekend. That’ll be a fun story too! I love that drive so much, and it’s, oh wait. It’s not April, I can’t go yet, there’s still snow and I don’t have winter tires. Never mind, we’ll look at that again later.

We opened my blinds up

But Yeah

That’s been my life lately. I know, it’s exciting seeing all of the things in my life slowly coming together! Want to see more of me? Catch me on Twitch before this job takes over my life! Thanks for stopping by today, and be safe out there!
— Deryn

Stories From Recently


Life has been quiet lately. I’m mostly streaming, so I haven’t really been out. Well, that and I have no real reason to go out right now. But there are some, interesting interactions I’ve had that stuck with me. So, I’ll share some today. As well as some updates overall. With life being quiet, I’m thinking of changing up my schedules. 

(TW Body Image)

My amazing wife wanted to look at some shoes. Shoes are fun, and the mall is a fun trip to make, so off we went. The bus ride in was quiet. We were basically the only passengers for the first half of the ride. The mall is one of my least favourite places in the world. It’s draining and likes to remind me that I’m not as thin as I could be. Especially Garage (the clothing store). Back when I was in high school, there was a crop top I loved. I needed it in an XL (or extra large). Naturally, asked an employee who said to me, “we don’t sell clothes to fat people”. In high school I was maybe 90lbs, severely underweight and had a toxic relationship with food. So as one could imagine, I avoid that store now as best I can. 

Photo Credits

In Case You Couldn’t Tell

We stopped there. By now we’ve walked around a decent piece of the mall and all the models in windows and constant watching and worrying about everyone around me, I was out of my “customer service” voice. Now at the till, there’s only one open right now, which makes sense, and the person in front of us in line is a new employee trying to get her new discount. Everyone is new at some point, so like, have at ‘er, we’ve got time. Took a few minutes, and in that time, another employee said we could download their app for a discount. We decline, and it’s downhill from here. 

I’m A Dick

Our turn. This employee is adorable, I very much loved her hair. And she does her job “do you have our app,” I messed up. I declined this time, and aggressively. My tone of voice went straight “Karen”, and I didn’t even notice… When we walked out, my wife then decided to tell me, instead of WHEN WE WERE IN THERE SO I COULD APOLOGIZE! I felt terrible! This poor employee even asked for another staff member to come to the desk just in case. JUST IN CASE!!! I’m the worst!

Doctors and Older People

Sitting in a waiting room, an older gentleman sits across from me. Why not start a conversation? We talked for like, a half hour-ish. About everything too; doctors, moving, and living in a world like this. This lovely guy moved here from Hope, which is a small enough town everything is closed on weekends. It’s also in the bottom of a valley, so the weather is an issue and lack of doctors are just not making that a good home anymore. And he moved there from Surrey. Having a conversation with someone, and such a quality one too, that guy really made my day. I didn’t get his name though. 

And Now, Updates

Life is quiet and I’m not as busy as I used to be. I’m going to cut back posts for awhile. At least until the weather warms up and I can share hiking again. I’m going to try a post a week, but if I still don’t have much to talk about, I’ll be one a month. I’ll still be streaming, and I am on both Instagram and Twitter quite a lot. Make sure to follow me to see my new posts and updates! 

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And thank you for stopping by. You are amazing and I hope you have an amazing day!
— Deryn

Happy No More 2020


Guys! We did it! 2020 is over, and we welcome 2021 into our lives! I’m so excited, and with my excitement, I’ve decided to do some New Years Resolutions again! I say again, I’m going to have a look and see if I did them last year at all… Found them! Wow, I was super generic with those, huh? Life was thrown quite astray this, or I guess last year. But in all honesty, I had a pretty good year. There are some habits I would like to build though, and some goals I have in mind for the future. I know, blogging on a Friday? What is this? The new normal, and I promise I’ll get into that soon.


Onto those goal things!

The body is a goal a lot of people go for when looking at “improvements”. I don’t have the worst diet, but I do want to have arms that give the impression that I could kill a man. Like, that just sounds fun, you know? My amazing wife, her boyfriend and my boyfriend all go to the gym, so I’m going to have to also go with eventually. I’ll have a post more devoted to this later, but my real goal is to do one pullup unassisted. Mostly because being Lara Croft sounds super fun! But I can’t fake something like a pullup, I have to actually work at it.

No matter what, this year, I’m going to fix and SELL my trailer. I’m going to do it. Nothing is going to stop me! If I work hard, and start kicking my own butt into gear, I know I can do it. I’ve got to make a list of things I need vs things I think I need. As an example, I’d love to have a huge yard for Midna, but if I had a smaller yard and lived close to a dog park, I’d be set. My kids mean a lot to me, so being able to give them the life they deserve is a real goal of mine. Plus, windows for the cats to look out of, I’m just really wanting that.

My blog, I love it so much. And I want to be able to continue making posts that don’t totally suck. With that, I’m going to change up my schedule for the new year. Multimedia Monday’s are sticking around for sure, but my Tuesday and Thursday are moving to Wednesday and Friday. I’ll be sticking to my “noon-ish” times as well. Since today is Friday, I figured I’d start now! With all my time off, I’m going to try and being around more just in general, so catch me on mostly Twitter honestly. My kids are taking over my Instagram.

I own so many books. You know what I don’t do often? Read. I also have a huge novel draft built, you know what I don’t do? Write pages in that instead of on here... Not that I don’t enjoy blogging or anything, I just want to finish that book eventually. Maybe even try and do that this year, hopefully! I know I can do it if I just actually do it... A chapter before bed of reading, and at least a paragraph of writing or editing a day, I’ll make it through everything real quick!

Enough Resolutions, what am I doing today?

But yeah, 2021! Here’s to a great year! We started off 2021 with the destruction of the Death Star and a nice glass of wine. Although granted, I had too much wine yesterday, but whatever, it’s fine. My amazing boyfriend made a salmon dinner to send off 2020 with, and my god that man makes some good food. Can I say I’m going to keep him for the cooking?

Starting off my morning of this new year with a nice cup of tea. As for breakfast, that sounds like a problem for later. Also this morning, waking up next to someone who actually cares about me, 10/10 great time. Being able to relax and enjoy the vibe of the new year is definitely the best idea. I lied, I’m making bacon for breakfast. My boyfriends kitchen has some real goodies, so why not right?


Thank you so much for another amazing year! Be safe, we’ll talk again soon! And have a happy new year!
— Deryn

Another Year Gone By


Wow, another year huh? 2020 was such a ride! My roommate, new relationship, and well, everything else this year gave us, I’m glad I made it through! Everything I’ve taken from this year will stick with me forever. This year I had the opportunity to really understand what I need as a person from both my professional life, and from my relationships. Also, buying a house is hard.

Midna is such a good girl!

I was prepared to talk about how work is going to go first, but I just got laid off… So that’s basically out of the question now. From the cellphone store, I still work with cabs. Speaking of which, I want to be able to do this full time. Like my content? Support is always appreciated. The big thing with my blog is I’m changing my schedule. Monday’s are staying Multimedia, I love them too much to change them. But Tuesday and Thursday are moving to Wednesday and Friday. Noon-ish Vancouver time is still my goal as well.

My wife (my roommate who I’m not actually married to, I just refer to as my wife) deserves all the best in the world. When I’m looking at houses, I’m looking for things like, a yard, kitchen space, room for growth. Ya know? Especially with Midna, she loves to run, and as I have learned, jumping around playing in the snow! I love her so much! My goal for myself is to own a house by the end of 2021.

I’m going to take the next week-ish to write a whole bunch, maybe get back into my French practice, and try to finish the “building” of any rooms in my trailer. We’ve been cleaning my closet up and powering through laundry, and now it’s accessible and super cute! Fashion blogging maybe now that that’s finished? Don’t worry, I’ll let you know what I’m doing. I’ve also been learning OBS for streaming too. So that in the future maybe?

Like, look at her!

Expect some changes starting tomorrow, primarily with my organization and the tags for everything. Oh I’m excited, 2021 is going to be a good year! Anyway, that’s all I have for today. Be safe and stay warm out there loves!
— Deryn

Monster Hunter


My lovely boyfriend bought Monster Hunter World: Iceborne for both him and myself. Apparently the Iceborne DLC is exciting, which means we have to play it. I’ve never played a Monster Hunter game before, but the controls feel like Dark Souls but smoother. Playing on mouse and keyboard is proving to be quite fun though, I was worried I would need a controller. We both booted up the game at the same time, and I think that was the best idea.

It took me way too long to get through character creation. I believe the words I used were “I play Sims, so I have to play with this,” which bought me enough time to not see the Palico companion right away. All I hear is “you’re going to love the next part,” and BOOM! CAT! I freaking love the little kitty friend idea! As you can tell, my priorities are perfectly in order.

The missions are straight forward; find the monster, kill the monster. Apparently there’s an awesome story I could pay attention to, but I don’t think I will. Designs for everything are just jaw dropping. After playing with the graphics for a good hour, I finally got to where the game is supposed to be visually.

We’ve only fought the first few monsters, and I picked the bow. I remember my brother had really good luck with the bow when the game first came out. I’m actually kind of upset I waited so long to pick this game up, it’s super fun! I haven’t found any big monsters yet, which is probably a good thing honestly, but I’ll get there soon. The hunts themselves are time limited a lot of the time to an hour, which makes it a great game to pick up, kick some ass, and go back to whatever I was doing.

There’s a wicked snowfall today, so I think I’ll do another hunt or two. I found an armour set for my Palico that I need for aesthetic purposes. He looks like he’s wearing a full winter parka and stuff! I love him so much!!!

This suit is what I want to get for my Palico. I’ve got most of it now

Anyway, I’m beyond late today. Sorry for that, but thanks for stopping by! Be safe and stay warm out there!

— Deryn