Art Gallery


So, the Bob Ross showing is happening in Penticton. My dad, brother and I are going to that today! It’s a nice day in the Okanagan for a drive. It’s only supposed to hit 28° today, which is nice since Monday is supposed to hit 35+° for at least a week…

Accidentally got here an hour and a half early. So, Denny’s for breakfast I guess. It’s tons safer here than in Kelowna right now, so I’m not overly worried. The poor staff here are clearly overworked. And I swear, the next person that pulls a “Karen” of decides being racist is fun, I’m going to punch them.

A real, like I could touch it, Bob Ross painting! That is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen! I remember sitting with my grandmother watching these episodes together! I think the cutest part is that the exhibit is called “Happy Little Accidents”.

I took pictures of my favourites, but there were so many paintings! Here are some highlights!

These paintings, it’s such a unique experience to see them in person. My grandma would have loved to see them. The art gallery did a great job with placement and keeping everyone socially distancing.

That wasn’t the only exhibit on display. There was also an exhibit on video game scenes under the name of “En Game Air”. The artists for those being Connor Kenney, Clifford Kamppari-Miller and Dr. Merlin Seller. These paintings I also recognized, but that’s because I played the game they’re from. The one Zelda one I knew immediately.

Seeing video games interpreted in such a unique way was just stunning. I loved looking through and trying to guess what game they were from!

If you’re in the area, I one hundred percent recommend going and checking it out. For a donation you can get a pin for the Bob Ross exhibit. Masks are currently mandatory, which I totally understand. But otherwise, ten out of ten!

But yeah, that’s what I got to do! It was honestly awesome! And I’m glad I got to publish this in time for my grandmother’s birthday. Anyway, thanks for reading!
— Deryn

Catching Up


You know what was a lot of fun to watch? Harry Potter. Over the past couple months I’ve gone and watched them all since I haven’t in recent memory* and man, those are good movies. It’s been a bit since we started the series but I’m still rather fresh on that memory train so I wanted to talk about them a bit for today! *Recent memory being the last five years because that’s all I have any real memory of. Just in case you were wondering.

There’s eight movies following these kids and I must say, keeping the cast of the original (as best they could anyway with people dying) is really impressive. Movies aren’t always the best for stuff like that. On the note of characters, I appreciate that so many characters had development in some sense of the word. It was cool to see so many characters grow into the best versions of themselves. 

The story was actually pretty good. I like how it kept locations and characters motives going throughout the years. And all the actors growing up, devoting years to making this world come to life, I’m glad the final product makes enough sense I can watch it without losing track. Learning about the world and why everything is the way it is now has been super cool too. 

Cool things to also talk about are the extremes with “good” and “bad” characters. My best examples are yes, Voldemort is the bad guy, but Umbridge, my god! Or how yeah, Harry and that lot are the good guys, but Neville getting that sword at the end, I was so hyped about that! I often found myself getting excited when more than just the people on the cover were succeeding in their own way. 

Now, they are a good series to watch, but some stuff really should have been explained a tad bit better, or just addressed at all. I know JK what’s-her-pickle gets flack for her lack of explaining, and for being an actual trash bag but that’s not what I use my blog for, but there are quite a few things, especially towards the end where I found I didn’t care. That house elf Dobby being one of them, I know he played a larger role in the books, but as for the movies, I didn’t really care. I definitely screamed a bit over Hedwig and that just shows how attached I am to cute animals but whatever. 

Underlying topics like racism really are shown in a lot of instances in the series, but falls short in others. So I wouldn’t use it as a modern showing as humanity not sucking, but that’s easy to see if you’re willing to look. 
I think my largest gripe was movie length. If they added even fifteen minutes to each movie I feel like a lot more could have been addressed. I watched all of the Lord of the Rings so it’s not like I won’t watch longer movies. 

At the end of the day, I loved watching them with everyone who came over to watch me cry over these stupid movies and a bird. I definitely have pictures of myself somewhere in Ravenclaw colours for eye shadow so there’s that too. But the roommate told me I should do those colours. I don’t know enough of the universe to know where I would be.

Saw a squirrel! Not going to use pictures from the movies. Sorry.

But yeah, I watched Harry Potter! Was a fun one for sure. That’s all I’ve got for today though, so I hope you have a magical day! And be safe out there!
— Deryn

Went Rock Climbing


Technically it’s “bouldering” but not everyone knows that term so… But yeah, did that recently. Now, I have an extreme fear of falling which makes things like climbing a wall rather difficult. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to try, right? 
When I say extreme fear, it’s bad enough I won’t jump into bed because I have to fall like, half an inch maybe. It’s terrible!

We got there early just in case any of our waver’s were wrong. Since it was kind of empty, we had the option to just jump right in. We did. One hundred percent going for it! The gym looks so nice on the inside, colours everywhere to determine skill levels and add a vibrant enthusiasm. And the people, it’s all around a well made environment. 

Gloomy day is gloomy

I’m not the strongest person I’ve ever met, so I decided to just try going up a tad and then attempt coming back down. With my falling issue, I figured this would be a good idea. It took a good few tries, but once I really went for it, I was having fun. I ended up even trying to fall a couple times just to prove to myself it wasn’t completely terrible, and that didn’t work… But I still tried!

The gym itself constantly moves around the climbing pieces to spice up the experience, so the one wall I really wanted to beat will be moved by the time I get to go back. Not having a car is starting to get to me I think… I just want to go back so bad…

All in all, I loved going! Tomorrow I’m definitely going to be sore in my arms and legs, whatever though right? I had so much fun doing that. I’m going to go buy shoes for it though, the rental sizes only do a full shoe size and I feel a half size would help me a lot. The shoes are a custom style like a ballet slipper. 

The Next Day
I’m sore, tired and am two hundred percent buying shoes so I can do this again soon! I recommend trying this! Do it! This particular facility is open until 10:30 at night, so it works really well with my schedule. 

Some cute bunnies I saw!

I’m super sore though, so I’m going to go take a bath. I hope you have an AWESOME day! And stay safe out there!

— Deryn



A friend of mine from closer to Vancouver is on town today and I am so excited! He actually arrives when this post goes live today. With so much time between him getting here and now, I’ve decided there’s a few things I really want to do both while he visits, and before he gets here. I probably should have made this list yesterday, or literally whenever I had more time, but whatever.

Saw some geese yesterday

I have my hiking groups, and I’ve really grown to love the journey over this quarantine, my buddy however doesn’t have the same love as I do. So we are for sure making him come with us hiking places. I need more pictures of hikes I’ve done, and he could use the adventure! I mean, everyone could, there’s something so eye opening about going out and seeing the world through the mountains and trees.

I’m getting rid of my old futon that has seen better days, and putting in a day bed. Granted, the futon is longer, but a day bed will be better for the long run for us. Plus, the decor options are endless. I want to have that done before he gets here, but I am me. Not saying I suck, I just may struggle a tad on my own, plus I’m lazy by nature.

I’ve already rearranged my living room to feel more open, and I did it just in time too. The way I had it before felt like I was trying to make two rooms without the wall, which wasn’t the best idea now that I look back on it. I still have a lot to do before this room is finished but it sure does look better now than it did. I’ve also started drinking Diet-Coke too much, so I could use a recycling in this room…

Pardon the mess. It’ll look great later

Taz and Midna have been really lucky and had the chance to hit the beach at least once every week if we can help it, and I think it would be good to get some miles in the water soon. I used to swim all the time, and even considered being a lifeguard, and right now is a great time to get back into that. Plus, nature shots. (I’ve been super into my photography lately. It’s great!)

That massive cabinet that I got the now ex-boyfriend is taking up a huge amount of space in my living room. Remember the cabinet? It’s way too heavy and I’ll never move it, but it is solid and a really amazing quality, so I’m trying to brainstorm what I should do with it. I cannot move it at all it is so heavy. The roommate had the idea of taking the doors off and having a cute shelving unit. That just means I get more decor which isn’t a bad idea, that or more books. At the end of the day, I’m not set on keeping it anymore, but we’ll see.

All in all, I have a few things planned for both when he gets here, and the future. He’s also a massive nerd, so we may spend a day just watching old nerd movies. I’m excited though, he’s an awesome guy, and the whole reason I have Shadow is because he moved to the Vancouver areas for school so…

Shadow and Percy just chilling

But that’s all I’ve got for today, I’ve got to go meet him soon here. Thanks for stopping by and reading this today! You’re awesome!
— Deryn

Master Chef Me


YO OKAY SO I JUST WANT TO SAY I’M EXCITED SO I MAY USE SOME SLANG AND I’M SORRY BUT I’M AMAZING ONCE IN A BLUE MOON!!! So, I made dinner the other night. I know that’s not the most exciting thing ever, but hear me out okay. Up in my cupboard is some Red Lobster biscuit mix, like three boxes worth. If you’ve never had them, they’re the closest thing Canadian’s can have to the breaded crack that is Olive Garden bread. 10/10 would recommend to every person I’ve ever met who can eat bread.

That’s what the box looks like. I just bought it from Walmart

I wanted to make chicken nuggets for dinner. I was feeling twelve at heart and wanted nuggets and fries, and I’ve made that before, however I had no breadcrumbs left. My mentality, make the biscuits, put them through a food processor and BOOM, breadcrumbs. My lovely boyfriend was all, “why not just wrap the chicken in the batter mix?”
Honestly that was the best idea in the whole world. So naturally I had to try it. Biscuit mix is so sticky, and I’m saying that. I’ve handled a lot over my few years of life, and I can tell you, biscuit mix is sticky. I could not get it to hold chicken and not my hand to save my dang life.

Okay, new plan. It’s basically just bread right? So out came the flour, and then attempt number two. Wrapping bits of chicken is apparently really difficult for me? Roommate suggested I wrap them like a dumpling and then roll them out like a meatball.

One and two in the top left look so bad!

It took attempt three to really get the shape I wanted for these nuggets, but I had so much fun! It took awhile of rolling out and flouring each biscuit ball, but holy frick was it fun! I laid out 24 of those bad boys, and set them to bake.
I got to use my first thermometer for checking the temperature for the chicken, which was super neat, and then I made the fries after, since I only have one tray and accidentally misplaced my other two really nice ones.

Finished product!

All in all, dinner was really good. Homemade honey mustard was made, and a really yummy kale salad to go with everything. Team work made a dream work. I am so impressed with how that turned out in the end and as much as I’d love to do it again, that was way too much bread. I still have one box of those biscuits left, so I think I’ll just make them to compliment a different meal later.

So, yeah, that was my dinner adventure. I was so excited by what I had made, and I wanted to share it with the world. The biscuits come with a garlic butter sauce mix, which we used the next day to spice up pasta. All in all, it was fun, but that’s all I’ve got for today. Thanks for reading!
— Deryn