Sims and Some Demon Souls


Today, when I’m writing this piece, Sims 4 Snowy Escape has gone live! Oh I am excited! I’ve put over a thousand hours into Sims 4 and that’s just, well honestly kind of sad but whatever. This pack is based on Korea I believe, let me double check that. Oh, Japan apparently. Man, I suck at this.

Since all the footage started releasing, I’ve come to realize I know nothing about how homes are built or how Sims look. My god the basics of this pack got super difficult for me… Google tabs are open of houses and people just so I can see something that looks right. My god I suck at this apparently…

With the new platform tool, there’s so many new things I want to try as well! I saw a YouTube Sims person..? Sims YouTuber? I saw a video on making a toddler dungeon, and another one on bunk beds. Family homes are going to be way more fun now! At least, European and American ones. So much more research has to go into any other style…

As for Demon Souls. I’ve got a copy, and I can stream it. My dad bought both new consoles day one, and I really, like, really want to play Demon Souls. Is it worth learning to stream that game? Yes it’s brand new and would probably be an great experience… Now I’ve talked myself into it. I’ll have to invite the boyfriend over to help me set everything up. He streams too if you want to check him out!

Souls games are great, and I’ve played them all now except Demon Souls. Adding that game to my list would be amazing! Once I start getting into that, I’ll update everyone! That is, if I can figure it out.

But yeah, that’s been my weekend. Way too much sims, as per the usual at this point, and “YOU DIED” screens. Sorry about being late today too. I forgot my kids needed food, so I had to run out and grab that. Thanks for stopping by today! Be safe out there, and we’ll talk soon!
— Deryn

Making Up For Lost Time


Over the past few years I went through a lot, and with that, I missed a lot. I loved sitting on my couch and catching up on the newest TV shows and movies. Dating someone long term who takes something like that away from you, well, all I can say is I’m never doing that again. Since I have some free time again, I’ve been catching up. TV shows mostly are what I’m trying to get ahead of right now. With working being quiet, which happens too often, I’ve been doing some light bingeing.

I am a HUGE Supernatural fan. Great show, fantastic, amazing, I love it, and now I’m finishing it. Starting where I left off, season thirteen, I only have two more seasons before the show is just over. After that I’m thinking the Haunting of Bly Manor. Oh man I am so excited! The boyfriend is letting me use his Disney+ as well, so maybe I’ll pick up something on there too.

Yo, The Boys is awesome! We picked that up since we’re caught up on The Mandalorian. The concept is amazing and I don’t think I’ll ever watch a superhero movie the same ever again. Definitely graphic though, there’s a scene I actually just couldn’t watch and had to be told it was safe again. The premise of corporately owned superheroes is just brilliant, and people die so violently, it’s an adventure every episode.

Actually turning Supernatural on again, I’m realizing I should start from the beginning again. There’s quite a lot that just doesn’t him home as hard anymore. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still an amazing show, but I really need to devote a weekend to just rewatching it. I’ll probably cry a whole bunch if I do that though…

Monday, when I got home, dad wanted to watch New Mutants. I thought it was going to be a TV show, but apparently not. I went in expecting a more adult themed X-Men style of show, with more blood and swearing kind of thing, but holy frick. The movie was intense and had an amazing tie to Native American mythology. More movies, or spinoffs? like this should get made! The odd scene had some scares, but is still totally worth watching!

Eventually here, the boyfriend and I are going to watch Breaking Bad too I think. That show has a good amount of seasons, so that’ll keep us busy for sure! As for now, that’s all I’ve been watching. And that’s all I have for today! Thanks for stopping by, and be safe out there!
— Deryn

Organizing the Socials


It’s been almost a year since I cleaned up my social media. And since I’ve done things like rebuilding boards on Pinterest, I figured I may as well do an overall cleanup. Reentering the dating world has got my heart all fluttering and such. Every girl I knew in school had a wedding board and I finally rebuilt mine. I also post way too many memes online, so I’m going through and cleaning that up. My Google backup though, that was frightening. The amount of crap on that… It’s crazy to think I spend so much time on my phone and on social media these days. Wiping everything clean and starting fresh is oddly satisfying.

A Screenshot of my phone? Weird

I ended up clearing about a thousand photos off my Google drive that we just memes. I don’t need the memes backed up there as I have almost all of them on my computer now. You never know when you’ll need a particular meme, but they don’t need to take up room on the cloud. Work is quiet enough that I can reorganize my whole social life sometimes. Not that I’m complaining, it’s good on my mental health. Looking at all the pictures I’ve taken of Shadow over the past year and bit I’ve had him makes me laugh a whole bunch.

My Instagram is next. I hadn’t updated any of the captions after my last breakup and after the guy I’m now seeing changed his gamertag, username? @ symbol? Since he changed his tag on the Insta’s. I also take a lot of selfies that I just hate after too long looking at them. Instagram is also now the only way I remember how long I’ve had Shadow for, as I posted about him there and not on Facebook…

The roommate sends me the best pictures!

Twitter isn’t a problem much anymore. I’ve gone through it and not really hated anything, so that’s a bonus. Same with Patreon and I guess technically Tumblr. There’s no cringy screenshots on this years post of this as I don’t have anything too bad anymore. Still backing things up on a thumb drive like this one, I have put years of my life onto a memory card to literally never look at again.

Actually looking at my Pinterest, I was so overwhelmed I just deleted over 90% of what I had. I had upwards of almost ten thousand pins and now I’m down to almost four thousand. Being a nerd definitely takes up most of my Pinterest at this point. One thousand and twenty pins that are the majority just Legend of Zelda pins is insane. I’m still in the process of reorganizing it, but the writing and the fan art, I’ll be busy for hours. Actually that might be a good thing to tackle today. Unless of course I get distracted looking at wedding dresses…

Like, my kids are so cute!!!

My cellphone has been taken care of, and I’ve tried to keep on top of the screenshot problem. I also went and deleted apps I don’t use. Now I have to go find a new couple backgrounds for winter. With each season, I try and update my background, keep it fresh and all. But that’s all I have for today! Since I posted about Halloween yesterday, I’ll sub this for a Multimedia Day. Thanks for stopping by and be safe!
— Deryn

Bingeing Some TV


Wow, I am behind on some amazing TV shows. Yesterday, yes, all of yesterday, I watched the last season on Lucifer and watched all of The Mandalorian. Two very different shows I know, but they were both on my list. And then the night was finished with the newest Star Wars movie since I never watched that.

Binge watching TV is something I haven’t done in a long time. Considering I’ve been overworking myself with both renovations and actual work, this was a great way to relax. A couple drinks and some food, it was a good time.

I was already most of the way through Lucifer when we started yesterday. I think we only had a few episodes left, and I’m so glad we finished it! That’s a great show. Tom Ellis does a great job with that role, and it kind of super attractive. Well, he does play the devil, so that makes sense. The season ends with a very DUH DUH DUUUUUHHHH kind of cliffhanger and I’m all for it. With the world being where it is though, I’m not sure when I’ll get season six.

The Mandalorian is kind of amazing. I’ve never watched that through, and my boyfriend suggested we give that a shot since the new season is out soon. Why not, right? I’m not the biggest Starwars nerd, but I’ve heard good things. Plus, I mean, Baby Yoda. The overall show is actually just great and I love the characters.

I’m glad my day was dedicated to relaxing. I really needed that, and I’m glad I got to spend it with the person I did. Plus he knows so much lore, so I could ask questions and actually get answers. I may also start buying Baby Yoda merch, but we won’t talk about it.

Sunday ended with the newest Starwars movie. I hadn’t actually finished that trilogy, so that was necessary. Visually, it was amazing! I’m going to watch them all through again so I know what’s going on better though. I found myself getting lost on certain things. Nonetheless, a fun movie!

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for today! Have a good one, and be safe!!! Thanks for reading!
— Deryn

Phones and the Future


If you didn’t know, I have two jobs at the moment. One of those jobs has me selling phones and my goodness Canadians have it rough. Besides the point, I was watching the Apple conference just as I’m sure a lot of people in the world did. Having worked for EB Games in the past, I’ve noticed Apple and Nintendo make some similar decisions when it comes to their customers that just really annoy me. I mean, I get it, but it still sucks.

The new iPhone boxes don’t have a cable or charging block in them, I remember this with the New3DS from forever ago now. Nintendo told their customers that they didn’t need a charging cable in the box because their customers should have had the cable from their last device. Excuse me? So almost every unit I sold I had to tack on a $15 charging cable. Now, granted that made my store a lot of profit, but like, what the frick Nintendo.

I can see Apple doing this for a similar reason; buy a phone and everything you need to actually use the dang thing. So let’s say you buy a new phone from your local cell phone store, you probably buy a case and a screen because that phone is worth more than my life, and now you also have to buy cables? You’re looking at two hundred dollar transactions for a new phone on day one. Or I guess you could just use what you’ve got, but for new users for even families. Kids take charging cables all the time, it’s just a fact at this point.

Dad’s birthday cake! Guess who’s 44 today

A funny anecdote, I was telling my boss about this post, and he told me I can’t publish it. Because I represent this company and am trash talking a product we sell, I could get fired. Oops I guess.

But yeah, Apple kind of bothers me sometimes. Not that there’s anything I can do about it besides complain. But I do that anyway...
Well, I’m late to posting this, my bad. Anyway, have a good day and be safe!
— Deryn