Back to Work


I know right, LAME! For the past, oh I don’t know, month-ish, I’ve been at home off work because the world has been low key ending. I mean I don’t mind too much, I get to go back and make more adventure stories, but at the same time, I’ve really learned that overworking myself like I was isn’t what I want to do anymore. I want to have time with my friends, and to have time to garden and enjoy life. I also have to look at getting a job with more pay, because that’s what’s going to hinder me the most with getting a house.

I’ve been still doing my Tuesday’s with getting yelled at for twelve hours at a time, but other than that, I haven’t been doing much besides living my best life. My computer is finally built even, so I’d rather be home and gaming or creating content. Plus I have a couple more things I have to do in my trailer before I can list it.

My dad’s lilac tree!

I made some calls and asked way too many questions so I think I understand the problem I was having looking at places to purchase. That problem being I just don’t make enough money. With that in mind, I need to change what kind of property I’m looking at. The down payment I’ll have just isn’t good enough. I’ve been learning a lot and it’s really opening my eyes to the idea that I’m going to be a corporate slave forever.

With going back, I can’t work for as little as I make right now, which is too bad because I really enjoy my job. I’m going to have to look at some other opportunities to try and make enough. And if I do end up buying a property in the near future, I want to be able to manage it and not cry every time bills are due. I’ve applied for a few jobs now, so fingers crossed I get something back!

This rhubarb is so dang pretty!

I’ll still keep to my schedule for posting as best I can. I don’t see it becoming a problem, but my memory is trash after all. Plus I may open up streaming or something eventually. But yeah, that’s all I’ve got for today. Thanks as always for stopping by, have an awesome day!
— Deryn


Fixer Upper


Remember how indecisive I am over buying a house?
Link One
Link Two
Link Three
Yeah, those. And I think I have a few more too. In case you don’t follow me and my rambling, I have been debating on selling my trailer and buying an actual house. I found a place that’s in rough shape but has quite a bit of land. 0.3ish acres of land and a cute little place, on the outside anyway, I found something reasonable!

The current state, from what I know, it has two bedrooms and a bathroom. Technically my trailer has one more bedroom, but I’m turning that into a closet. I promise I’m documenting that for a post, don’t worry. But yeah, it’s got a tad bit more space, and it’s freehold land. That means that I would own it. Looking at the ad, there’s a lot of potential for the land to be either a carriage house, or a massive back yard even. I could even build a catio of sorts...

The reason I say fixer upper, is because we happened to be in the area, since it’s just up the road, and we saw the owners. They happened to let us know that the inside is in “rough shape”. Of freaking course it is... Depending on the damage, it might be fun to tear bits out and build others up, right? There’s even room for and RV right from the get go, so I’ve got that potential too.

Somethings I can fix
Flooring, that’s super easy. Rip bits up, but make sure your ventilating properly because asbestos is a real problem, and then put new bits down. I’ve got pretty good at flooring with my trailer.
Walls, to an extent anyway. They’re not, the worst thing. They’re just a bitch sometimes.

Somethings I just can’t fix
Plumbing, because hell no. That’s difficult. Well, anything beyond a toilet.
Electrical, again it’s a hell no. But if you mess that up you can cause real problems, and I’d just hire a professional for stuff like that.

If things work out, I’ll have to send paperwork out and hustle on fixing my place so I can make top dollar for it. I’ll post pictures that I would use for the listing so people can see the final results from my place. At the point of writing this, I’m waiting to hear back from my realtor.

So, it’s Monday, and the place sold. I was excited to have this big thing for everyone to read but it appears I’m a day late on buying that place. In the end it’s okay though as I’m doing renos still and can always use the extra time to fix my own place up. My realtor also told me that the place had huge electrical problems and was being sold as a “development opportunity”. That piece of land was more aimed towards being a townhouse development or something more commercial based.
I’m a tad bit bummed out, but at the same time, I’m keeping my eyes open at the world beyond.

Thanks for stopping by today, and I hope you have an awesome day!
— Deryn

So, Maybe Moving Again?


I know I know, I said fuck it to moving out like, two months ago. And at the time I meant it, but now I may want to do it again. – F*** Moving Out – Now the only reason I’m looking again is because a friend of mine is looking to move out, and his budget is higher than most of my other friends so, yeah.

This time around I’m looking for at least two bedrooms and pet friendly, not just for Shadow, but also possibly another cat and a dog. Side note, for those who don’t know, I’m scared of dogs.
I’ve also decided that as much as I love having a garden and plants, I just am not responsible enough to maintain a decent sized amount of life. So a balcony would be enough, but not mandatory.

I’d love to move out of this trailer and just be done with all of the garbage it’s holding, but I don’t know if I’m emotionally ready to move yet. I’ve been in the same house for almost 20 years. Looking around, I’ve found places that aren’t much more than what I’m paying now considering I’d have the extra soul around.

Condo’s and apartments are cute, and much more in my being able to afford range. Plus if I sell my trailer, I could just buy a condo and have a roommate or two. Man, moving out makes my emotions go wild. If I find anything that really speaks to me, I’ll probably tweet about it. – Link to That – Otherwise, I’m just going to complain about how difficult and expensive everything is. But yeah, that’s my life update for right now. Anyways…
Thanks for reading!
— Deryn

F*** Moving Out


I’m so done with all of this stress. I had a good talk with my boyfriend about it and we figure, if we fix up my place, and then just save, we’ll just buy a place when we’re ready. Our current living conditions are cheap and stable, so we might as well.

I’m not built to stress. I mean I know no one is, but I never stressed when I was younger so I’m not prepared to deal with it in the real world. The idea that my whole world can come crashing down so fast really scares me and there’s nothing I would be able to do. Because of this, I’ve changed my game plan. As I was saying before, we’re stable and cheap, this is going to be our key to success, mostly mine cause he doesn’t worry as much. Asshole.

Where I am right now, I’m paying less than someone if they were renting just a room, so that’s how I save fast. My whole “cost of living” is about $800 – $900 a month. Living in the Okanagan, that is cheap as all hell. So I’m going to keep doing this and saving up. There’s still a bit of repairs left to do, but I don’t know if I’m going to put as much effort into them as I did before. Plus, there’s two of us here. So we’re doing ok.

So For Next Year?
I guess the way it sits right now, live here and the next year I’ll move out. My dad owns a piece of my trailer, so I’ll just ask for a reimbursement on the money I’ve put into it. He can sell it or keep it from there I guess. At that point I really don’t care.

For the time being, I’m going to go through all of my stuff and pretend like I’m still moving so I can downsize. Maybe have a garage sale before it gets too cold and make a few bucks. And I think I still want a roommate. I’ve got to clean a few things so I can get that train rolling now. This also gives me time to save for a computer! Actually that’s pretty exciting, I really like really really really want a new computer. Plus England is in less than a month now, so I shouldn’t stress myself out more than I need to.

New Things I NEED For My Current Place
I have to clean up my spare room. Even if no one moves in, just having it cleaned up and painted, I could use it as an office of sorts.
Roof has a little leak on the back deck, so I should patch that before it becomes a problem.
And… There’s the storage room which is an absolute wreck right now. So I should really fix that mess.
Decor! I wanna go HARD this holiday season. And no one, and I mean it, like no one in the whole world, is going to stop me.

As For Right Now?
I’m going to have to go day by day I guess. Do my best not to overwhelm or stress myself out and continue living everyday to the fullest. Plus there’s all the saving for the computer, camera and future endeavors. Wish me luck? I guess?
I’m definitely going to keep blogging. I really enjoy this and it’s helping with my metal state. Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere. I’ve taken enough of your day now, so as always…

Thanks for reading!
— Deryn

Apartment Hunting


With trying to sell my place, I really want to not have property problems for awhile so I’m looking at apartments. I found some just down the road that I’m going to take a look at and ask was too many questions.

First Place

It’s cute! I actually really enjoy the size and location of the building. But it’s a little too expensive. I don’t make enough to rent a place like that. And it’s only a one bedroom apartment. Already discouraged and I’m just starting.

Second Place

It’s a house, not an apartment. Which is ok I really don’t mind. I just don’t have anyone else who can take an extra room and some slack on the rent. Otherwise I could easily even own a place like that.

May have found a Roommate!

Ok, so if I go the house route I’ve got to look after I get back from England. Well either way I should wait, since this trip is expensive. Or do I go the apartment route? Frig I don’t know anymore.
Since I don’t want to deal with property I may just see if I can get a big apartment or condo even.
I’m going to keep looking either way. I’ll eventually find the perfect place, right?

So there are some things I didn’t know I needed?
Like a bathtub, and a full stove.
Laundry and a window for Shadow to look out of.
The space to host Magic the Gathering nights.
Room for computer setups.

After putting my lists together, I may need to look at a house. I’m excited for what the future has to offer though! So here’s to that! Anyway…

Thanks for reading!
— Deryn