Supporting Friends


I have a few friends who also do the “online” thing that I do. Some stream, others art, and I even know a couple who take the time to edit YouTube videos. I love all of them, and am hoping that stuff like this can help them just that extra little bit to continue kicking ass. I can’t really split them up into any real sections as that just wouldn’t work, so here they are.

First off, my buddy Dominic. He’s an entertaining streamer, and sometimes let’s me kick his ass at Fall Guys. His twitch is the best place to find him. Come November he’ll be almost exclusively playing Destiny 2’s new expansion. All the dog walking posts with Taz, this guy is his owner / dad.

Next lovely human, my dear friend Sophia. A brilliant artist who occasionally streams and making YouTube videos. Her twitter is definitely more alive than I feel right now. As of when this post goes live, her commissions are open too, go check them out! I own a lot of her stuff now and am one hundred percent a HUGE fan of hers.

Looking back, all of these lovely people were first introduced to me during my EB Games years. Kat and I never directly worked with each other (I don’t think anyway), but we bonded in that store for sure. Kat is a writer, witch, artist, and all around just an amazing soul. Her twitter is a good place to catch her latest updates! Through there she has links to her Facebook and Instagram.

A couple years ago I got to see Evanescence in Washington with a friend of mine Ian. An interesting guy who I’ve known since I was a kid, he’s now a published author! I bought a copy of his book, but my ADHD forgot until literally right now. Don’t be like me, go check that out! Now that I’ve remembered, I’m going to grab that book and give it a read.

Look at my friends doing cool stuff! I’m so proud of them all! Go check them all out! And we’ll talk again soon!
— Deryn

Might Go Back to Work


My old boss, and a real good friend of mine asked if I’d want to go back to work. I don’t want work five days a week at one job and one day at another, I’m not ready nor willing to be overworked again. Tomorrow I find out if I can go back or not, at least to this job in particular. I’m excited because I know I’ll get the “go ahead”.
I find I’m getting bored sometimes, mostly because I sit at home for days at a time, so going back will definitely help with that. Plus, I get more content. I can talk about crazy customers again and new tech. I’ll have to remember to bring a book just so I’m not bored though, it gets quiet at that store. Getting paid for my time is optimal these days. Life sure gets expensive.

Doing some work at home. Best way to work!

On that note, I’ll be able to refresh stories, use old tags, and double down on book reading for everyone to enjoy. With this job being extra income, I’ll be able to get my car fixed and save for overseas trips! Plus, I might want to get more into the internet business, and stream, write and social media more. Having the extra few dollars would help a lot!

It’s the next day. I was told I’m good to go! So, here I go, back to work! Oh this is exciting! I knew I would get that job back. I find out Tuesday when I actually start.
Tuesday! Since I forgot to bring Dune to work, I’ll just be sitting here, bored. Oh I’m excited! Have I said that yet? I’m expecting a call about noon-ish, so my update will be up on my Twitter. Too bad I’m not working from home again, that picture was a perfect scene. Shadow had fallen asleep on my table, and I had my snacks. I kicked my ADHD is the butt! Am I using my TV as a monitor? Yes. Am I sitting on the floor? Also yes. 

Accidentally woke Midna up for this picture

It feels good to go back to work. But that’s all I’ve got for today! I hope you have a great day and be safe! We’ll talk soon!
— Deryn

Remember When


There was a time when I wanted to trend so hard that I was “trendy” with my posts and titles. That isn’t the wrong thing to do, but it really isn’t me. If you’ve been around my blog, or even my social media for awhile, you know I’m unique and have quite the writing style. I’m only linking these titles so you can mock me, but don’t read them, it’s embarrassing. These were like, a year ago and they’re bad.

Example one of my terrible decisions.
Example deux of my decent into blogging..
Example tres of I shouldn’t quit my day job
(Like the different languages? Nope? Yeah I know…)

I’ve talked about the fact I used to get the titles and ideas from Pinterest, which clearly was a mistake. Only because I used them to make content I wasn’t passionate about, and you can tell. Those “trendy” titles make sense, but I find it hard to really live through my words with them. If you want to read that, I’ve saved you from having to go look for it.

Normally, just like with my general speaking habits, if it’s something I’m passionate about, or know about, I can just keep going with my rambling. That, and if I’m in a manic. On a side note, work has been weird. I know I only work on Tuesdays, but it’s become, odd. Mornings, because I start at six in the morning, are quiet. My poor drivers get maybe two trips until about noon. And then, it’s almost like a switch, and we get stupid busy. I know that isn’t the most relevant thing, but I wanted to share that with someone.

This blog has been good to me. I cannot thank everyone enough, and I know I say it a lot, but it really has helped get my thoughts in order. And the fact I get to track some memories for that just in case my memory fails again. I love what I do, and you all help me succeed, thank you.
Shameless plug? Always!
Want to support me more? My social media is a good source for what I do when I’m not typing. Twitter and Instagram are the two I use most. Looking to support financially? Yo, I appreciate that! PayPal and Patreon are the best ways to do that!

I know, surprise cat! Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for today, work is starting to get busy. Thanks for stopping by today! Stay safe out there!
— Deryn

I Waited


Last year, I was posting on August 15th about how I was excited for Autumn. Now, granted I did kind of mention it recently on and off again, especially through memes, I’m making that post today. Am I going to use the same meme today as I did last year? If I can find it… Do I know it’s not even September yet? Hush, it doesn’t matter. Michaels is already having sales on Autumn and Halloween decor, and I have already bought some, so to me, it’s basically October.

I found the meme!

To prepare for the best season, I’ve bought jeans, tights, and boots for the aesthetic. Well, that and we redid my hair so I’m brunette again. Leaves changing colour, pumpkins finally making pumpkins, and with my lovely roommate and I are going to have the biggest Halloween party ever! In all actuality it’ll be like four people at most and maybe a board game or two. She wasn’t born in Canada, so this year is half her life in this beautiful country. I want to spoil her a bit, but her birthday comes first, so we’ll see. As of today, there’s sixty-seven more days until Halloween!

We were playing with Midna’s nose

Come the colder months, I’ll be able to go hiking more too. Without the 30° – 40° heat, I can actually go outside and not died, which is cool. I’m also going to swim more, and hopefully get some more use out of my rock climbing shoes. Going to have a lot of fun this winter! There’s a fantastic ski resort outside of town, Big White, and I happen to live with a skier, so I may been going up there a bit this year too.

My poor kid never stood a chance

Work has been slow the past few weeks, and I’m getting bored. With all my free time, I’ve been putting more work into my creative writing, so keep your eyes peeled for updates on that! That and a lot of Fall Guys, I don’t understand why that game is so great, but I’ve got way too much time into that game already. Oh hey, back on Halloween, I want to get my pets some costumes! I’ll share those if I do!

Anyway, that’s all I have for today. Have a great one and stay safe out there! Love y’all!
— Deryn

My Week Off


Monday was quiet, the roommate and I didn’t do a whole lot. She was having an off day, so I let her play Halo with some of my friends overseas. I, on the other hand, took Midna to the beach with her best friend Taz. It was a good relaxing day for sure. The dog beach we went to had a ton of people Taz’ dad knew so I was all quiet and awkward. Prime first impressions, am I right? I know, I’m shy at the oddest of times, but it’s fine.

Midna is such good girl

Tuesday was just another Tuesday. I worked, caught some League of Legends streams, got super invested in the new game Fall Guys, and laughed with my cab drivers. I had a driver almost get screwed out of $277, but somehow the universe loves him enough and it worked out. It was a huge deal, cops were involved, I couldn’t help but think “for that kind of money, why not just ask for it in advance,” but whatever. That kind of good luck or karma? is wonderful and we all could use some more of that.

My lovely roommate has got me into The Good Place on Netflix. That show is hilarious! I think we’re a couple episodes into the second season, but I highly recommend it. I’ve had a great time the whole time. About once a week, her and I watch a few episodes together until I get just too tired. The characters are well written and the setting is just perfect. We always stay up WAY past my bedtime, so about eleven or twelve at night, and I’m usually way too invested 

Found some deer

Wednesday, the roommate started doing some noon till eight shifts, so having the morning is exciting!
Once back from taking her to work, I’m having sushi with an old friend from high school. I’m excited to tell her that I have no idea who she is… I’ll probably devote a post to that. At least, if much happens.

Not a whole lot happened. Her and I chatted, ate some sushi and went on a nice walk down by the lake. Nice chick, and I’m glad I reconnected with her! Man I sure have booked today up. I still have to go out to play some Magic. Maybe I’ll grab some dinner too while I’m out.

We got to play in Twice the Dice, which I believe I’ve mentioned before. They took over for the viking bar in town and now sell board games and a really good London Fog. I went out with the ex to play as we still hang out, and I really need to step up my Magic game because I’m so tired of losing! 

When I got home, the lovely roommate surprised me with some dollar store plates and permanent markers. Our goal, write all the bad things we think or hear about ourselves on these plates, and then smash them. Mine was an absolute mess, words scribbled all over and tons of overlap, hers was much more neat and quite easy to read. After we finished, we went outside and just threw them to the ground. Who needs therapy! That’s a joke… I need therapy...

Aftermath of plate smashing

Thursday is cleanup day. Took the roommate to work, did the litter boxes, swept my whole house and then was finally able to relax. 
Same with Friday. Friday was quiet. I played an unholy amount of Stardew Valley. Ended the night with Fall Guys and Sims. 

Beautiful views of West Kelowna

Saturday, O’Keefe Ranch. Dad wanted to go to the candy store, and I made friends with goats! In primary school, we apparently went there on a field trip, but I definitely have no idea. They’re like, an actual ranch still though, so goats, a nice donkey, and the sheep were great. I didn’t pay enough attention to the history of the place, that’s my bad. There were goats!

And the donkey!

Sunday was a rough day. I slept most of it. Don’t know what hit me but my overall mood was rather low. When I finally got out of bed, I played some Fall Guys with some friends. So I guess it wasn’t all bad! Oh, that and my dad and I are going to get through the last few seasons of Game of Thrones. Apparently he never finished it so… Woo! We’re going to finish season six and then I’m going to convince him to binge it with me. But, that’s for another day.

Nice fountain at O’Keefe Ranch

So, as you can tell, I’m the most interesting person ever. All in all, it’s been a good bit of time to devote to other things. Thanks for coming by, and for sticking around. Stay safe out there!
— Deryn