Digital Cleanup

Having a laptop again, and an awesome thumb drive from Black Friday sales, I’ve decided to clean up my phone and digital footprint. A lot of my social media I made while still in middle school, which was almost ten years ago now, so I’ve decided to do a purge of sorts for the incoming new year. There’s a lot I have to clean, so this post is going to be an overview of what I did, as well as screenshots of extra cringy crap I find, ya know, since I hate myself and want to immortalize is on here forever.

First, my Twitter. – This One – Now, I saw that one because awhile back, I found the one I made when I was actually fresh into grade seven. That was awful. I’ve since deleted it, but there’s a good story to it, it’s a longer read and I’m sorry in advance.
My phone logged me out of my twitter, which happens right? So I tried logging back in with the email I thought it was, and go a whole different Twitter. The picture was of my fresh fourteen with my hair in braids looking terrible. But this was very much mine, I was tagging friends I had, and complaining about teachers; it was my old Twitter. So I decided I was going to update some information, just in case I wanted this later, and it locked me out! Said I was too young when I made the account, which was totally fair. So in the proving who I am, I wrote on the picture, “You can delete this, I’m just going to when you give it back. I’ve since made a new one.” Nope, I got it back, they just deleted everything from the years I was too young to use the platform. Cool, I think? So I just deleted it myself.
So with that, I’ve decided to clean up my new one. I’ve tried my best to use it for blog posts, and for supporting YouTubers and streamers I enjoy. Less cringe on this front, hopefully anyway. We’ll see later down the road I guess.

Next is my Instagram. – This Basic Selfie Collection – Going through and actually looking at it, there are more cat pictures and blog updates than selfies now. I think that’s quite the accomplishment! Shadow is just so photogenic, and I was trying to document my trips I was going on. Fitting how my first picture is of my tree in the front yard, when it’s covered in snow it looks like a Christmas tree. Overall, there wasn’t a lot to clean there. What’s next?

Oh right, Pinterest could use some TLC. – This mess – I fixed the hyperlink to match my Twitter, which I should do the same to Instagram. But now there’s the boards. This is going to take forever. Just one board took two hours to organize. Just kill me now. Onto the second board that needs help, and I’m hating myself more and more. This is ass. It’s going to look amazing when I’m done though! If I ever get there.
After another three hours, I quit. I’ll chip away at it and clean it up later. Maybe when I have a bottle of wine to spare, but for right now, that can just burn.

I guess my Patreon counts as a digital thing I use doesn’t it? Well, I only have like four things on there, so I’ll leave it alone.
Same with my PayPal. Those can be left to just keep on keeping on. – PayPal and Patreon

I guess I should include my Tumblr. Technically it’s part of this grouping. – Link – That’s actually more of a mess than my Pinterest. So I’ll just unfollow blogs and move on. Maybe clean up a link or two.

Now, onto the real monster, my cell phone. (Dramatic horror music in the background intensifies) I have thousands of screenshots saved on my phone, which I’m going to either save on my computer, or just delete cause I’ve saved them somewhere else.

My cell phone wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Just deleted a few folders and some contacts. With my memory being ruined, I don’t even know half of the pictures nor contacts in my phone anymore.

And that’s really it I can think of right now. I frequently clean my Facebook so I don’t have to worry, and I can’t think of anything else I have. So, I guess I did it? I don’t feel any different at the moment, but I know it’ll hit me soon enough. Thanks for coming with on this adventure!
And thanks for reading!
— Deryn

Winter Rituals

With snow coming soon, I have to prepare for hiding away all winter long. I don’t like being cold, and without the sun around as often, I tend to find myself becoming a shut in, or hermit even.

Lately I’ve been doing small workouts to try and keep me both in shape, and motivated throughout my day. I have a 10lb weight that I use, and I just do small exercises but I find it really helps. Even just the idea of pulling myself out of bed because I “have to do this” can be a great motivator to doing anything. Don’t get me wrong, working out sucks, but doing these little things every day really gets you into the routine and then you don’t stop. Plus, my butt is looking better now that it’s been almost a month and if that isn’t the dream then I don’t know what is.

Baking is something I’ve always wanted to get into, even though I don’t eat sweets, and winter is the perfect time. The delicious smells, and warmth of the oven just fills a house right up. I’ve never made anything worth writing home over, but I’m going to try this year I think. I’ll share links if I do, but I’ll probably share them on my Pinterest. I have a rather large cooking board I know, but this year I’m going to start using it.

Keeping in touch with any of my friends while being shut in and dead half the time is super hard, so this year I’ve put in measures to bully myself into being social. I’ve set reminders in my phone, and bought some new cards for magic so that I have to go out. How can I show off my amazing new deck if I don’t leave my house? And with my phone going off all the time telling me to say hi to people, I’m going to cave eventually and listen to it. At least, that’s the plan.

Shadow would kill me if I never got out of bed. I feed this little dick and make sure his litter box is clean. So if I just never got up, he’d invade the bed and meow until I woke up. He is such a needy attention seeking floof and I love him.

Winter is a rough season for me mentally sometimes, but i’m going to nip this one in the butt** and not let it get me down. Plus with my new found Starbucks addiction, I should be okay this winter. Got any tips? Let me know! As always, follow me here and here, and I appreciate you all!
Thanks for reading!
— Deryn

P.S. Apparently it’s “nip this in the bud” and not butt. Oops I guess.

Investing in a Camera

Blogging is more fun with pictures, at least in my opinion anyway. And because I’ve come to learn this, I would like to buy a camera and use my own photos for my blog. So far Pexels has been good to me, but I’d still like to do my own, ya know?

Imagine if I got pictures like…

… with a real camera! I’d sure feel like a real blogger with one anyway. If I had enough I would buy one before my England trip, but I won’t make it I don’t think.

This is the camera I was thinking on grabbing. After looking at a few, this one looks the best for me. But that’s my plane ticket, so I’m not grabbing one anytime soon. That camera is on my amazon wish list though, so I won’t forget it. Stay tuned for more “Deryn is broke and wants nice things” for there is more to come! Anyways…

Thanks for hanging out!
— Deryn

Feeling Musical

Yesterday blessed my Twitter feed with High School Musical trending. After that I’ve been just breaking into song, everywhere that’s inappropriate essentially. I was washing dishes dancing to fifties music and going all out. Or cooking dinner rapping as best I could to some Eminem. Music makes my house come to life and I’m honestly so happy I’ve been grooving more.

“I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.” — Billy Joel

I was telling my dad about the whole musical situation and he’s one hundred percent into it. We spent way too long singing and being huge dorks. My boyfriend on the other hand, has two left feet and zero groove so, there’s some “but I don’t wanna!!!” going on.

From Jessica Lewis on Pexels

Being in the awkward age group I’m in, stuff like this makes me feel so much better about being me. I love the musical atmosphere I’m creating around myself. If I were more confident in my singing I’d sing literally everywhere. Like waiting and riding the bus, or even while walking through the mall. Actually I think that’s a new goal! Learn to not suck at singing! My friends would hate me if I did, but it would be 100% worth it.

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And as always, thank you so much for reading!
— Deryn

I’ve Been Riding the Bus

My breaks in my car are pretty much gone, and I can’t afford to fix them so I bought a bunch of bus tickets. Riding the bus is a surreal experience. Sometimes everything is normal and no on stands out, and others, wow.

About a week ago, I sat down and all the seats around me where empty, I wasn’t even up at the front, and these two guys come and sit either side of me. Like, fuck off bud. So I said excuse me with my best British accent (I use it when I’m scared or super drunk) and sat farther forward around people. After I sat down, we had made it to the next stop and this old lady who told me she was visiting from Serbia sat next to me. She talked to me for almost an hour and it was honestly fun.

Had an incident where I was checking my blog to see how it’s doing and this person scoffed and said, I kid you not, “Oh, you’re one of those”. Excuse me? I turned up and looked at this person absolutely dumbfounded. I’m a bigger asshole was all I could think about right there. “At least I don’t feel the need to make people feel like trash for no reason” was the only response I could manage. Made the person next to me giggle.

The bus is such a bizarre environment, but I’m crazy so I’ll take it as a challenge. Other than the odd event, I’ve really been enjoying it. Walking and bussing everywhere has helped me a lot with my physical health. I’ve even been able to reconnect with some friends and finally start reading again! All in all it’s been fun! Anyways…

Thanks for reading!

— Deryn

Had a Thought

I was browsing Pinterest and found an article on winning the lottery. As much as it was a garbage post, I started thinking about what I would do if I won. I’m sure everyone has their own ideas, but when you have too much time with a bottle of wine in a nice bath, you can get so lost in thought. I made a 5 step process.

Step 1) Fix my Current Place.

My current place was inherited and is in a complete wreck. I’ve been slowly trying to fix it for about a year now. I’d finally get that done so I could sell it and move out. I want a place with a real backyard. There isn’t too much left to do, roof and a couple floors. I can do it all myself, I’m just also really, and I mean really lazy.

Step 2) Set up Future Finances

Most lottery winnings are at least $20 million, and even if I got half I would still have so much money. Now full disclaimer, I’m dumb with money. I’d try and buy useless stuff, but I’d have to put like, a million or so away. Interest right? Make money off the money I won. I have a very minimal amount of debt for someone my age, so I could pay that too. I recently learned that you get taxed on that winnings hard for awhile, so putting that money away can help incase living in Canada bites me in the ass later down the road.

Step 3) Give my Family Some

My family is the best thing to ever happen to me. They’ve never left and have always stood strong beside me. I know my dad would cry if I had some money to just give him. Different people get different opportunities in life, and I’d really be changing his life too. Plus the boyfriend, depending on what winning does to our families, would get some for himself and his family.

Step 4) I Love Spending Money

I’d have to start buying things for my friends. Little things though. Like covering dinner, or buying gas if we go anywhere. Just helping people out ya know. Buying myself stuff is not as much fun as it is for buying friends presents. I know a really good friend of mine wants a new card for the game we play every Saturday, speaking of which

Step 5) I’m a Huge Nerd

I have a list of 5 expensive (more than $10) Magic the Gathering cards I really want for one of my decks that I would buy, or even a new keyboard that makes better clicking noises so I feel cooler cheating in Sims. Plus the expansions for Settlers of Catan, I need those eventually. I’ve got a concert I’m going to in England later this year, so I want to be able to buy a shirt and such.

I keep exciting myself over the idea of winning the lottery and spoiling everyone I care about. Taxes on that money are not as much fun, but hey, payday! Anyways…

Thanks for reading!

— Deryn

Tuesday Tip!

I hate plastic. Like, haaaaaate plastic, so I was shopping for shampoo and conditioner the other day and found out I can buy them in bars! It works like soap but you lather your hair, and I find I use way less than I was before too. Although my favourite thing about them would be since they’re not “liquid” you can bring them on a flight. I travel enough now I can’t afford to keep buying the essentials everytime I land somewhere. I bought some from Lush but they’re not my favourite company so I need to find somewhere else to purchase them.

Sorry today’s post isn’t life changing. I’ve normally got posts prewritten so I can add a few details and carry on. Work is getting to me but I’m trying to be on top of this again. Keeping balance between multiple jobs and a personal life might end up being my next post even. If I remember.. Anyways …

Thanks for reading!

— Deryn