I Can Leave My House


Holy frick, I am HYPED! I’ve been stuck at home for two weeks and can finally get out! My dad and I went to go grocery shopping and I feel so good now! I never thought not being able to leave home would have been that boring. The first time we went on lockdown, I at least got to go hiking and such, but being contagious and a danger is a whole other thing. You know, I say boring, but there were only a couple days where I got bored, otherwise I had enough I could do around the house. I started working out, my house is super clean, and I have my computer set up 95% built!

Shadow is so cute

I’m Writing This On Tuesday

This morning I’m back to work. Up at 4:30am is the worst, but I’m happy that I can even go back at all. I loved being home with my pets and my roommate, but it’s time. I was making jokes to my dad (who is also my boss) that I was going to “lay down the law” and make sure everyone working here follow the rules to a tee. Being here again, I’m just glad they remember me. Honestly, just being able to go somewhere that isn’t home is super great!

Being able to leave my place once in awhile really changes my mood. Something like that would have blown younger me away. But then again, so would working out, eating better, and learning to stream. By the way, keep an eye out for me possibly streaming! I’ll link everything once it’s up and going!

I’m just so thankful I wasn’t alone. My three fuzzy babies and my amazing wife. Over those few weeks also my dad and her dad both got us groceries. Since we couldn’t work, that helped so much. Considering the shite situation, I felt really good over those weeks. But, getting out is definitely exciting! And I’m grateful I can keep doing it for the foreseeable future!

Fuzzy babies are best babies

Thanks for coming by today, or I guess technically tomorrow as I’m writing this on Tuesday. But, be safe and have an amazing day!
— Deryn

Survived Another Holiday


Christmas itself was actually kind of fun this year. Had more customers Christmas eve than what I wanted, but still not enough to stay open. And Boxing Day was too quiet considering the day it was. I’m not sure how my other stores did, but man was I quiet. I’ve worked retail for years, and the holidays have never been my favourite. I stretched myself too thin this year with hours at work though, so come the new year, I’m going to try and relax again. 

Stealing more pictures from my friend overseas

I did the Christmas eve shift by myself. My boss was celebrating his 32nd birthday, so I took the shift. Made sense to me, and if I didn’t have enough customers by three in the afternoon then I was allowed to leave early. Spoiler, didn’t see enough people! I got home about half after three which was nice. My amazing boyfriend even came over with some presents! Being cared about is kind of the best. My roommate and I also now have matching pajamas!

Christmas day, the big day! Quiet, peaceful, and spent with family. Just the way I like it! We all got some good stuff, great food, and some amazing new memories too. I shared the funny tags my dad made for the presents even. Tight restrictions for visitors didn’t ruin our Christmas either! Mind you, we were only really missing my dads girlfriends family, who we video chatted with for a bit. Overall, successful holiday! I’m actually glad I didn’t work it this year.

Boxing day! The busiest day in retail! Man, I went in prepared! Breakfast, caffeinated tea, and even a bra! At about noon, it really hit us that we were going to be, well, quiet. I think I had two, maybe three sales before I went home an hour and a half early. ON BOXING DAY! Whether is lack of stock or the pandemic, I really don’t know, But it was quite a let down. 

My brothers cute shirt

Anyway, I lived. I was bored out of my mind, but I lived. That’s all I have for today though, so stay warm and safe out there!
— Deryn

More Dad Stories


Remember the one time my dad scared me? Well, my dad is a unique character, and over the years has really found out the power he has over my understanding of the world. I’ve realized as of late that he really just ruined my vocabulary over the years. There’s two examples in particular that I would like to share. I love my dad, I really do, but these realizations make it easy for friends to bully me. I say this with love. After finding out what’s wrong with my word choice, it sticks with me forever.

My first real “huh” moment was walking to school one day. Marmots are a lovely little critter that lives around here. If you don’t know what a marmot is, it’s basically a groundhog kind of thing. Cute little fluffy rodent type that loved the fields around my high school, and when I was younger, I didn’t know what they were. I guess the education system failed me huh. Being the curious kid I am, I asked my dad.

This cutie is a marmot

Guess what he told me. “Fuzzum,” that’s what he told me. Fuzzum. My freaking dad, convinced me, that a damn marmot was called a fuzzum. You know how I found out what they were actually called, a friend who was all “a what???” when I called them a fuzzum. I was devastated at the idea that my dad had fooled me for years about the damn rodents name. Yes, I’m still upset, and it’s been years now. I still use fuzzum, and my roommate also does now. But finding out the first time that I was lied to, ruined me. Well, not actually, but pretty much.

My other “well shit” moment was learning what a cattail is. If you’ve ever seen one, they look kind of like a corndog. I know that’s a bizarre comparison, but that’s what they look like. Now, I’ve only seen them in real life at one spot in town. I remember the interaction with my dad vividly. “The wild corndogs are looking good this year, all they need is some mustard,” was what my dad said to me. I never thought about it after the fact.

This is what a Cattail looks like

My lovely roommate was sharing a Tiktok with me, and a cattail was thrown to the ground. They explode normally and look like cotton in the wind. Of course, I got excited and had to share my understanding of what happened. I said to her, “hey, that poor wild corndog,” to which I got complete confusion out of her. I shared this particular moment on Facebook, and that didn’t help. Crazy things one just never expects to learn so late in life.

Well, that’s all I have for today. Thanks for stopping by, and if you have any similar stories, I’d love to hear them! Be safe out there, and stay warm!
— Deryn

Home Stretch Now


Y’all, there’s only one month left of 2020. Talk about a surreal feeling right? Recap; life was throw into a tornado and we all came out different people. Today I want to talk about how this year has changed me, as well as life around me. And I should also talk about the future of what I’m doing here on this website. Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere. Not yet anyway... What a year.

This year started so rough for a lot of people, and I am one hundred percent one of those people. Not being able to recognize when you’re in one of the lowest parts of your life is just a bummer. Relationships that weren’t meant to be, questioning where money was going to be coming from, and just in a real rut was how my year started. It wasn’t too long after I connected with the lovely soul that is now my roommate, and adopted a couple more furry kids. She has been such a light for me, being able to grow together in a healthy environment, I love her so much.

New relationship? I know right, scandalous. I say that, this is the most healthy transition I’ve made pretty much ever. From June until September I was a single pringle. I know that’s not a lot of time for a lot of people, but for me that’s a huge accomplishment. I haven’t been single for more than twenty-four hours in about seven years. Being able to communicate and share experiences without feeling invalid or even like I talk too much is so relieving. That feeling that someone cares for you makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. I’ll stop simping over my boyfriend now, sorry. Not actually sorry, I enjoy it.

Highlight for December, BAKING! Oh I am so excited to be baking so many treats! By no means am I a baker, but I do love me some snacks. Almost every friend of mine bakes around the holidays too. Bella and I have made cookies, and salsa, and the odd mess or two, my lovely roommate makes a killer tiramisu, and this year we’ve been invited to do some baking at my boyfriends place. SO MANY SNACKS!!! I’m so hyped! Plus, some of my drivers have bakers in their families. I’ve got to start working out... Quality time is definitely up there in my love languages.

Remember when we all had high hopes for 2020? Even with the lows, there were a lot of highs too. Mentally, I’m in a good place, and I have an amazing group of people around me. Plus, everyone here, this website, this memory holder, has been so amazing for me. I love doing this, and I hope you love reading my rambles. Come 2021 I should also have a camera for my computer (I forgot what the word for that is…) so I can start maybe streaming for my Multimedia Mondays. In short, I’m going to be staying for the time being, and hopefully for a long time. Plus, I have some more hiking trails I want to share when I get there. So yeah, you’re stuck with me for now.

Thanks for coming around today, and be safe out there! We’re in the home stretch, only a little more left and we’re free! Don’t forget, you can support me via my social media, whether Twitter or Instagram, as well as donations in both Paypal and Patreon. Thanks again for everything!
— Deryn

New Phone and Family Updates


Samsung has been my go-to for cell phones since I was in high school. Black Friday has spoiled me, and given me the opportunity for a Note 20 Ultra for a good price! I mean, I did steal my brother’s upgrade to do it, but we won’t talk about that. But yeah, I got a new phone! I’m not a stats person with phones, but I’ll add them for those who are. Specs, not stats, apparently. My bad.

First picture I took on the new phone

I am not retyping the specs, but I did find an amazing website. The camera is really all I’ve been playing with in terms of “new features”, but I’m in LOVE! Well, apparently I only had my last phone since March… Oops, guess I was too excited by sales. And this is what we call – ADHD – folks! No matter, the way it worked out, I’m not hindered at all which is hype. 
I just discovered the drawing app that comes with the phone, and I totally just spent an hour drawing. This is going to make my brain so happy!

The clouds are so nice!!!

Other than that, I haven’t had the chance to properly play with all the phone or the s-pen’s features yet. Taking this a whole different direction now, a more serious one... Dad wasn’t feeling well yesterday. He had a few of the symptoms, so I’ve got him staying home. I’m sure he’s actually just got the “man cold” but these days you can’t be too careful. After quite a bit of explaining, I think I’ve convinced both him and my brother that they need to stay home. Fingers crossed for now I guess… Means I’ve got a car for the next few days though. 

This shot is with the 50x zoom on. I took this at work

Black Friday is going to be crazy I’m bettin’. I was hoping to get some shopping in, but I may just order stuff online for now. It’s also safer that way lately. If everything doesn’t close though, there’s a couple early Christmas shopping things I should go pick up. But for now, back to drawing. Be safe out there, and have a great day! 
— Deryn