My Loser Cats


Happy September! Where, the frick, did August go? I was vibing, and it was the eleventh. Today I get the notification that it’s September and now I’m dazed. Although, I have a lot of stories for everyone this month! So stay tuned, today we’re starting with my bastard cats. 

The Story

Feeding time is fun with my cats. Sometimes, I’m like five whole minutes late to dinner time, and they decide it’s time to literally EAT THE BAG to get to their food. They’re definitely not starving, just the worst all of the time. Well, this was becoming a problem with food going stale and them just getting to their food when they shouldn’t. The big babies are a little overweight, so we’re trying to get them on a good schedule. This sparked an idea, a plastic container. My roommate and I worked out every option we could. 

We both have ADHD, and being able to see into the container was a make or break for this. Plus, I want it to hold an whole bag of food so I have less stuff in my kitchen. Walking through Walmart with my dad, we passed the storage containers and I found a really nice one for ten dollars. Nothing fancy, just a standard plastic storage box. And a total fluke, I didn’t measure or even really think about volume, but it holds the whole food bag no problem! 

Getting home with my new bucket for cat food, there’s some stuff you should do with new containers. I run a nice hot “bath” for the new container because people are gross. After a soak and another general wash with dish soap, a really good rinse. Dish soap is not something I want my cats eating by accident. And then I filled the container, giving both cats a little bit of extra food. I was playing with their food bag after all. After everything, the food is moved and my roommate and I both know when we need to get more cat food.

The Aftermath

My fuuuuuuuucking cats. The container is working great! They can’t break into it, and it’s sitting there doing a very good job. Of course, now that they can’t just chew through it, I don’t get to be late for food anymore. Shadow likes to let me know it’s food time by biting my eyebrows (with love) if I’m asleep, or my knee’s if I’m at my computer. Percy, the lovely boy, decides that my head is a great pillow, and will crush me while meowing. Or, run up and down the hallway, looking at me, yelling. Cats... But yeah, it works great!

The Post Credits Scene

I love my kids to bits, but they’re actually demons. That an, it’s pumpkin season! That’s it, that’s September. Anyway, thanks for coming by today. I hope you have a safe and wonderful day!
— Deryn

Supporting Friends


I have a few friends who also do the “online” thing that I do. Some stream, others art, and I even know a couple who take the time to edit YouTube videos. I love all of them, and am hoping that stuff like this can help them just that extra little bit to continue kicking ass. I can’t really split them up into any real sections as that just wouldn’t work, so here they are.

First off, my buddy Dominic. He’s an entertaining streamer, and sometimes let’s me kick his ass at Fall Guys. His twitch is the best place to find him. Come November he’ll be almost exclusively playing Destiny 2’s new expansion. All the dog walking posts with Taz, this guy is his owner / dad.

Next lovely human, my dear friend Sophia. A brilliant artist who occasionally streams and making YouTube videos. Her twitter is definitely more alive than I feel right now. As of when this post goes live, her commissions are open too, go check them out! I own a lot of her stuff now and am one hundred percent a HUGE fan of hers.

Looking back, all of these lovely people were first introduced to me during my EB Games years. Kat and I never directly worked with each other (I don’t think anyway), but we bonded in that store for sure. Kat is a writer, witch, artist, and all around just an amazing soul. Her twitter is a good place to catch her latest updates! Through there she has links to her Facebook and Instagram.

A couple years ago I got to see Evanescence in Washington with a friend of mine Ian. An interesting guy who I’ve known since I was a kid, he’s now a published author! I bought a copy of his book, but my ADHD forgot until literally right now. Don’t be like me, go check that out! Now that I’ve remembered, I’m going to grab that book and give it a read.

Look at my friends doing cool stuff! I’m so proud of them all! Go check them all out! And we’ll talk again soon!
— Deryn

Might Go Back to Work


My old boss, and a real good friend of mine asked if I’d want to go back to work. I don’t want work five days a week at one job and one day at another, I’m not ready nor willing to be overworked again. Tomorrow I find out if I can go back or not, at least to this job in particular. I’m excited because I know I’ll get the “go ahead”.
I find I’m getting bored sometimes, mostly because I sit at home for days at a time, so going back will definitely help with that. Plus, I get more content. I can talk about crazy customers again and new tech. I’ll have to remember to bring a book just so I’m not bored though, it gets quiet at that store. Getting paid for my time is optimal these days. Life sure gets expensive.

Doing some work at home. Best way to work!

On that note, I’ll be able to refresh stories, use old tags, and double down on book reading for everyone to enjoy. With this job being extra income, I’ll be able to get my car fixed and save for overseas trips! Plus, I might want to get more into the internet business, and stream, write and social media more. Having the extra few dollars would help a lot!

It’s the next day. I was told I’m good to go! So, here I go, back to work! Oh this is exciting! I knew I would get that job back. I find out Tuesday when I actually start.
Tuesday! Since I forgot to bring Dune to work, I’ll just be sitting here, bored. Oh I’m excited! Have I said that yet? I’m expecting a call about noon-ish, so my update will be up on my Twitter. Too bad I’m not working from home again, that picture was a perfect scene. Shadow had fallen asleep on my table, and I had my snacks. I kicked my ADHD is the butt! Am I using my TV as a monitor? Yes. Am I sitting on the floor? Also yes. 

Accidentally woke Midna up for this picture

It feels good to go back to work. But that’s all I’ve got for today! I hope you have a great day and be safe! We’ll talk soon!
— Deryn



A friend of mine from closer to Vancouver is on town today and I am so excited! He actually arrives when this post goes live today. With so much time between him getting here and now, I’ve decided there’s a few things I really want to do both while he visits, and before he gets here. I probably should have made this list yesterday, or literally whenever I had more time, but whatever.

Saw some geese yesterday

I have my hiking groups, and I’ve really grown to love the journey over this quarantine, my buddy however doesn’t have the same love as I do. So we are for sure making him come with us hiking places. I need more pictures of hikes I’ve done, and he could use the adventure! I mean, everyone could, there’s something so eye opening about going out and seeing the world through the mountains and trees.

I’m getting rid of my old futon that has seen better days, and putting in a day bed. Granted, the futon is longer, but a day bed will be better for the long run for us. Plus, the decor options are endless. I want to have that done before he gets here, but I am me. Not saying I suck, I just may struggle a tad on my own, plus I’m lazy by nature.

I’ve already rearranged my living room to feel more open, and I did it just in time too. The way I had it before felt like I was trying to make two rooms without the wall, which wasn’t the best idea now that I look back on it. I still have a lot to do before this room is finished but it sure does look better now than it did. I’ve also started drinking Diet-Coke too much, so I could use a recycling in this room…

Pardon the mess. It’ll look great later

Taz and Midna have been really lucky and had the chance to hit the beach at least once every week if we can help it, and I think it would be good to get some miles in the water soon. I used to swim all the time, and even considered being a lifeguard, and right now is a great time to get back into that. Plus, nature shots. (I’ve been super into my photography lately. It’s great!)

That massive cabinet that I got the now ex-boyfriend is taking up a huge amount of space in my living room. Remember the cabinet? It’s way too heavy and I’ll never move it, but it is solid and a really amazing quality, so I’m trying to brainstorm what I should do with it. I cannot move it at all it is so heavy. The roommate had the idea of taking the doors off and having a cute shelving unit. That just means I get more decor which isn’t a bad idea, that or more books. At the end of the day, I’m not set on keeping it anymore, but we’ll see.

All in all, I have a few things planned for both when he gets here, and the future. He’s also a massive nerd, so we may spend a day just watching old nerd movies. I’m excited though, he’s an awesome guy, and the whole reason I have Shadow is because he moved to the Vancouver areas for school so…

Shadow and Percy just chilling

But that’s all I’ve got for today, I’ve got to go meet him soon here. Thanks for stopping by and reading this today! You’re awesome!
— Deryn



Quarantine and a wack sleep schedule have dismissed the idea that I was ever going to be in my house alone for more than two hours. Now that both roommates are working, I’m all alone in my place, besides the animals of course, and it’s super weird. I’m not used to being left to my own devices for too long. I mean, on one hand, I can do whatever I want all morning right? 

My morning starts with being bullied out of bed by two hungry, and rather large cats. I say that, I bully myself because I love them too much and don’t want anything bad to happen to them. And Midna is a good girl too who has THE SMALLEST BLADDER EVER! Dogs…

What a cute puppy!

Now on with the rest of my day. Jordan is home first at 3:30ish. By this time it’s about 8:30 or 9:00 in the morning and I’m freaking out mildly. I have too much time alone and don’t know what to do. I’m trying to get into a routine with cleaning right away in the morning. If I can burn all of my “AHH!!!” energy right away, I’ll have been somewhat productive, right? Dishes are always somehow dirty?? Literally I don’t even understand how I own so many dishes that cannot be kept clean??? And I just did so much laundry recently I’m scared of my next water bill.

Lunch time rolls around and I have nothing left I need to do. By now my brain is trying to drive me insane. To deal with this, I either start gaming, deep cleaning a room, or attempt to write some more. I never stick to it though as YouTube usually takes my attention. Instant entertainment is dangerous really. That or I can’t stay home anymore and I just got for a walk.

I found him walking around the other day

Realization kicks in that I’ve spent at least a few hours doing literally nothing and that I’m hungry. Jordan should be home soon, so I’ll essentially make him an early dinner and myself a late lunch. That works! My famous chicken and hash browns! That’s a joke. It’s pretty good, but I am anything but a chef. Comfort food is the best.

With one roommate home, that means only a few hours until the other one is back too. Overall I’ve been alone for about seven hours. I’ve been alone longer at work, but for some bizarre reason, this sucks so much for me. I say that, but I have abandonment issues. But yeah, I spent a bit of time alone, and I hate it.

He got whipped cream on his whisker!

That’s all I’ve got for today though. Thanks for stopping by today, you’re amazing! Stay safe out there! I’ll talk soon!
— Deryn