Exploring by Myself


I’m by myself today, and I don’t know what else to do besides go out and try to enjoy the day. Can’t start my day without a snack though, so I guess the mall is my first stop. Craving poutine today, so I have to deal with that. My journeys always start with a bus ride I’ve noticed.

Got to the mall safely. Complimented like four people along the way. Stopped at New York Fries for lunch, they’ve got a nice poutine. Now, I’m back on the bus headed to City Park. Or maybe Starbucks first. This week was the start of pumpkin spice. It’s not my favourite but it’s alright, and I’m feeling thirsty.

Got a trente? Trenté? Got a super sized cup from Starbucks. Did it give me a headache? Yes. Did I regret it? Not even a little. Sitting under a tree in City Park now. Going to read for about an hour and a half, then head home. Actually I’ll go right to the roommates job, then we can walk home together.

This book is actually pretty good. About a third of the way through now, and it’s getting spooky. I’m super into it, and with my headphones, I’m getting lost in it. There’s too many people walking through this park, so hiding under a tree was a great idea. The closest person to me is about twelve feet away, so I’m safe.

I’ve read fifteen chapters, granted, they’re small, but this book is great. I’m super digging it. 10/10 recommend if anyone is looking for something new to read. I’ve got to put it away for a bit though, I’ve got to go catch my bus.

Guess who literally just missed their bus? But that’s okay, because I caught up with a friend! We’re chatting all the way to my stop, his is one after mine. It’s cool to catch up with friends, especially with the world being where it is right now.

Back on my side of the bridge, got here a bit early, so I’m going to loiter and read until the roommate is off work. This book is great, have I mentioned that yet? I’m enjoying the almost plot twist going on. I’ve got like twenty minutes to read!

She doesn’t know I took this picture…

My dad got us, and we’re headed home now. So, that’s it for today I guess? I love y’all! Have a great day!

— Deryn

Busing Again


It’s been a hot minute since I got to talk about taking the bus. And I know I just got my car fixed too, but that doesn’t mean I’m driving yet. There’s still so much to see out in the wild public transportation world.

June 22
Man it’s been awhile since I rode a bus. Today, the roommate and I are headed into town for just a couple hours. It’s been long enough now that bus drivers are collecting fare again even. Hopefully I can start making these regularly again! And hopefully the plague goes away soon…

My dads flowers

July 9
There’s a leak in the light fixture, water from outside is getting all over the bus. And of course, I had to sit under it because there are too many people on the bus and I’m shy… I think the dude next to me is asleep. His nose is whistling but I don’t want to stare just in case he’s actually awake. 

Dad loves his lilies

July 20
Going into town with the roommate again. Kelowna is currently the largest epicenter for Covid in BC, so we’ve got masks and are trying to stay safe. People keep looking at us funny, maybe it’s just anxiety, but I feel like too many people are disregarding how problematic this is. I do not want to get sick, that would ruin me. 
On the way home…
“Hey Blondie! Nice glasses!” Best bus interaction I’ve ever had. Some guy smelling of booze was trying to be friendly. I’m a social person, but you could see my poor roommate just freaking out inside. We got asked all sorts of questions, like where are we from, I lied of course, visiting or, again, totally lied. Like, buddy, frig off. And then, the best thing ever, “hey Red, your tattoo mean anything?” 
When we got off the bus, this guy tried to skate away and biffed it on his board. People man, got to love ’em. 

Such pretty flowers

But Yeah,
That has been my slow entry into busing again. I missed this, people are so odd. If cases end up getting worse here, I’ll have to postpone doing more of these just for safety. Thanks for coming around today! Have a good one!
— Deryn

Bus Adventures Take… 3? Or was it 5?


Jan 10th
I left at 8am to get to the town over for 9am. Makes sense right? Takes about a half hour on a good day, but today is not a good day. My bus driver legitimately parked the bus, AND GOT OUT to stretch his legs because we were so stuck in traffic. To be fair, the bridge was an actual sheet of ice. I quit before we got far enough, and started heading home.

Jan 24
Yeah I know it’s been a bit but I’ve been lazy and cabbing in for the past couple weeks.
You know what really bugs me? The fact trains in Japan are so efficient that if they’re late, they have to give you a ticket saying they were or your employer won’t believe them, yet my bus doesn’t show and I have to wait for the next one. That just drives me nuts. Plus the people across from me think I can’t hear them trash talking everyone on the bus. So I’m tempted to say something and hopefully they’ll piss off. (I’m just being a brat.)

Jan 29
I love how people talk to me while they can tell I can’t hear them. It’s kind of neat. I’ve got my headphones and am writing, and the guy next to me is trying to be my friend. I don’t mind being social, but I have this feeling that he wants me number. Maybe if I test my French and apologize saying I don’t speak English he’ll leave me alone. Although probably not, because being “foreign” is cool I guess? Oh thank god the bus is here.
Now that I’m on the bus, this woman is sitting next to me, and my god she’s beautiful. I’m freaking out internally. Wow man, I would love to be her friend. Am I weird? I’m too shy to actually say anything, plus we’re both wearing headphones, but like, she looks like she’s a cool person. Like Barbara from Stranger Things pretty.

Taking the bus is such an adventure, and I love how people are in public. Thanks for coming with me on these adventures! Plus, gas and insurance just keep going up, so I might just keep busing long term because frig that noise.
Thanks for stopping by today!
— Deryn

Some People


Nov 25th
I’m on the bus and my god, some people. This one guy is on the phone with someone and he just keeps swearing. Like bud, relax. Save that profanity for somewhere else please. I’m a loud person myself but I’m not cussing everywhere like I own the place, that’s rude. I’m frustrated. Even when more people get on the bus, he hasn’t stopped. Blerg… I even have made eye contact with him on multiple occasions like dude, relax.

I Took this Picture.

Nov 29th
I’m such an embarrassment! I stood up to get ready to get off the bus and spun around crashing into some people. I SUCK! Ugh *starts crying*

Dec 1st
Not so Bus but still Adventure! I was at Starbucks with a friend, and it’s about 7:30pm right? I’m sitting, we’re chatting, just typical coffee shop etiquette, when this guy, about late forties, starts getting loud with the lady behind the counter. She’s trying to apologize and calm this nutcase out, but he’s just getting louder. I’ve worked customer service for almost ten years now, and hearing the phrase “I’m a customer, I’m always right” just triggers my bitch mode. So I told my friend, “one second, I’ve got to go get in line” and marched over to the counter behind asshole customer guy. I’m standing behind this guy for like, ten minutes more like two and I decided I was going to cut this guy off. I asked “how late are you open till?” Cause now it’s about 8pm. Now that I’ve said something, this guy decides he’s going to in my face calling me rude for cutting him off, which to be fair I did do. My reply “she’s doing her job, calm down man”. After being all huffy and puffy, dickhead left all pouty. No matter how many years I work with the public, I will never understand customers.

I Also Took this Picture!

Dec 11th
Another asshole at Starbucks! Guy was trying to buy a box of loose leaf tea, and there’s only one till open which has a customer already. Guy gets impatient and throws a $10 bill down and tries to leave. A staff member asked him to wait a moment because they have to scan the product and that it would only take a second. That makes sense! Just wait a second, and then their inventory isn’t messed and you can get your change, right? Apparently not. This guy is so upset, he tosses the box at the person behind the counter, and then gets confused on why he’s now being asked to leave. Like buddy, you literally THREW PRODUCT and expect to not be kicked out?

Dec 12th
Bussing is insane. People are so bizarre! The bus people were normal this time around, in fact my bus had six total passengers for the whole ride, but living where I do, weather is garbage. With the weather being terrible, people are driving like complete idiots. Constant switching between lanes without using turning signals, accidents on every block, it’s like people see snow and legitimately forget how to drive! I’m baffled!

I’m Getting Good at this Picture Thing!

It Ain’t Much
But I’m not planning on riding the bus anymore this year, just because I don’t have much reason to go into town. I asked for bus tickets for Christmas, so hopefully I get to ride it a lot more come the new year. I enjoy travelling and seeing the road, and with my car still broken, bussing is all I have. Bussing and retail, man do they change your view on the world. Humans are such interesting creatures! Oh, and before I forget, Blessed Yule! Thank you for coming along on all my adventures! And safe travels!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading this today!
— Deryn

I’ve Been Riding the Bus


My breaks in my car are pretty much gone, and I can’t afford to fix them so I bought a bunch of bus tickets. Riding the bus is a surreal experience. Sometimes everything is normal and no on stands out, and others, wow.

About a week ago, I sat down and all the seats around me where empty, I wasn’t even up at the front, and these two guys come and sit either side of me. Like, fuck off bud. So I said excuse me with my best British accent (I use it when I’m scared or super drunk) and sat farther forward around people. After I sat down, we had made it to the next stop and this old lady who told me she was visiting from Serbia sat next to me. She talked to me for almost an hour and it was honestly fun.

Had an incident where I was checking my blog to see how it’s doing and this person scoffed and said, I kid you not, “Oh, you’re one of those”. Excuse me? I turned up and looked at this person absolutely dumbfounded. I’m a bigger asshole was all I could think about right there. “At least I don’t feel the need to make people feel like trash for no reason” was the only response I could manage. Made the person next to me giggle.

The bus is such a bizarre environment, but I’m crazy so I’ll take it as a challenge. Other than the odd event, I’ve really been enjoying it. Walking and bussing everywhere has helped me a lot with my physical health. I’ve even been able to reconnect with some friends and finally start reading again! All in all it’s been fun! Anyways…

Thanks for reading!

— Deryn