The Best Few Days


I spent a few days with friends and family, not paying attention to social media or the world really, and enjoying the company for my birthday. I stayed with the boyfriend for a couple days to start everything off. Most of our weekend was watching TV, which I’ll have a separate post for, but it’s more than that. Homemade meals, quality time, and getting overly spoiled, I had a great weekend. Turning twenty-three was so special! Before I met up with him, my lovely roommate had to spoil me first. 

Boyfriend took this picture, and yes I totally am using it

Starting with my lovely wife*, we got home from work about 6:30ish. *I call my roommate my wife. It’s a thing we’ve been doing forever now. Presents, a new hair colour and some needed bonding started my weekend off strong. I’m currently a red head with a new Little Mermaid backpack to match! Mind you the hair was a last minute “we should do this” kind of thing. There was more with the backpack, but that’s for me. From there, my dad offered to drive me to the boyfriends place since it’s getting cold and snowing now. 

He made an amazing dinner! Chicken stuffed with .. fancy cheese, ham, and some other goodies (I honestly forgot everything that he used) and wrapped in prosciutto with veggies and pasta! Dang, thinking back I was, well am, so spoiled! I should have taken a picture of it! From there, caught up on the Mandalorian. We’ve started The Boys now too, and I have a new headset and microphone to use! The comfort of spending time with someone who enjoys my company and makes me feel safe is just, amazing. I’m a sap, I know, but he’s just, the best! Oh, and I had a frittata which is super yummy. I will never get tired of his cooking.

Outside my window this morning

Getting home Monday, since I stayed there for two days, my dad and I spent some time together. And now I can make my own London Fog’s too which is cool. They’re my favourite latte, and he got me a milk frother. I spend an unholy amount of money on them, especially working next to a Tim Hortons. Milk, vanilla syrup, earl grey tea and a bit of water makes the most amazing drink ever! We also got to see New Mutants which is an interesting movie. I’ll write more on that later. 

My great friend Will took this one. England is less snowy than here

I’m not the kind of person who needs a lot for holidays or birthdays, the experiences and time spent with the people I care about is the best part of my life. I can’t thank the people around me enough for being there. Since I didn’t post yesterday, expect that tomorrow! Updates from The Mandalorian, The Boys, New Mutants and gaming! Those kitty headphones from Razer I loved are now mine! I spent a good hour making them glow pink too! Pictures of my setup will go live eventually. But, that’s all I have for today, thanks for stopping by! Be safe and warm out there if you live near me!
— Deryn

The Birthday Present is in!


So awhile back I had a custom cabinet made for my boyfriend for his birthday and IT’S HERE! It’s absolutely stunning and is just perfect.
For those who don’t know, I ordered my boyfriend a huge custom cabinet for his birthday, and I had a friend make it for me. He did a truly amazing job as it’s exactly what I wanted.
I asked for 5 feet high, 4 feet wide and glass doors, and it’s just so amazing. Now, we were going to paint it together, but I put a pot on top to decorate it, and now it’s full. I’ve taken a corner on the bottom shelf, and where the pot sits. He has filled the rest. Like, I’m so happy! It’s so beautiful!

This is the beauty! Standing upright and the one door open, mostly because lighting is garbage. We were going to paint it, but then we got lazy. It’s absolutely perfect though! I can’t get over how amazing it is!
From there, we decided to decorate. Now, it was delivered while the boyfriend wasn’t home, so I started the decorating. Back when I was in Vancouver, I got to keep my bouquet. So I put that in a vase that we bought forever ago. It was then overwhelmed by nerd things.

From there, I took the bottom left corner. I don’t have much for nerd things so it all sits together quite nice. The Goku is signed, the rest are just little things I’ve picked up over the years. Pardon the lighting, I know it’s garbage.

After it’s actual owner came home, he was so excited! So he went right into filling it as much as he could. As you can see, he put in all of his mini’s he paints. I think it looks amazing! – Link to his Instagram – There’s also a bit of Lego and Magic the Gathering too.
From there, close ups on the individual shelves. And again, I am so sorry about the lighting. I am not an actual photographer, nor do I have real lights in my living room.

And there you have it. My lovely boyfriends birthday present. In most of it’s glory. I love this thing so much! It is everything I could have wanted, and more! As soon as you walk into my place you can see it, just rocking out and enjoying itself. I love it! I can’t thank the friend who made it enough, it’s actually amazing! I’ve got empty bits all over the cabinet, so I’m going to use that for gifts from friends and family, or pictures. One of the two. This is the best purchase I have ever made.

Thanks for checking this thing out with me!
And thanks for reading!
— Deryn