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Life has been quiet lately. I’m mostly streaming, so I haven’t really been out. Well, that and I have no real reason to go out right now. But there are some, interesting interactions I’ve had that stuck with me. So, I’ll share some today. As well as some updates overall. With life being quiet, I’m thinking of changing up my schedules. 

(TW Body Image)

My amazing wife wanted to look at some shoes. Shoes are fun, and the mall is a fun trip to make, so off we went. The bus ride in was quiet. We were basically the only passengers for the first half of the ride. The mall is one of my least favourite places in the world. It’s draining and likes to remind me that I’m not as thin as I could be. Especially Garage (the clothing store). Back when I was in high school, there was a crop top I loved. I needed it in an XL (or extra large). Naturally, asked an employee who said to me, “we don’t sell clothes to fat people”. In high school I was maybe 90lbs, severely underweight and had a toxic relationship with food. So as one could imagine, I avoid that store now as best I can. 

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In Case You Couldn’t Tell

We stopped there. By now we’ve walked around a decent piece of the mall and all the models in windows and constant watching and worrying about everyone around me, I was out of my “customer service” voice. Now at the till, there’s only one open right now, which makes sense, and the person in front of us in line is a new employee trying to get her new discount. Everyone is new at some point, so like, have at ‘er, we’ve got time. Took a few minutes, and in that time, another employee said we could download their app for a discount. We decline, and it’s downhill from here. 

I’m A Dick

Our turn. This employee is adorable, I very much loved her hair. And she does her job “do you have our app,” I messed up. I declined this time, and aggressively. My tone of voice went straight “Karen”, and I didn’t even notice… When we walked out, my wife then decided to tell me, instead of WHEN WE WERE IN THERE SO I COULD APOLOGIZE! I felt terrible! This poor employee even asked for another staff member to come to the desk just in case. JUST IN CASE!!! I’m the worst!

Doctors and Older People

Sitting in a waiting room, an older gentleman sits across from me. Why not start a conversation? We talked for like, a half hour-ish. About everything too; doctors, moving, and living in a world like this. This lovely guy moved here from Hope, which is a small enough town everything is closed on weekends. It’s also in the bottom of a valley, so the weather is an issue and lack of doctors are just not making that a good home anymore. And he moved there from Surrey. Having a conversation with someone, and such a quality one too, that guy really made my day. I didn’t get his name though. 

And Now, Updates

Life is quiet and I’m not as busy as I used to be. I’m going to cut back posts for awhile. At least until the weather warms up and I can share hiking again. I’m going to try a post a week, but if I still don’t have much to talk about, I’ll be one a month. I’ll still be streaming, and I am on both Instagram and Twitter quite a lot. Make sure to follow me to see my new posts and updates! 

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And thank you for stopping by. You are amazing and I hope you have an amazing day!
— Deryn

It Hasnt Been Long


Today will be my third day going to the gym, but a good month(ish) of actually working out consistently. If you don’t follow my Twitter then you don’t know I’m already halfway to my fitness goal. I can do a full sit up! Turns out I was doing them wrong and now I can do like, five in a row... That means all I really got left is a full, unassisted pull up. And I know I can do that if I keep going. 

The gym is about a fifteen minute drive, or an hour walk away. I’m still not driving, so that walk is cardio... And roommate bonding time! If we were to take the bus, it would maybe shave off about ten minutes of our walk, so we may as well just keep going. Plus, it’s a really nice walk when the sidewalks aren’t made of ice. 

Took this on the way to the gym today

General Notices

Even just doing light at home workouts, and now upgrading to heavy weights and fancy machines, I feel really good. My body is sore and sometimes weak, but I feel good. Even just little things, like taking Midna out, or playing with the cats, I feel like I don’t get as tired. I’ve also not been sleeping as much. Not in a bad way, just not for nine hours and feeling like an old person. This working out thing has been a great idea. 

On top of that, I’m really impressed with how easy it has been to eat better, and have more motivation in my life. These are all things that telling 16 year old me to do would haven’t had worked. Soon the weather will be nice enough that the mountain won’t freeze and I can start hiking again! Hiking is so much fun, and this year is going to be extra good. Mostly because I’ll be able to do more.

My cute kids!

But Yeah

Working out and eating better has really improved my life. I’m super glad the support system around me helps keep that healthy too. However, I am exhausted and am going to take a nap. Have an amazing day and be safe out there!
— Deryn

Streaming and the Gym



On Thursday I streamed for the first time! The whole stream went on for just shy of three hours, and I had a lot of fun! I recorded like, an hour of it so I could watch it back to see what went on in the background. Twitch was telling me I had an average of 3.2 viewers and I got 5 followers right away. Granted, all of them are friends, but still. Want to catch one? I don’t have a schedule mind you, but a follow gets you notified!

This kind of thing is right up my alley. Being able to hold a conversation, playing games, and just enjoying life is easy for me. Plus, I’m already all over the internet with things like my blog so…

He loves that seat so much


As for the gym, today, Friday, is my first day. No sign-up fee right now, and we have to be right next to it anyway. If this blog post is late today, it’s because I’m there. I love running on treadmills, don’t know why, but I have very fond memories of it. So I’m excited I get to do that today, hopefully!

My relationship with the gym is weird. I’ve gone in before but I get really anxious. Most I’ve done of a gym is a tour. But today will be a real leg day. Man, I just want to run now, and when I get home today, I want to stream more. This is the feeling I get at 2am when I want to get my life together, but at a reasonable time without my ADHD being a buttface.

Back from the gym, and my legs feel awesome. By awesome I mean numb, but accomplished. This was a good idea!

Cuddly baby

Anyway, that’s if for today. I’m super late on this post and I still have stuff I need to get done. We’ll chat soon, and be safe!
— Deryn

Baking Day


We went hard! The boyfriend, my roommate (my lovely wife), and I have been wanting to do a baking day for awhile now. As a Christmas present for my man, I got him a Kitchenaid stand mixer. He named her Wanita. With this new mixer, we picked out a few recipes and went at it. My boyfriend, precious baby, is a cook through and through. Now, cooking is an art, but baking, baking is a science.

Baking is difficult man. We’ve picked half a dozen recipes for tonight, but I’m not sure if we’ll have enough time to make them all. Plus, we have two boxes of cookies and a “Kit-Kat Log Cabin” to make too. The coffee cake recipe doesn’t actually have any coffee in it, and the peppermint squares are going to have crushed candy canes added to them, otherwise, we’re going to follow these as best we can. 

Premade cookie dough and the Kit-Kat thing are what we’re going to start the night with. Gingerbread cookies can be kind of sad tasting sometimes, so with leftover frosting from the cabin, we decorated them! Being basically twelve year olds, we did our best, my wife and I, to make then a tad inappropriate. There’s one where the joke was made about looking like they were waiting for the towel. At this point, my boyfriend had some early Christmas presents to open too!

Cute little cabin!
If you know, you know

The first handmade dessert we had settled on were the chocolate dipped clouds. I learned how to quenelle food! I’m not a very confident cook, nor baker, and tend to get jobs like whisking batter or making tea, so this was cool! It’s honestly a good thing I don’t do more, I’d probably kill someone by accident. That reminds me, I left bread in my toaster this morning… Shit… Anyway, I made cute little clouds! 

See these clouds??? THEY’RE SO CUTE!!!

Homemade caramel, hot cocoa, the company of two of my favourite people, baking day is officially the best day of the year! I bet I could be a baker.

Hot chocolate with homemade caramel on top!
Plate of goodies

I think our baking day looks delicious! Everything is so yummy, and I got to share this with amazing people! Does this make me a baker? Anyway, thanks for coming along today! Have an awesome day, and stay warm!
— Deryn

There is a Potato Museum


Guys, guys, guys, there’s a potato museum. Now, as you know, I’m a po-ta-hoe and love potatoes! Maybe that’s my inner Englishman just craving a good side of mashed potatoes, (I’m pretty sure that’s a German thing but shhhh…). This museum is in PEI and all things considered, that isn’t that bad. I live in BC if you didn’t know, so I would have travel to the east coast . For potatoes, it’s worth it. In light of my discovery, should I share potato recipes? Or maybe some crafts and such? Potatoes.

Prince Edward Island huh? I’ve never been to an island on the east coast, so that trip would be one for the books! I just looked it up, I can drive there! Without traffic, it’s a fifty-five hour drive. I’m excited, don’t mind me. I’m reading a “12 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions” post for PEI, and it’s very old fashioned, the province that is. Aww, it’s the smallest province, isn’t that cute! I’m not very good at being a tourist, I find I often get bored. So, finding stuff to do ahead of time helps me a lot, and hopefully bringing people with. Being a coastal province, there are lighthouses! Oh frick yeah I want to go for sure!

Friend overseas taking awesome pictures again

I’ve pulled up a list of restaurants in the surrounding area of the museum, and there isn’t much. In fact, there’s really nothing out there at all. This part of O’Leary? is very family oriented. A local hospital, schools and quite a few parks are all that really fills the space out there. Well, dang. The bridge to drive onto the island must be quite the sight, and happened to be finished the year I was born too. Like, that just sounds awesome! The shots you could get on that bridge, oh I’m excited thinking about it! Wait, is it a toll bridge?

I’ve never been that far east before in Canada, so that trip would be so awesome! Planning a trip around on particular sight is something I’ve done before. My trips to England are usually based around one particular thing I need to see, and then the rest of the trip falls in place. Other than that, I’m not sure what else there is to do besides hike, which I’m in to for sure!

Like, look at these!

That’s all I have for today though. Thanks for stopping by, and be safe out there! And stay warm! It’s snowing here and I’m excited!
— Deryn