Holy Frick Retail


Man, I am over retail. I know I’ve said that like four hundred times, but I am so over it. Customers, mega corps, and having a boss… Work is just not worth the stress that it gives you. Relax Deryn, you’re just stressed... I don’t know if it’s the pandemic or people are actually dumb, but my god. With everything getting bad again, I feel like I’m losing my mind. And because the company I work for is what it is, I don’t speak on behalf of the company. These thoughts are mine and I hate people most of the time…

Stole more pictures from my friend overseas!

We have plexiglass between us and the customers right now, and yet people don’t understand that. My boss and I have been running into interesting arguments of sorts with almost everyone. There’s been too many instances where people have straight up pushed the glass off my counters. I understand you’re lazy, but please don’t lean on the counter. The sanitizer smells terrible and if you touch anything I have to spray it. And I don’t get why people just refuse to listen to me.

Right now people are either on edge, or just don’t care about anyone. Man, I hate dealing with arrogant people and all their unnecessary crap. There’s signs all over my store asking people to not touch shit, but of course, no one in the world can read. We’re working on it, but holy frick, and asking anyone to stop touching anything in my store is impossible. It becomes a fight not worth having.

Ranting isn’t my favourite thing to do, but thank you for coming along with me today! I just don’t understand why people can’t be kind. I was talking to my boss about getting a raise, and my lovely roommate chimed in with a really good piece of advice. “why invest my time into a career I’m not passionate about when I could invest my time into what I really want to do.” I can’t thank her enough for being in my life.

But, that’s all I have for today, as you can tell, I’m almost an hour late today. My bad... Thanks for stopping by, adn be safe out there!
— Deryn

Chatting Over Dinner


Last night a friend and I went and got dinner so we could reconnect. She’s taking time off work for mental health, so we took the evening to compare stories, and even relationships. She’s been with her partner for just over two years now. And all of my relationships have a habit of ending before the two year mark, which isn’t a bad thing. They were meant to end when they did, although some could have ended sooner...

We play cards together, and before this virus hit, we were really the only women in the group. Being that way, her and I bonded pretty quick, and she’s always been there since. When it comes to female friends, I only have a few. The few I do have, I hold onto very tight. Precious quality time with the ladies is important to me. There are just some things you can’t talk to anyone else about. Or is that just me?

I’ve grown so attached to Midna, I can’t believe it sometimes

Dating with mental illness is weird. Both of us have depression, although she definitely suffers from it more. She’s an absolute sweetie and deserves all of the best things in the world. Depending on who you talk to, they would say the same for me… That’s a weird realization... ADHD has got me the weirdest reactions from people though. I don’t think before I do anything, which sometimes can lead me into some trouble. I’ve made real progress in dealing with that, but I can always improve. Plus I have a trash memory, which helps with nothing ever.

Percy is the cutest when he sleeps!

In case you’re curious, only a piece of the conversation was devoted to “in the bedroom”. Man did she ask me tons of questions, holy frick. Not that I don’t want to answer most of the time, but dang she had questions. Oh crap it’s time to publish! Guess that’s all I have for today! Thanks for stopping by, and have a good day!
— Deryn

The Best Few Days


I spent a few days with friends and family, not paying attention to social media or the world really, and enjoying the company for my birthday. I stayed with the boyfriend for a couple days to start everything off. Most of our weekend was watching TV, which I’ll have a separate post for, but it’s more than that. Homemade meals, quality time, and getting overly spoiled, I had a great weekend. Turning twenty-three was so special! Before I met up with him, my lovely roommate had to spoil me first. 

Boyfriend took this picture, and yes I totally am using it

Starting with my lovely wife*, we got home from work about 6:30ish. *I call my roommate my wife. It’s a thing we’ve been doing forever now. Presents, a new hair colour and some needed bonding started my weekend off strong. I’m currently a red head with a new Little Mermaid backpack to match! Mind you the hair was a last minute “we should do this” kind of thing. There was more with the backpack, but that’s for me. From there, my dad offered to drive me to the boyfriends place since it’s getting cold and snowing now. 

He made an amazing dinner! Chicken stuffed with .. fancy cheese, ham, and some other goodies (I honestly forgot everything that he used) and wrapped in prosciutto with veggies and pasta! Dang, thinking back I was, well am, so spoiled! I should have taken a picture of it! From there, caught up on the Mandalorian. We’ve started The Boys now too, and I have a new headset and microphone to use! The comfort of spending time with someone who enjoys my company and makes me feel safe is just, amazing. I’m a sap, I know, but he’s just, the best! Oh, and I had a frittata which is super yummy. I will never get tired of his cooking.

Outside my window this morning

Getting home Monday, since I stayed there for two days, my dad and I spent some time together. And now I can make my own London Fog’s too which is cool. They’re my favourite latte, and he got me a milk frother. I spend an unholy amount of money on them, especially working next to a Tim Hortons. Milk, vanilla syrup, earl grey tea and a bit of water makes the most amazing drink ever! We also got to see New Mutants which is an interesting movie. I’ll write more on that later. 

My great friend Will took this one. England is less snowy than here

I’m not the kind of person who needs a lot for holidays or birthdays, the experiences and time spent with the people I care about is the best part of my life. I can’t thank the people around me enough for being there. Since I didn’t post yesterday, expect that tomorrow! Updates from The Mandalorian, The Boys, New Mutants and gaming! Those kitty headphones from Razer I loved are now mine! I spent a good hour making them glow pink too! Pictures of my setup will go live eventually. But, that’s all I have for today, thanks for stopping by! Be safe and warm out there if you live near me!
— Deryn

Organizing the Socials


It’s been almost a year since I cleaned up my social media. And since I’ve done things like rebuilding boards on Pinterest, I figured I may as well do an overall cleanup. Reentering the dating world has got my heart all fluttering and such. Every girl I knew in school had a wedding board and I finally rebuilt mine. I also post way too many memes online, so I’m going through and cleaning that up. My Google backup though, that was frightening. The amount of crap on that… It’s crazy to think I spend so much time on my phone and on social media these days. Wiping everything clean and starting fresh is oddly satisfying.

A Screenshot of my phone? Weird

I ended up clearing about a thousand photos off my Google drive that we just memes. I don’t need the memes backed up there as I have almost all of them on my computer now. You never know when you’ll need a particular meme, but they don’t need to take up room on the cloud. Work is quiet enough that I can reorganize my whole social life sometimes. Not that I’m complaining, it’s good on my mental health. Looking at all the pictures I’ve taken of Shadow over the past year and bit I’ve had him makes me laugh a whole bunch.

My Instagram is next. I hadn’t updated any of the captions after my last breakup and after the guy I’m now seeing changed his gamertag, username? @ symbol? Since he changed his tag on the Insta’s. I also take a lot of selfies that I just hate after too long looking at them. Instagram is also now the only way I remember how long I’ve had Shadow for, as I posted about him there and not on Facebook…

The roommate sends me the best pictures!

Twitter isn’t a problem much anymore. I’ve gone through it and not really hated anything, so that’s a bonus. Same with Patreon and I guess technically Tumblr. There’s no cringy screenshots on this years post of this as I don’t have anything too bad anymore. Still backing things up on a thumb drive like this one, I have put years of my life onto a memory card to literally never look at again.

Actually looking at my Pinterest, I was so overwhelmed I just deleted over 90% of what I had. I had upwards of almost ten thousand pins and now I’m down to almost four thousand. Being a nerd definitely takes up most of my Pinterest at this point. One thousand and twenty pins that are the majority just Legend of Zelda pins is insane. I’m still in the process of reorganizing it, but the writing and the fan art, I’ll be busy for hours. Actually that might be a good thing to tackle today. Unless of course I get distracted looking at wedding dresses…

Like, my kids are so cute!!!

My cellphone has been taken care of, and I’ve tried to keep on top of the screenshot problem. I also went and deleted apps I don’t use. Now I have to go find a new couple backgrounds for winter. With each season, I try and update my background, keep it fresh and all. But that’s all I have for today! Since I posted about Halloween yesterday, I’ll sub this for a Multimedia Day. Thanks for stopping by and be safe!
— Deryn

Retail Customers


Since coming back to this job, some of my old regulars have discovered that I’m back. That’s not a bad thing at all, it’s actually kind of cute. I never really noticed how much of an impact I leave on my customers. Or I guess also the impact they have on me. Plus, some of the new people I’ve had the opportunity of meeting has been amazing! Unfortunately there’s a few yet I have to see that I actually miss still.

I have an interesting client who before I left, was in the middle of getting custody of her grandson. She’s a nice lady with a great sense of humor and all things considered, a very positive woman. I just got to meet the grandson and I have a feeling, even though a huge piece of his family is messed up, he’ll do great.

There’s a client I haven’t seen yet. When I first met him, he was learning Hebrew and wanted it on his phone. He’s an interesting fellow who’s cancer came back. His wife comes in sometimes with questions about her phone, and I always try to make sure to say I miss them and am wishing the best. An odd guy for sure, but definitely a friendly face who was always kind and full of stories.

I’ve had a couple a friends come in to get new phones now too. Friends instead of customers is an interesting difference in sales. The need to still be somewhat professional but also changing your language and being more casual is how I prefer to sell. I’m a social person and enjoy making friends during my conversations.

Homemade and super sexy dinner ’cause I have no pictures for today

Being back at work has been great. I really appreciate all of the lovely, and sometimes total trash, people I get to see every day. Hopefully with the way things are going, I have the holiday season, and then I can start looking at profits on this blog and such again. So stay tuned for that update! Otherwise, that’s it for today! Be safe out there!
— Deryn