Getting Back on Track

So, I’m down to two jobs. (Thank god) And have now been consumed by Byte and getting back on the reno train! Even if I’m doing it slowly, I am still actually doing something. Otherwise I haven’t done anything noteworthy.

Today, I wanted to ask you what you want to see more of. I know my bus adventures are popular, but if there’s anything else you really want to see more of, or see me attempt in the first place, let me know. Whether it be video games, crafts, or my attempts at learning French… I’m really up for just about anything. Actually, please don’t make me share my French fails because I embarrass easy.

How are you today? You eating enough, and drinking some water? Take some time to relax, okay? You’re amazing, don’t forget that.

I’ll try and photograph more renovations and adventures I have. Plus I’ve been going out and trying new places, so I’ll share those a bit too. This year I’m going to fix my car I think so I can go travelling. Oregon was a beautiful drive last time I went, so I might take my boyfriend down there. Force him like I did with England. Although he wouldn’t hate me as much as taking him overseas.

Another fun thing I’ve started doing is planning my blog posts ahead of time. I got this cute little journal for Christmas and that’s its job for now. AND that means I should get to that autograph I had planned…
(I know I’m all over the place, but I’m excited to be back in full force.)

Thank you as always for coming by!
— Deryn

Adulting is Getting Easier!

I know working three jobs and managing a blog is a lot on one person’s plate, but I’m actually feeling good. Especially now that I’m not sick! Building and adjusting my budget, I’ve noticed that I have tons of potential to grow really fast, or burn out super hard. I’ve already paid a huge piece of my debt, made a beginner sized savings account, and am actually not dreading getting bills.

I’m also finding I actually have some motivation to do things again. As much as home reno’s are sitting on the back burner, I’m thriving at work and at my writing. Now all I need is to literally anything toward fixing my damn place, I’d be flying!

Unrelated, kind of, Shadow was getting sick from food I bought, so I’ve switched his diet. So there are some floor bits that really need to be replaced.

As much as I enjoy feeling like I’m making progress, I think I’m going to quit one job and pick up a shift at another. I’ll still have more money than I did, but I’ll go back to having two days off which is neat. Plus that means I can have more time to do things like book reviews, bus adventures, and staying on top of my mental health.

It’s currently 11:45 am on Thursday and I’m making asparagus and eggs for lunch while watching Sims videos on my TV. Today I can say, life is good.

Thanks for coming by!
— Deryn

Working in an Adult Store

So for those who don’t know, I got a third job in an adult store. I’ve never sold this kind of product before but I can sell anything, so I figured I’d give it a shot. We aren’t a very busy store yet. And since I’ve worked all over my town here, a lot of people recognize me. With that I figured I’d publish my adventures here the same way I do my bus adventures.

Now, this is a job, just like any other. I’ve had a few interesting customers, but they’re people who know me or are actually interesting to talk to. But then there are … Those People … The people you wish would just leave and never come back. Or the people who shouldn’t be allowed in a store when there’s only one person working.

My store has a doll. She’s super weird looking and only partially proper in physical structure. Her breasts are insanely large, like 25 pounds each. I had to dress her when we put her together and my god she’s 120lbs of dead weight. There’s just something about her though, I just really enjoy having her and the two mannequins in the store. When my dad came by, he said that the doll needed a name. After some thought, my dad decided to name her after a stripper from DC’s Doom Patrol, “Maura Lee Karupt”. Until like, yesterday, I didn’t know how it was spelled, so I’ve been writing Mora-Lee for her name. And it’s stuck so far! The mannequins are “Scarlet” and “Angelica”. Those three along with our three staff members (including me) makes that store pretty much a family.

I had a customer who had a very specific request on what she wanted in a sex toy. That’s fine I can deal with that, but it turns out I only had like one thing in the while store good enough and it took us an hour to find it. But after we did, I felt so happy, like a “YEAH WE DID IT!” kind of happy. It’s this little vibrator thing that your fingers slide in and I’m pretty sure it has an actual car motor in it because my hand went numb after testing to make sure it worked. I will 100% recommend that to anyone who has overstimulated to the point nothing works anymore.

I had a female couple come in, and frig dude they were so funny. The one lady found the Fleshlight wall and said, and I quote “I’m too gay for this” and “men are so strange”. They had such chaotic energy and I loved it. Back and forth they we saying that they had to leave, and then would egg each other on for not buying anything. After almost an hour, they both bought their own thing and left very happy.

I’ve only had a few shifts there, but damn is it interesting! There’s such a range of people who come into that shop. I really could not pick a more wide variety style job. It definitely has slow times where I want to tear my hair out, but I think I’m going to stay at this job for awhile.

P.S. I’m so sorry I somehow forgot about this post and am crazy late posting it! Sorry for my memory, but thank you for still coming by!

— Deryn

This Fever is Destroying Me

And everyone thought I was messed up on Tuesday! Well my dudes, it’s Thursday and I’m not any better! TMI Warning!!! Yesterday was the worst though, I sweat enough I had to change my bed sheets cause it was honestly gross, only to then get so cold for like an hour I couldn’t warm up no matter what I did. Today I’m pretty much at the same spot I was on Tuesday. And because I’m me. I can’t just stay home and rest, no, I’ve got to make sure I still go to work. I don’t really want to look at the computer screen much so today it’s going to be a short post. Sorry for being a mess…

I love you all, stay warm this winter, or cool this summer depending on where you are.
Thanks for stopping by!
— Deryn

I’m Useless Today

I woke up this morning super sick… And, being a Tuesday, I’ve gotta work. Today is a long shift too (6am to 6pm). As of 4:30am, which is when I started writing this, I haven’t left the bathroom for almost an hour. And with that, I remembered I can’t miss my blog post! So here I am!
Stuff I’d much rather be doing today!
By the way, I’m going to try and edit this and make it look all nice, but I’m feeling -100/10 so no promises. Sorry in advance!

Being able to actually eat…
I’m starving, but because I’m nauseous, I can’t even look at food and not die a little. Yesterday was half off pizza and I made sure to save some for lunch today, but I just cannot eat. This sucks, if I were at home right now, I’d be making my own mac n cheese that I’ve been planning for a week.

I wrote another short a couple days ago and so far it’s actually pretty good. It’s a little too short so I’m working on it. I was researching how to self publish shorts myself and it’s super easy if I go through Amazon. I really don’t like that company but it’s the easiest that I can find. Plus the audience that comes with that. But actually doing it is another thing.

I am a lazy human. I should be done my renovations, but here I am. Counters are half done, the one room is finally painted, and no matter how much I caulk my shower it just never seems to be finished. Life is just a lot and I should get on top of it, but blerg.

I’m sick, my body aches and I really just want to take a nap. But I guess I’m stuck here, dying. (I’m not actually dying, I’m just being a baby.) It’s almost noon now and I’m ready to call my night person and call it quits. But, I’m going to tough this out and go for as long as I can. For those who are curious, it’s -17 outside and I’m so sad, although my office is +20 ish because I’m sick.

So, yeah. Thanks for coming by today. And I’m sorry again if this post is all over the place.
Have an awesome day!
— Deryn

There Goes My Strong Start

The contact paper went sideways really fast. I should have had help…
I cut my floor, tore my finger open, and in frustration I tore off all of what I had put down. After being a pouty five year old, I called my dad and he told me I should try again, since the marble looked so nice, I shouldn’t let it beat me. And of course, he was right. As I had now used all of the paper, I had to go buy more.
Back to Home Depot!
I don’t know what it is, but I love wandering around that store. Well, most of the time, there are times where older men decide I need help and won’t leave me alone until I get aggressive.

It’s hard to see but I cut a stripe right down my floor

Guess while I’m out, I should grab paint shouldn’t I?
And everything I need to tear up carpet…
Paint is on the other side of town, and I still don’t have a car. Would it be weird to take the bus with a can of paint? I should do it. (Cuts to an hour later getting paint on the bus.) Nah, I’ll just recruit someone to drive me.

My kitchen is old and damaged…

Guess who didn’t leave home!This time though, I have a plan! I kept the same marble look that I was going for the first time, but I actually measured things and took my time. Stupid microwave making me start again… And I took my hairdryer just so I could clean up my corners. The kitchen is going to look good, but the marble needs a new backdrop to match the new counters. The local ReStore will have tile or something for the backdrop, but I’ll have to actually learn how to do that.

Took a selfie while sitting on the counter. I think it’s on my Instagram..

Since I’m planning ahead of time, stuff gets done so much faster. And with getting stuff done at a reasonable rate, I can start finishing other rooms. Going to finish the painting job I only half finished, and more, tedious flooring. Going to take up my carpet in my living room and put in laminate. You know, cause I’m just cool like that. And then I saw a neat trick of painting your vinyl floor, yes I said paint.
Step one, wash.
Step two, sand.
Step three, wash again.
Step four, paint!
Legit, you can paint your floor! I’ve heard you should use paint for a deck when you do this, but that’s okay since that’s easy to find. I’ve made a stencil of sorts for a pattern I want to try. Wish me luck!

The marble is nice!!

Stencil has been made but of course I didn’t take a picture of it… I’ve gone looking at tile for the backdrop but I cannot find anything that is enough to cover the space, or doesn’t look like it’a a thousand years old… And I have started investing in doing laminate in my living room.

This will be it for renovations for awhile as I got another job (that’s three now) and am trying to save as fast as I can. But, I have found the house I’m going to buy, so this is going so well! I’ll try and take more pictures before my realtor shows up and starts listing my place. This weekend is going to be flooring and packing day, hopefully. Moving the boyfriends cabinet is going to suck…

Thanks for stopping by and giving this a read!
— Deryn

Took a Break

Reno’s are kicking my butt, so I’m trying to not overwork myself too hard. I was diddling around on this laptop and apparently it runs Minecraft! So that’s what I’ve been doing with my time mostly. That and reading tarot, and learning more French. I really struggle with not being busy, but that’s fine.

I was doing the counters when I made an awful mistake and tore up a huge part with my microwave. A fiery ball of rage took over and I ripped out all the work I did, and now I need a distraction. So I went to install Minecraft and to my surprise, it worked. So I was binging that while listening to French Podcasts trying to get better with understanding the speech itself. I can read it somewhat fine, and can even spell at an okay level, but hearing it. Oof… They talk so fast! Which I mean, I am one hundred percent guilty of, but I never really understood how difficult it is to understand people talking…

Total side note, I know I said I was going to stick to Thursday’s for posting, but I’m bored throughout the week and writing posts way ahead of time, so I’m going to reinstate Tuesday’s as well. My updates or posts will still be at 12:00pm Vancouver time.

Back on track, I’ve been reading tarot cards for a couple years now and I even do readings for donations through my Tumblr but am going to open that up to my Twitter too eventually. I swear I struggle not being busy; it’s as if I can’t stop sometimes. But I learn a lot by doing this. And I kick absolute butt in Minecraft Hardcore mode! Work today is beyond busy, to the point I can’t actually do any real work, so I’m going to spend today writing and doing surveys for cash. Girls gotta work.

I’ve got a plan for tomorrow to actually do a ton of renovations and finally get this done. I’m going to get some more paint, and I need something to remove wallpaper faster because my kitchen has tons of it??? And my counter, I have to try this again. Thursday will be my make or break for this, because my place is getting evaluated on Friday (hopefully) and I NEED it to be amazing. Wish me luck ❤

Thanks for listening to me try and make sense of my own thoughts today!
— Deryn