Homeward Bound

It’s currently 4:15am in Leicester and I’m on the express coach to Gatwick airport. From there, Toronto, Vancouver and then home. I’m going to document this part of my travel in hopes of not crying nor complaining about going home. I would be home earlier if I went through Calgary instead of Vancouver but I am not wanting to risk getting stuck there due to things like snow. It’s -3 there and snowing. So no thanks. Next stop, Gatwick!

Slept for most of the bus ride, now my neck is messed up. But I was so tired i couldn’t stay awake. Plus, I get motion sick, so that helped me through it.
Flight One! Was pretty fun actually! Made a friend, slept a bit although the boyfriend didn’t. Round two here we go!

Tagging everywhere so you can follow along. Because there is a LOT of running around going in.

Customs was rough. Blerg..
Flight Two! Should be good. Much smaller plane but we have way more room now! Hopefully we can get more sleep.
Only an hour until we’re in Vancouver, and it seems that we both slept. We’re so close to being home! I miss Shadow! I hope he doesn’t think I left him.
Last Flight. Delayed. 2 hours. Fog. I just wanna go home. Calgary flights were delayed to snow, mine to fog. Good thing YVR is a nice airport I guess.
They switched our flights. Headed home now! Should be there for about 9:15pm. It’s been a long day..
Made it home about 9:45pm local and went straight to bed.

I’m back to work today. Sucks too cause I just got back from vacation, but whatever. Thanks to everyone who followed me on my adventure, and thanks for reading! As always, find me here and here, or feed my travelling and tea addiction here and here.
— Deryn

I Love Chesterfield

Something about this town just makes me so happy. I wish I could be here more. My amazing friends are always welcoming and the market is such an adventure every time. If you follow me Instagram and Twitter, you’ve been seeing my updates, pictures, and rambles. Here are some highlights.

A pretty fountain in Sheffield
Spitfire from the 1940’s themed market
My favourite part of Warhammer World in Nottingham
The Crooked Spire Church in town
This kickass Warhammer figure I pained

It’s been quite the adventure. I’m in England for another couple days visiting family. But the crazy busy party of my vacation, and the drinking, is over. Thanks to everyone who has stopped by.

Enjoy my trips and shenanigans? Feel free to support me here or here! I appreciate everything! Or even better, tell your friends and family about the rambling Canadian. I made myself laugh, don’t mind me. (I made this post from my phone as I don’t have a computer right now, so apologies if stuff looks weird.)

Thank you so much for reading!

— Deryn

Happy Halloween and Samhain!

Oh man oh man I am hyped!! It’s the best day of the year! Next to “you made it around the sun again, have some free stuff” day, aka, birthday. Since I’m not at home I’ve had to find some fun things to do here and wow, today is gonna be fun!

At 10 am (so in an hour for me, god it’s early) there’s a 1940’s themed market which I’m going to raid! And im excited! Apparently there’s a spitfire replica there and I’ve never seen one and I’m excited! I’m not huge into war machines but that’s just cool!

About a year or two ago I started learning to read tarot, and what day is better than today to read them! I mean, it’s freaking Halloween! I bought a deck the other day since I forgot mine at home. If I were any good at reading them I’d offer readings in the market as a way to talk to people! I love socializing, it’s weird.

Tomorrow starts November which means we’re super close to my birthday and I have no idea what I want to do for that. There are plenty of places that do free meals on birthdays so I’m going to take advantage of that. Otherwise I haven’t planned anything. Since my birthday is the 9th, it falls on Remembrance Day long weekend, which means I get a real weekend. Working Saturdays is lame but what can you do when you have to pay bills right?

I’m rambling again, which I’m one hundred percent blaming on the fact I slept for only eight hours last night. But yeah, happy Halloween! And a blessed Samhain! I love you all and be safe today!

— Deryn


I’ve grown a lot as a blog. Because of this, I built a Patreon and it’s even under my blogs name. I’ve been going at this for long enough now that I felt it was necessary to finally get that made so I feel like a real creator. That and I have my paypal built. I know I’m not the best in the business but I’m really trying to grow as a person and as a blogger / writer so I can start making a living on it. Needless to say I’m really learning a lot and I appreciate everyone who reads my work. Even if it is mostly rambles, I still love all of you! I really can’t thank you enough.

I’m sitting here listening to Sabaton and mildly drunk hoping that future me fixes this post enough (I did, don’t worry you idiot) that I don’t sound completely dumb. Because I’ve been writing for like, two hours trying to get words onto a document for my future novel. Do you write? I’d love to get to see your writing! Especially when I leave Chesterfield and head to Leicester. It’ll be more “what do I do” down there. For those who don’t know, I have family down there. To be more .. precise, my grandmothers cousin. She’s an amazing woman. Last time I was in England, I made it a point to visit her, and it was a great time. Every day she made a beautiful meal and kept me entertained while I was visiting.
On a side note, why is Leicester pronounced Lester? I’m still bothered by that.

Have you listened to The Red Baron? Because I’m addicted to this song right now! I’ve listened to this song on repeat for a few hours now and it’s amazing! (Can you tell I was drunk when I wrote this? I really do enjoy this song though. Frig I must have listened to it on repeat for almost an hour) This band is truly amazing!

Now that I’ve sobered up a bit, I’m hilarious when I’ve had too much to drink. I just ramble and shit. But that’s okay because I actually write. I’ve noticed reading back on this post, it’s basically a Sabaton love letter. Which in all reality isn’t a bad thing as they’re one of my favourite bands! I really started writing this post to say I built my Patreon and PayPal properly so if you really like my stuff than you can support me!

Once I get through this first draft of my novel, I’ll start posting for advice and such. I’ve been trying to write this stupid book for almost two years. I really hope that as I get to that point, everyone will be as excited as I am for it. Something about making a whole world yourself is just exciting ya know?

I head home a week from today and I’m honestly wishing I was here longer. I love the friends and family I have! But at the same time, I miss my dad, and Shadow! Tomorrow is the 1940’s market, so I’m going to that! Man, if you ever get the chance, this place is amazing! Just seeing the people was worth the trip for me! Anyway, I’ve talked your ear off, have a good day!

Thanks for dealing with my rambles! I love you all!
— Deryn

What I’ve Noticed

I’ve been in England for a few days now and I’ve got to say, some stuff is super different. Now, I know things like the currency and what side of the road they drive on are the biggest but it’s the people I’ve noticed the most.

I’m staying in Chesterfield, which if you don’t know, is the largest farmers market town in the UK. With being such a market town, there aren’t very many cars on the road, and in town, it’s all pedestrian roads. Since I’m surrounded by people all the time, I’ve got to see so many different kinds of people.

The honesty is so interesting! I went shopping mostly cause I’m dumb because I needed an umbrella. I found a clear one I couldn’t resist along with some cute clothes. I had the umbrella on my hip as I walked up to the counter, and I made sure to put in where it could be scanned to which the guy thanked me for being honest about it. With it being on my hip I could have just stolen it and saved myself £5 but bad karma isn’t my jam. Since then I’ve noticed that those tags with the anti theft things aren’t anywhere. They may be in bigger cities, but I haven’t found one yet. Everyone has more faith in humanity here than anywhere else I’ve been.

Little things in businesses are hugely different too. I’ve had to walk to every debit machine, that’s no problem but it’s super different. Clothing stores are very, under staffed compared to home, and the change rooms are run super different too. Restaurants have asked up front about food allergies, like even before drinks. I love that idea honestly.

Greetings! Like everywhere I’ve gone, “you alright” is the phrase I hear. Not “hello” which throws me off the most I think. Or at least makes me look like a tourist the most.

They don’t lie when it comes to Canadians get treated better. Everytime someone asks if I’m American and I say no, their expression changes. People make more conversation and just are overall more happy it seems. It’s weird that being some somewhere different to their original expectation makes them more friendly. We had a gentleman ask us where in Canada we were from before we even told him we were Canadian. That was exciting! Apparently he could te because Canadians have a “French Twang” to their speech you don’t hear in America. I’m excited to listen for it when I get home.

Sunday is the largest market day of the month, since it’s the last Sunday of the month, so we’re going to go to that and be amazed. Other than that, no plans for the rest of the trip so far.

I know I haven’t been blogging much but I’ve been relaxing and enjoying my vacation. I’m trying to keep my social media updated so if you’re curious, go check that out. XO XO. And thanks for supporting me!

Thanks as always for reading!
— Deryn

A Day in the Life

I got asked this by a friend of mine and I didn’t have an answer mostly cause I’m the lamest person I know, but I figured I’d write it out for those who are curious.

If I Work

I wake up at the crack of dawn, so 7:30 and spend a half hour getting ready and browsing social media, like I said, lame. From there, walking to work. It’s the closest thing I get to a workout since I’m the laziest person I know. From there, work for a few hours till I cave and go buy lunch although I really shouldn’t since I’m broke. Then, finish my shift and head home. Dinner is then cooked and then I write some words for my novel until I fall asleep.

If I Don’t Work

I wake up probably at 7:30 because work has ruined me. I spend way less time getting ready cause I don’t have to be presentable for customers. Then I see if I’ve made plans, because Google calendar is amazing. From there …

Did I Make Plans?

Apparently I did. Now I get to socialize with another human who isn’t trash! I’m actually excited! And then I milk that socialization for as long as I can because I love people who don’t suck. From there, home to game probably.

So I didn’t make plans huh? Guess I’m going to sit at home and game. Hopefully I remember to eat cause I’m dumb and get distracted easily. Or I’m going to spend the whole day trying to write as much of my book in one swift go as I can.

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday I take time to write something for my blog. It just so happens I work those days so I am low key but totally getting paid to blog. I’m super excited by that but don’t tell my bosses. (There’s a haha for ya.)

And yeah, that’s my life, through and through. I really don’t do much. Once in awhile I spice it up with wine, or tequila. Man that shit is my weakness.

Oh I forgot! Once a week I got play Magic the Gathering with a group of friends. Catch me on my Instagram to know when I’m playing that, cause honestly I never really know when I’m playing.

But yeah, that’s me. Thanks for reading! I love you all!
— Deryn

PS. Today I’m on the plane and headed to England. So there may be limited or even no posts on my normal schedule. Thanks ❤

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my amazing fathers birthday. He’s forty-three today (yeah he’s young) and I will spend the whole day making fun of him for getting older. But I really wanted to tell him how much he matters to me.

Yeah I know I’m such a daddy’s girl, but my dad has been there for me my whole life. He was the only parent in my life and I treasure him more than I think he knows. He’s been with me from learning to walk to my first break up: from my first homework project to my first job interview. We’ve made time every birthday to celebrate each other and how much we care.

This year I wanted to surprise him with loads of gifts, however I planned my vacation at an odd time and don’t have the money to literally spoil him. Because of this, I wanted to make something to show my gratitude, as well as buy him a thing or two, but mostly this.

Dad, you’ve hit level forty-three in life, and that’s hilarious that we’re measuring it levels now. I know I haven’t seen all those years, but I am thrilled to see the rest. You’ve got a bald spot coming in on the back of your head and there is nothing you can do to hide it so stop trying. Thank you for being who you are even if that person is a five year old hiding in an adults body… I’m sorry I have to work today and can’t sit at home and watch TV with you, but I’m sure when my brother wakes up you’ll have a good laugh with him over whatever it is you’re watching before he goes to play his video games. Did you get some cake today? Cause if you didn’t I’m so going to buy one for you. Feel free to go to my house and steal Shadow for the day if you want. Or honestly just let yourself in and spend the day with him and my boyfriend. Just remember, today is about you. Not work, or bills, or none of that adult crap. Spend today being awesome, although that’s not hard for someone like you. I love you dad! Congrats on leveling up!

— Deryn