My House is Freaking Cold

I’m sure yours is too sometimes. But like, frig my house is cold in the morning. So, since my feet are suffering, I’ve put a list of things together that I do to help me stay warm, or at least warmer, during the winter months.
Now, I live in Canada, so we get cold winters, as in -30°C winters. Sometimes it is just so freaking cold that breathing sucks. I’ve found that crawling under my house and adding insulation under my mobile home is only so helpful. I’m also broke all the time so cheap ways are the best ways.

I love carpet floors. Like, love them. But redoing my whole house to have carpet is expensive and unnecessary. So rugs!
I’m weird and I love the way carpet and rugs feel on my feet. I was reading an article based out of the UK about how much heat is lost through the floors and ceilings and the numbers are insane! – Link to that – It’s 10%! That’s a lot when you think about how long winter is! Plus, heat rises, and I’m pretty sure my ceiling isn’t insulated properly, yet I don’t know how to get up there.

For Christmas I’ve asked for new curtains for my bedroom, those double lined and blackout ones. – Something similar – I’ve heard that they work amazing in all seasons for keeping unwanted temperatures out, and the sun too during the summer.

I crochet once in awhile and my favourite thing to make is blankets. They’re warm and soft, and if I have a full stream on twitch to watch, or a couple of movies that I’ve seen before, I can make one every four to six hours. I just have to sit down and actually do it. Blankets hold so much heat, and making them just feels more satisfying. Plus I just started doing granny squares and it’s great! – Here’s a Pattern

My place doesn’t have a chimney, nor radiators, so I have to find other ways to make heat. I saw one of those terracotta pot heater things with the candles, but they’re more placebo than actual heat (from what I’ve read anyway) but they look super cool! I found a fun one to make using two pots and a stand. – Video Link – The physics behind this is super neat, and I have most of the parts, so I might just make one. And hope Shadow doesn’t try and kill it…

Unrelated, my new – Link for thing – that I’m going to start doing makes me feel more professional. So expect that to stay around for awhile.

While looking into more ways to stay warm for this post, and for the sake of my poor feet, I found an article saying I should see if my fan spins the other way. Pushing air down and throughout the room, instead of cooling everything down. Since heat rises, the fan spinning the other way can push the heat back down into the room. – Link to That

As I mentioned in my last post, I want to start baking. The amount of heat from an oven should be enough to really heat up the heart of my house. – Link to Post – And while browsing the internet, I found my new favourite baker. – Their Website – My boyfriend cooks a lot more than I do, so I may as well contribute to the overall snacks in my house. Pinterest has so many delicious baking recipes that I want to try! I’m making myself hungry just thinking about it!

Winter this year is supposed to be brutally cold through Canada. Every little thing I can do to stay warm is going to be used this time around. Cause like, holy frig man. It’s too damn cold. As always, support links – Here and Here – and follow me – Here and Here – Stay warm this winter! Anyways…
Thanks for reading!
— Deryn

Winter Rituals

With snow coming soon, I have to prepare for hiding away all winter long. I don’t like being cold, and without the sun around as often, I tend to find myself becoming a shut in, or hermit even.

Lately I’ve been doing small workouts to try and keep me both in shape, and motivated throughout my day. I have a 10lb weight that I use, and I just do small exercises but I find it really helps. Even just the idea of pulling myself out of bed because I “have to do this” can be a great motivator to doing anything. Don’t get me wrong, working out sucks, but doing these little things every day really gets you into the routine and then you don’t stop. Plus, my butt is looking better now that it’s been almost a month and if that isn’t the dream then I don’t know what is.

Baking is something I’ve always wanted to get into, even though I don’t eat sweets, and winter is the perfect time. The delicious smells, and warmth of the oven just fills a house right up. I’ve never made anything worth writing home over, but I’m going to try this year I think. I’ll share links if I do, but I’ll probably share them on my Pinterest. I have a rather large cooking board I know, but this year I’m going to start using it.

Keeping in touch with any of my friends while being shut in and dead half the time is super hard, so this year I’ve put in measures to bully myself into being social. I’ve set reminders in my phone, and bought some new cards for magic so that I have to go out. How can I show off my amazing new deck if I don’t leave my house? And with my phone going off all the time telling me to say hi to people, I’m going to cave eventually and listen to it. At least, that’s the plan.

Shadow would kill me if I never got out of bed. I feed this little dick and make sure his litter box is clean. So if I just never got up, he’d invade the bed and meow until I woke up. He is such a needy attention seeking floof and I love him.

Winter is a rough season for me mentally sometimes, but i’m going to nip this one in the butt** and not let it get me down. Plus with my new found Starbucks addiction, I should be okay this winter. Got any tips? Let me know! As always, follow me here and here, and I appreciate you all!
Thanks for reading!
— Deryn

P.S. Apparently it’s “nip this in the bud” and not butt. Oops I guess.

Financially Preparing for Christmas

Christmas is the definition of consumerism and it really bothers me. But, I was raised celebrating it and I enjoy having the family together to laugh and bond. I am however, broke as all frick, so I have set up a plan of sorts to save up and buy my friends and family gifts they’ll actually want.

1) I accidentally fell in love with Starbucks. I know, I’m dumb, but I’m going to fix this and quit getting those delicious, lovely, miracles that are eggnog lattes. I don’t even like eggnog! Ugh, stupid five dollar lattes.

2) My boyfriend and I have this ritual of sorts where every Wednesday we go for wings. I currently don’t have a car so he can’t get a drink, and I hate how expensive alcohol is, so normally we both just get pop and wings. It’s his favourite thing to do during the week and I don’t want to take that from him, so I may just stop getting wings and just sit and be social. We blow a good $30-$40 every time. Half of that a week in savings can really add up.

3) Cutting back with bills. I like being comfortable and my boyfriend likes the heat, so our furnace is always a little higher than it needs to be, so I think I’m going to invest in other ways to warm my place and start wearing sweaters so I can save on that. You’d be surprised how much that can get out of hand really quick too.

4) I have loads of wool in my house, so I want to start making things and selling them. I really enjoy making bows, scarves and blankets. There’s even a couple craft fares near me I can attend and try selling some stuff. I may even have some soap making product somewhere too. I guess it’s time to get crafty!

5) Crying. I’m kidding, if crying fixed my finance problems, I’d probably do it a lot more though. It really doesn’t help I went on vacation. I’d like to pick up some freelance writing eventually. Being able to do what I love and make a few bucks off it seems like a good idea.

And there ya have it, my attempt at saving and earning a bit more money before the holidays. Boyfriends present is being delivered right away here too, so that huge present is out of the way. I want to try and do a gathering for friends closer to Yule and then family shenanigans for Christmas. I also work Christmas, so I’ll have a good paycheque for the new year. But for now, saving as much as I can. Anyways…
Thanks for reading!
— Deryn

Novel Update

While I was in England, I was super inspired and found myself typing away into the nights, whether jotting down notes or researching the frig out of names, I was going hard on this book. I am by no means an amazing authour, but writing a novel has been a dream of mine for years. The idea of bringing a whole world to life with only words is something I really want to do.

Our Planet is so Beautiful. Photo Credits

Before we went, I had about four thousand words, now I have over thirty-thousand. It’s insane how inspired I was feeling. Now this is only a first draft, so I am not even close to being done. But now that I’m on a role, I’m going to keep going as much as I can. I want to have the first draft done right away, just so I have the main story laid out.

If my Writing ever gets to Movie Level, I’d be excited for the Nature Shots. Photo Credits

For those who like laughing at me, it took three months to name the main character, and I’m still not 100% set on it. And there is one section that I was writing while listening to the Castle Town Theme for ten hours, even made it almost half way through. So yeah, that’s my update. Want more consistent updates? My Twitter is mostly novel updates and NSP tweets cause I’m me.

Thanks for hanging out!
— Deryn

Happy Birthday to Me

So that’s a thing. I’m twenty-two today and I’m doing nothing that exciting. Today’s agenda is comprised of work, woo… And then tonight we’re headed out to play some cards and have some drinks, which I’m most excited for! This morning my boyfriend made me breakfast.

Somethings I asked for – Cause I’m broke, I asked for things that can help my everyday life be just a tad bit easier. Examples are bus tickets, gift cards, that sort of thing. I’m low key hoping my boyfriend buys me a cute magic card or something. But that’s cause I’m a nerd. Otherwise, I’m wanting to see my friends more than anything.

I’ve decided that today I’m going to relax, put minimal effort into sales, and write some more. On a side note, I’ve been riding the bus more and have made a compilation of sorts of weird people. The bus is so strange.

Today’s post isn’t going to be too long as I am going to try and relax today. So pardon the lack of words. Is there anything you want me to talk about? Let me know! Come hang out here and here. Support is always appreciated, here and here. And as always…
Thanks for reading!
— Deryn

Since Getting Back

I’ve been home for two days now, and besides missing drinking and socializing every day with everyone there, I’m glad to be home. I’ve worked that past couple days and work again today, which is helping me get back into the groove of everything. My biggest gripe though is I’ve been waking up at 4:30 every day. I’m almost a total morning person. I’m lying to myself, don’t worry.

Tipping – The way we tip in Canada is very similar to the US, and it is kind of annoying. I understand tipping someone who you believe did a great job, like your hairdresser or a tattoo artist, cause like, art, but the fact that some waitstaff actually has to pay to work because they don’t get paid anything is dumb.

Weather – I woke up this morning to frost, which sucked. But at least it isn’t rain I guess? That reminds me, I need a new winter coat.

Roads – Every road is massive and the vehicles on the are unnecessary. More people should walk and bike. There should not be that many cars running around. Or maybe I just think in an old fashioned style.

Shadow – I missed him ❤ He’s the best cat ever! And my dad, my dear dad, I love him and decided that he could babysit Shadow while I was gone. So my dad took Shadow to his house and just kept him for awhile, feeding him chips and blizzards from Dairy Queen. He’s fine and it turns out Shadow is okay with dairy, but like, no my cat has bad eating habits and I’m upset. I’m not all that upset cause I’m glad Shadow was cared for, and I’m glad to be home with him again.

And, I’m broke now, so I’m trying to take extra shifts at work. Here’s to working 60 hours a week… My birthday is Saturday which is exciting! I’m going to have to update some social media to say I’m twenty-two. Eww, I’m already twenty-two. As always, come hang out here and here, and if you wanna celebrate my birthday with me, I’ll be sharing my whole day since I have to work. I appreciate you all! Thanks for reading!
— Deryn

Homeward Bound

It’s currently 4:15am in Leicester and I’m on the express coach to Gatwick airport. From there, Toronto, Vancouver and then home. I’m going to document this part of my travel in hopes of not crying nor complaining about going home. I would be home earlier if I went through Calgary instead of Vancouver but I am not wanting to risk getting stuck there due to things like snow. It’s -3 there and snowing. So no thanks. Next stop, Gatwick!

Slept for most of the bus ride, now my neck is messed up. But I was so tired i couldn’t stay awake. Plus, I get motion sick, so that helped me through it.
Flight One! Was pretty fun actually! Made a friend, slept a bit although the boyfriend didn’t. Round two here we go!

Tagging everywhere so you can follow along. Because there is a LOT of running around going in.

Customs was rough. Blerg..
Flight Two! Should be good. Much smaller plane but we have way more room now! Hopefully we can get more sleep.
Only an hour until we’re in Vancouver, and it seems that we both slept. We’re so close to being home! I miss Shadow! I hope he doesn’t think I left him.
Last Flight. Delayed. 2 hours. Fog. I just wanna go home. Calgary flights were delayed to snow, mine to fog. Good thing YVR is a nice airport I guess.
They switched our flights. Headed home now! Should be there for about 9:15pm. It’s been a long day..
Made it home about 9:45pm local and went straight to bed.

I’m back to work today. Sucks too cause I just got back from vacation, but whatever. Thanks to everyone who followed me on my adventure, and thanks for reading! As always, find me here and here, or feed my travelling and tea addiction here and here.
— Deryn