For the Aesthetic


I am the worst for wanting everything in my place to match the “pastel” vibe. Being that the internet is getting more soft colours, I have the strongest urge to buy way too many upgrades in technology to complete my dream look. Today, I’m going to unfortunately show off all of the options for upgrades that I am heavily considering. I don’t know when I started loving soft colours, but I am absolutely in love. And being an “adult” that makes money hopefully I’ll be able to start buying this stuff.

Computer upgrades are probably the first on my list. Razer has an “e-girl” thing going on that is both pink and good quality. They call the collection colour “quartz” and I am in love! The fact that everything except my case for my computer can be a soft pink, man I am just so excited! The microphone would probably be the first thing I’d personally grab just for the potential of streaming down the line. Headphones with cat ears? Well ok, now I need those!

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I have a couple Google Home Mini’s around my house, and this generation they, along with Nest, have made new ones that are more the pastel colour scheme. I need like, five of them. My current place holds two nicely, but if I buy a house I could totally get more. Apparently this years model is louder and more efficient, although mine only ever gets used for making timers, because I suck at cooking.

There was a YouTube ad I got awhile back for pastel shells for different things around the house. Switch controllers, phone cases and – now I’m going down the Pinterest rabbit hole of “pastel room decor“. I’ll come back later…
Holy frick, I found paint colours for walls, bedding and actual furniture that I now need. Why is pastel just the best colour scheme ever? My future home is going to look so soft, and I am worried about my wallet. Hopefully my roommate doesn’t kill me over this.

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My lovely roommate is more of a “goth” kind of person. Her “don’t fuck with me” aesthetic while looking super hot is just amazing, and I just started flooding my closet with soft colours. Life in my house is quite the adventure. I remember wanting to be the “goth princess” and have people afraid of me based on my confidence and what I was wearing. These days, clouds look almost as soft as the colour of my sweater. I’m still on this Pinterest page and it’s the best!

I can’t believe I just spent literal days browsing pastel things. Yes I can... I need to redecorate my entire house now or even just hurry and buy a new one. As you can tell, I am a well put together adult who is never distracted, ever. Deryn, you don’t need any of this… Now I have to go and function again and turn off Pinterest. Thanks for stopping by and be safe!
— Deryn

More House Shopping


Eww, am I looking at houses again? Ha, yes I am! There’s a house not far from me right now going for an affordable price (if I sold me trailer) with a full basement suite. It’s within walking distance of grocery stores and work, so that’s hype. And the back yard is perfect for Midna to have space to run and be the cute puppy she is. It’s been awhile since I looked at houses that are for sale, and this listing makes me want to sell my place.

Living in the Okanagan is expensive; the fact that an “affordable” house is just over half a million dollars is bizarre. Granted, this place has a full legal suite to help with the mortgage, but still. I know I complain about moving a lot, but I want to do it. My fear of change doesn’t help with moving either. (Remind me to make a Category for “Moving” so everyone can find these easier…)

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There are still a couple of major things I have to fix in my place before I can sell. My kitchen floor is starting to sink and my deck needs some TLC. In reality, to make my place look nicer (and more expensive) I should replace the cabinets in the kitchen as well as the floor. And the deck could use new screen or a massive window installation. I’m tired of doing renovations and think I’m just going to pay people from here on out. I just don’t have the energy anymore, nor the patience.

The east coast is in the middle of a weird plateau with the housing market. Right now in Eastern Canada, mortgages are going up a tad, and home building as a whole has started decreasing. I live on the west coast so that doesn’t affect me, but that doesn’t mean we won’t follow. It’s a good time to buy right now, so I should consider doing that. For this very moment though, I should call around and ask some questions about everything I can. Already made some calls about new doors on the trailer, so we’ll see.

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But yeah, I’m looking at buying and selling again. Hopefully I can actually make a decision because I really feel like I’m ready to make the change. Anyway, that’s all I have for today. Be safe out there and we’ll talk soon!
— Deryn


Retail Customers


Since coming back to this job, some of my old regulars have discovered that I’m back. That’s not a bad thing at all, it’s actually kind of cute. I never really noticed how much of an impact I leave on my customers. Or I guess also the impact they have on me. Plus, some of the new people I’ve had the opportunity of meeting has been amazing! Unfortunately there’s a few yet I have to see that I actually miss still.

I have an interesting client who before I left, was in the middle of getting custody of her grandson. She’s a nice lady with a great sense of humor and all things considered, a very positive woman. I just got to meet the grandson and I have a feeling, even though a huge piece of his family is messed up, he’ll do great.

There’s a client I haven’t seen yet. When I first met him, he was learning Hebrew and wanted it on his phone. He’s an interesting fellow who’s cancer came back. His wife comes in sometimes with questions about her phone, and I always try to make sure to say I miss them and am wishing the best. An odd guy for sure, but definitely a friendly face who was always kind and full of stories.

I’ve had a couple a friends come in to get new phones now too. Friends instead of customers is an interesting difference in sales. The need to still be somewhat professional but also changing your language and being more casual is how I prefer to sell. I’m a social person and enjoy making friends during my conversations.

Homemade and super sexy dinner ’cause I have no pictures for today

Being back at work has been great. I really appreciate all of the lovely, and sometimes total trash, people I get to see every day. Hopefully with the way things are going, I have the holiday season, and then I can start looking at profits on this blog and such again. So stay tuned for that update! Otherwise, that’s it for today! Be safe out there!
— Deryn

Celebrating my Roommate


On Sunday a couple friends of ours and us, (me and the roommate. That’s not the proper English for that, I know.) got together to celebrate my roommates 24th birthday. She’s basically a dinosaur I know. Our day started off super relaxing; we hung around my place just chatting mostly. Eventually we migrated to Spirit Halloween to do some exploring and costume planning. We’re thinking vampire pirates. I look hot as a pirate. Like damn dude, I’d date me. But yeah, that was the beginning of our adventure.


Spirit Halloween is a great store, but better than all of that is GOATS! We were looking for some more fun activities and found Don-o-Ray farms in Kelowna. We made friends with ducks, and goats, and horse, and some bunnies, and chickens, and it was AMAZING! I love animals. The chickens were super soft, I got my hand munched by ducks, and I have never touched a bunny, so that was straight hype (“super cool” for those who don’t understand my garbage slang). Getting “lost” in a “maze” was fun too, and airbrush tattoo’s that really just capture the chaos that is our little group of dorks, it all around was an amazing time.


We ended that part of the day with ice cream and gossip. Talking about life and enjoying everyone’s company was a great way to bring that part of the night to a close. But the roommate and I had more to do. I mean, she is “partying” with me after all. A really good friend offered to make us dinner. His cooking is always amazing, so how could we turn that down right? Stuffed peppers that he carved to look like Jack-o-lanterns, too many cookies, only because I ate like, all of them, and ice cream again along with the original Halloween movie was how we spent the rest of our night out. 


I forgot how both odd and fantastic the original Halloween was. Jamie Lee Curtis is a goddess and that movie really was the dawn of some amazing horror works. Can you believe she was only 19 when she did that movie? Like dang, she was beautiful! I mean, she still is, but I was an ugly 19 year old so… Nonetheless, the movie was great and getting to spend that time sitting on the couch eating more ice cream felt revitalizing. 

This chicken was insanely soft!

Pardon the next bit here, I’m about to get sappy. 
My dearest Sabreena, oh how amazing you are. You’ve been such a huge piece of my life for about seven months now, and I’ve loved every second of it. The love of my life, I can’t say it enough how lucky I am to have you in my life. Since you moved in, my perspective on life and all of the shit thrown in has changed. Every day is an adventure and now I’m a damn dog person. I love everything that you are and I thank you for sticking around. 

What a cutie she is!

Thanks for stopping by today! Stay safe out there!
— Deryn

October Dates to Remember


Happy first day of Halloween! Can you believe it’s already October? Oh I am so excited! After work today, if I have the time, I want to go to the dollar store just in the other plaza and look for cute fall / Halloween decorations. I’m not the largest sweets fan, so I won’t be raiding the grocery stores for snacks. Besides Halloween, this month is going to be busy.

First on the list in the roommates birthday. She reads my blog, so I can’t talk about what I have planned until after we do it. I love everything about her and she’s the best roommate I’ve ever had. I’m going to make sure Sunday, which is when we’re celebrating her birthday, is the best day she’s ever had. I’ll make sure to put up pictures too, just because I’m going to show off how great she is.

Next on my list is my brothers birthday. The kid is twenty one this year. We live in Canada, so that birthday isn’t the big birthday, but I still want to make sure he has a good day. He’s a huge gamer, so I have a few idea’s on presents, but I really want to find something special, so I’ve been creeping Etsy and Amazon’s handmade section looking for something. Monster Hunter and One Piece are his favourite both game and anime, so that’s what I’m searching for.

Last on my list is my dad’s birthday. My dad is amazing and I like to share just how much he does for his kids. That dick also reads this though, so I’ll have to treat his birthday the same as my roommates. He’s made his “what to get me” list difficult this year, so I’ve had to get creative.

Yes, I am 100% reusing this

There’s quite a few things I’m also waiting for in the mail for everyone, as I can almost plan things properly. After everything, HALLOWEEN!! Oh I am so excited! October is a great month, and I cannot wait to spoil the people around me! But, that’s all I’ve got for today. I hope you have an awesome day, and be safe out there! Oh and, here’s what was going on a year ago today too!
— Deryn