Remember When


There was a time when I wanted to trend so hard that I was “trendy” with my posts and titles. That isn’t the wrong thing to do, but it really isn’t me. If you’ve been around my blog, or even my social media for awhile, you know I’m unique and have quite the writing style. I’m only linking these titles so you can mock me, but don’t read them, it’s embarrassing. These were like, a year ago and they’re bad.

Example one of my terrible decisions.
Example deux of my decent into blogging..
Example tres of I shouldn’t quit my day job
(Like the different languages? Nope? Yeah I know…)

I’ve talked about the fact I used to get the titles and ideas from Pinterest, which clearly was a mistake. Only because I used them to make content I wasn’t passionate about, and you can tell. Those “trendy” titles make sense, but I find it hard to really live through my words with them. If you want to read that, I’ve saved you from having to go look for it.

Normally, just like with my general speaking habits, if it’s something I’m passionate about, or know about, I can just keep going with my rambling. That, and if I’m in a manic. On a side note, work has been weird. I know I only work on Tuesdays, but it’s become, odd. Mornings, because I start at six in the morning, are quiet. My poor drivers get maybe two trips until about noon. And then, it’s almost like a switch, and we get stupid busy. I know that isn’t the most relevant thing, but I wanted to share that with someone.

This blog has been good to me. I cannot thank everyone enough, and I know I say it a lot, but it really has helped get my thoughts in order. And the fact I get to track some memories for that just in case my memory fails again. I love what I do, and you all help me succeed, thank you.
Shameless plug? Always!
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I know, surprise cat! Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for today, work is starting to get busy. Thanks for stopping by today! Stay safe out there!
— Deryn

My Personal Library


I have a problem, and I keep buying books. In case you were in the “if you read a book, and can get another book” mentality, I’m not. I’ve finished N0S4A2 this year, and bought about half a dozen books. I’m getting through Imaginary Friend slowly, but I also have to finish Dune before the Netflix adaptation comes out.

I have a bookshelf in my bedroom, and there’s a mutual bookshelf that we have in the living room. Anyone who can see it recognizes it from last Christmas.
I wrote a big thing on it, and I’m glad I still have a use for it.

But between us, occasionally we actually finish books. The ones that at least one of us finishes, live in the big bookcase in the living room, like a trophy. In my room, I have novels I haven’t even picked up yet, some textbooks, and a lot of poetry books. When I finish novels, I’ll add them to our growing collection, but I’ll keep the other ones I think.

There’s actually quite a few books up front that I put in there, so it looks less like I don’t read. But, that doesn’t mean I won’t sit here and bully myself for not reading enough, so I’ve made a list of hopefully all, if not most the novels I need to hurry up and read.

Imaginary Friend by Stephen Chbosky
Hex by Thomas Olde Heuvelt
Don’t Wake Up by Liz Lawler
A God in the Shed by J-F. Dubeau
The Tangled Lands by Paolo Bacigalupi and Tobias S. Buckell
Dune by Frank Herbert
These are just a few of the books I have to get through still. I’m at least a third of the way through Imaginary Friend, so I’ve got a foot in the door at least. I’m going to definitely try and power through some of these so I feel less bad about the other books I haven’t named and still haven’t read...

See, I finished N0S4A2!

I love to read, and some of these novels took my breath, my heart and tears for hopefully the better. I am doing my best to read more as I also want to write, and I don’t believe you can write something without reading a book in the genre first. Everyone has a different style and a story to tell, right?

As I read through these books, I’ll make a post about them. I’m thinking of devoting say, Monday, Wednesday and Friday to a book for a week. Just seeing if I can read through these faster.
Anyway, that’s all I have for today. Thanks for stopping by! Be safe out there!
— Deryn

Exploring by Myself


I’m by myself today, and I don’t know what else to do besides go out and try to enjoy the day. Can’t start my day without a snack though, so I guess the mall is my first stop. Craving poutine today, so I have to deal with that. My journeys always start with a bus ride I’ve noticed.

Got to the mall safely. Complimented like four people along the way. Stopped at New York Fries for lunch, they’ve got a nice poutine. Now, I’m back on the bus headed to City Park. Or maybe Starbucks first. This week was the start of pumpkin spice. It’s not my favourite but it’s alright, and I’m feeling thirsty.

Got a trente? Trenté? Got a super sized cup from Starbucks. Did it give me a headache? Yes. Did I regret it? Not even a little. Sitting under a tree in City Park now. Going to read for about an hour and a half, then head home. Actually I’ll go right to the roommates job, then we can walk home together.

This book is actually pretty good. About a third of the way through now, and it’s getting spooky. I’m super into it, and with my headphones, I’m getting lost in it. There’s too many people walking through this park, so hiding under a tree was a great idea. The closest person to me is about twelve feet away, so I’m safe.

I’ve read fifteen chapters, granted, they’re small, but this book is great. I’m super digging it. 10/10 recommend if anyone is looking for something new to read. I’ve got to put it away for a bit though, I’ve got to go catch my bus.

Guess who literally just missed their bus? But that’s okay, because I caught up with a friend! We’re chatting all the way to my stop, his is one after mine. It’s cool to catch up with friends, especially with the world being where it is right now.

Back on my side of the bridge, got here a bit early, so I’m going to loiter and read until the roommate is off work. This book is great, have I mentioned that yet? I’m enjoying the almost plot twist going on. I’ve got like twenty minutes to read!

She doesn’t know I took this picture…

My dad got us, and we’re headed home now. So, that’s it for today I guess? I love y’all! Have a great day!

— Deryn

I Waited


Last year, I was posting on August 15th about how I was excited for Autumn. Now, granted I did kind of mention it recently on and off again, especially through memes, I’m making that post today. Am I going to use the same meme today as I did last year? If I can find it… Do I know it’s not even September yet? Hush, it doesn’t matter. Michaels is already having sales on Autumn and Halloween decor, and I have already bought some, so to me, it’s basically October.

I found the meme!

To prepare for the best season, I’ve bought jeans, tights, and boots for the aesthetic. Well, that and we redid my hair so I’m brunette again. Leaves changing colour, pumpkins finally making pumpkins, and with my lovely roommate and I are going to have the biggest Halloween party ever! In all actuality it’ll be like four people at most and maybe a board game or two. She wasn’t born in Canada, so this year is half her life in this beautiful country. I want to spoil her a bit, but her birthday comes first, so we’ll see. As of today, there’s sixty-seven more days until Halloween!

We were playing with Midna’s nose

Come the colder months, I’ll be able to go hiking more too. Without the 30° – 40° heat, I can actually go outside and not died, which is cool. I’m also going to swim more, and hopefully get some more use out of my rock climbing shoes. Going to have a lot of fun this winter! There’s a fantastic ski resort outside of town, Big White, and I happen to live with a skier, so I may been going up there a bit this year too.

My poor kid never stood a chance

Work has been slow the past few weeks, and I’m getting bored. With all my free time, I’ve been putting more work into my creative writing, so keep your eyes peeled for updates on that! That and a lot of Fall Guys, I don’t understand why that game is so great, but I’ve got way too much time into that game already. Oh hey, back on Halloween, I want to get my pets some costumes! I’ll share those if I do!

Anyway, that’s all I have for today. Have a great one and stay safe out there! Love y’all!
— Deryn

TikTok Trends


There’s a few trends off this app that I’ve found I’ve either done or have incorporated into my life. Some of them are just simple things, like dog training ideas and help, others are more crafty.

Dog related ones I really like have stuck with me the most. Midna is a good girl, but I’m anxious with dogs and she’s still a kid. I found one that I use all the time now for when we go on walks, if she pulls too hard on the leash, we walk in a circle. And we do that every time. So far it’s working fairly well, and I’ve noticed a real improvement, the neighbours think I’m nuts but whatever.

A lot of the people I’ve started following either are ADHD or trauma based pages too. Man, have I learned a lot from random people on the internet. I need a whiteboard, and I’ve been learning about why I do things like bite the inside of my mouth open all the time. My next goal is to do an entire load of laundry in one day. I’ve got this!

My favourite one so far though was a trend of people painting their ass and sitting on a canvas. So, naturally, we had to try it. The roommates looks better than mine, but that’s ok, because I’m going to do mine again.

I don’t paint, and something like this was super difficult the first time, so yeah. I’m going to make a new one and put it on my wall. Does this count as putting my nudes on the internet?

Another huge trend I keep seeing is people starting an Onlyfans account. And the dollars those people make, man if only… It’s usually to the same audio too, “no one asks questions when you say you’re an accountant”. The money some of those people make though, for example there was this one I was watching on YouTube and she made about $8000 in a few months. I wish I made that kind of money! I’ll add it to my “About Me” page if I do.

But yeah, TikTok is an interesting place. That’s all I’ve got for today, but thanks for reading!

— Deryn