A Day in the Life

I got asked this by a friend of mine and I didn’t have an answer mostly cause I’m the lamest person I know, but I figured I’d write it out for those who are curious.

If I Work

I wake up at the crack of dawn, so 7:30 and spend a half hour getting ready and browsing social media, like I said, lame. From there, walking to work. It’s the closest thing I get to a workout since I’m the laziest person I know. From there, work for a few hours till I cave and go buy lunch although I really shouldn’t since I’m broke. Then, finish my shift and head home. Dinner is then cooked and then I write some words for my novel until I fall asleep.

If I Don’t Work

I wake up probably at 7:30 because work has ruined me. I spend way less time getting ready cause I don’t have to be presentable for customers. Then I see if I’ve made plans, because Google calendar is amazing. From there …

Did I Make Plans?

Apparently I did. Now I get to socialize with another human who isn’t trash! I’m actually excited! And then I milk that socialization for as long as I can because I love people who don’t suck. From there, home to game probably.

So I didn’t make plans huh? Guess I’m going to sit at home and game. Hopefully I remember to eat cause I’m dumb and get distracted easily. Or I’m going to spend the whole day trying to write as much of my book in one swift go as I can.

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday I take time to write something for my blog. It just so happens I work those days so I am low key but totally getting paid to blog. I’m super excited by that but don’t tell my bosses. (There’s a haha for ya.)

And yeah, that’s my life, through and through. I really don’t do much. Once in awhile I spice it up with wine, or tequila. Man that shit is my weakness.

Oh I forgot! Once a week I got play Magic the Gathering with a group of friends. Catch me on my Instagram to know when I’m playing that, cause honestly I never really know when I’m playing.

But yeah, that’s me. Thanks for reading! I love you all!
— Deryn

PS. Today I’m on the plane and headed to England. So there may be limited or even no posts on my normal schedule. Thanks ❤

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my amazing fathers birthday. He’s forty-three today (yeah he’s young) and I will spend the whole day making fun of him for getting older. But I really wanted to tell him how much he matters to me.

Yeah I know I’m such a daddy’s girl, but my dad has been there for me my whole life. He was the only parent in my life and I treasure him more than I think he knows. He’s been with me from learning to walk to my first break up: from my first homework project to my first job interview. We’ve made time every birthday to celebrate each other and how much we care.

This year I wanted to surprise him with loads of gifts, however I planned my vacation at an odd time and don’t have the money to literally spoil him. Because of this, I wanted to make something to show my gratitude, as well as buy him a thing or two, but mostly this.

Dad, you’ve hit level forty-three in life, and that’s hilarious that we’re measuring it levels now. I know I haven’t seen all those years, but I am thrilled to see the rest. You’ve got a bald spot coming in on the back of your head and there is nothing you can do to hide it so stop trying. Thank you for being who you are even if that person is a five year old hiding in an adults body… I’m sorry I have to work today and can’t sit at home and watch TV with you, but I’m sure when my brother wakes up you’ll have a good laugh with him over whatever it is you’re watching before he goes to play his video games. Did you get some cake today? Cause if you didn’t I’m so going to buy one for you. Feel free to go to my house and steal Shadow for the day if you want. Or honestly just let yourself in and spend the day with him and my boyfriend. Just remember, today is about you. Not work, or bills, or none of that adult crap. Spend today being awesome, although that’s not hard for someone like you. I love you dad! Congrats on leveling up!

— Deryn

Oh My Goodness Bloodborne

I’m still playing this game, day by day chipping away at it, and my God isn’t it just amazing. I’m about four bosses in and am lost beyond belief but I’m loving every second. The fact I measure this game by bosses. Oh no..

Not from my game but this roughly where I am

This game is all I’ve had time for the past few days and it’s getting bad. I’m absolutely in love with it, although I think my boyfriend is getting worried. I might have to put it down and go back to Harvest Moon. At least then I wouldn’t die just for opening a door. JUST KIDDING I HATE MYSELF!

This dickhead is just rotten

This game is stupid hard, and I have come to be afraid of the “You Died” screen. But the challenge is well worth every second of struggle. It’s been too long and I’ve forgotten how certain things work. Like, the story. What the hell is going on? I love it. Once I get my computer working I’ll stream my gaming shenanigans.

This game is beautiful

I wish it was available on my switch so I could play on the train ride from the airport to the town I’m staying in while in the UK.

I was debating on investing in a game capture card and streaming that way. But we’ll see. Look forward to that maybe? Anyways…
Thanks for reading!
— Deryn

Thanksgiving was Amazing

A friend invited the boyfriend and I over for dinner so I had to, cause free food is best. Thanksgiving has always been a weird holiday for me, but I owe her for making this one fantastic.

There was a full turkey dinner made by hand, such as stuffing, vegetables all baked and such, and an apple crisp! I haven’t had a turkey dinner since my grandmother died a couple years ago, so at first I wasn’t going to go. Good thing I did though, we had a lot of fun. There were six of us total, and after all the food, a very, verbal game of monopoly.

Have you ever had homemade whip cream? Holy snap, that’s officially my favourite thing and I’m going to make it now! The food was so delicious, I can’t get over how good it was. I aspire to hold family and friend dinners like that in the future.

I also now know how to win like an absolute asshole at monopoly. There was also a table cloth that we could colour with so many different crayons. Dinner was so much fun!

The same with my trip to Vancouver and how I went with friends, this holiday was meant for me to celebrate with a group of friends who I can reminisce and tell stories with.

As cliche as it is, I wanted to say thanks. Stay warm this winter! And thanks for reading!
— Deryn

Gaming Update

So I had a wack ass dream the other night which gave me Bloodborne vibes. So I decided I wanted to play it again. I beat it a few months after it launched and I haven’t played it since. My god it’s hard. I love games like that but I suck at them. Since I’m attempting to play it again, I figure I should go for a different ending. So bare with me as I go over why I love this game! Because really, if you haven’t played it, you really should. Really. Like straight up. Legit. Totes dude. Yeeeeeeeeah. I’m sorry, I just put the game down for the night and it’s 2am. Guess who works tomorrow…

It’s So Pretty!
Like, damn. Those graphics are top notch. Even after a few years it’s still gorgeous! I just went and looked, it came out in 2015, so four years now! Even the insane amount of blood from killing enemies looks super well done. The dark caverns and immense light from particular creatures running around just looks stunning. That is a game that has aged well for sure!

Like, look at it!

It’s a Real Challenge!
I’m used to playing games like Sims and The Legend of Zelda, don’t get me wrong, Zelda can be tough but it’s all mind games. Bloodborne though, this game is so unforgiving. I find myself constantly getting angry by the fact I should have seen that coming.. Or that I never seem to hit the “heal” button fast enough. I’ve played the Dark Souls games before but something about this game just really stuck with me. I’ve definitely damaged a couple controllers through the playthroughs of this game.

Map Design
There’s this neat thing the game does where bits of the map all loop together. I’ve been playing games forever and you really notice when the map designer takes the time to add almost Easter eggs and short cuts all over is great.

It looks like a Movie!

It’s Been Four Years
Which means it’s a good price! And if you get lost, there are plenty of YouTube videos showing you where to go! Because I’m one of those people who gets lost easy and needs help. Good price though, honest. I grabbed my copy for like $10, since I’m broke, it’s great.

I Know I’m Rambling
But you really should at least watch a playthrough, or even if I start streaming, watch me play it and get frustrated! Actually that sounds great. It’s worth every dollar and every second. I promise. Anyways…

Thanks for reading!
— Deryn

I Bought Some Neat Tech

I’m a tech nut sometimes and a huge fan of smart tech. I’m always on my cellphone and have the Google setup in my house. Two Google home minis sit at either end of my place, I have the Nest fire alarm in my hallway and she scares me all the time, but now I have some Samsung earbuds and damn! These are neat!
I bought these only yesterday but frig I haven’t stopped using them! So far my opinion is limited but I wanted to talk about some pros and cons I have about them.

My Headphones


They’re neat, I’m gonna start there. Growing up I never had the latest tech, I was always a generation or two or even five behind, so things like “truly wireless” and “touch pads” on my headphones are super cool! It took me maybe five seconds to figure out how to use the touch pad, and the convenience of the complete wireless aspect is life changing!
They’re comfy! My right ear is folded over and looks super odd, so finding comfortable headphones have been a struggle my whole life. Plus, I use music to both sleep and deal with anxiety, so being able to lay down and for them to both stay and not irritate my ears is super cool.


Volume. I really wish they could go just one notch louder than they do. I’m used to PC gaming headphones, which I understand go over the ear and are just larger in general, but it’s odd they aren’t even half as loud. Well they’re more like two thirds as loud, but still.
Bluetooth. You’d figure with the Samsung smart watch and “smart things” I’d be able to use my headphones and my Pokemon Go Plus Bracelet at the same time. I dunno, that might just be me.
Price. My god they’re expensive! $200? Really? Why? Mind you I’m pretty sure the Apple ones are that price too. But damn! That’s a months worth of groceries!

In Conclusion

Overall, I really enjoy these headphones. Now I wouldn’t say I’d spend the total price on them, ever, but I work in a tech store so my employee discount is why I got them at all. I’m definitely going to keep using them though. I’m such a nerd…

But Yeah
As always…
Thanks for reading!
— Deryn

Vancouver Island was Intense

As you know, I went to Vancouver island for a wedding. It was a blast! I went with two friends as my boyfriend was home sick and it was just amazing. We had sing alongs, watched the cows walking by the road, and ate way too much food. I’m writing this as I have returned home since I was so busy in the moment.

Day 1
Wow, the way there was smooth. I rented a car as mine has no breaks and let me tell ya, that car was so nice and roomy. The road conditions were nice too! Went over the Coquihalla which was rumored to have snowfall. By the time we got to the summit, which is 1244 meters (or 4081 ft) in elevation, I was expecting to see a lot of snow. But there was almost none which made driving easier.
China town! We had to make a stop. Holy my god that was insane! First stop there was the supermarket. I’ve never been in a market with live fish in tanks. That was cool. Fresh breads and buns, sweets galore; it was so cool to see it all. After that was the dollar store. It had everything. Party supplies, storage containers, beauty products, like it was nuts! But at the same time it wasn’t overwhelming to be in.
Other than that, nothing eventful until the ferry. BC ferries are really well maintained and super pretty. My one passenger had never been on a ferry so he was having a field day. Watching him walk all over the boat and asking questions was adorable. Other than that, smooth sailing all the way to the hotel.

Took this on the ferry

Day 2
The wedding day. Man were we not prepared. I wore the worst fucking shoes ever and my poor feet were dying. But that’s just cause I’m dumb. We had to go buy more decorations half way through set up. The best part though, I left one of the wedding bands in our hotel room like an idiot. Apparently it’s the maid of honours job to have one of the rings which no one fucking told me, oops. The chapel had a good laugh though. After all of that, dinner! Now, I made a bad decision or five, and got trashed. The rest of my night was chatting and sobering it up.

Wedding Decor

Day 3
I was so hungover and I hated everything. Until I found apple juice and some breakfast. From there, home time. We packed up, said our goodbyes and went out. But of course, I’m dumb, so I went towards Victoria. Now that may not sound odd, but I went from Tsawwassen to Swartz Bay, not Victoria. It’s an hour the other damn direction. So now I’m behind schedule but whatever. My lovely passengers fell asleep at one point so I got to just sing and drive which was kind of nice.
Ferry ride number two. This boat was way larger than the last one. On this ferry there was a full buffet and white spot restaurant inside. That’s insane! I got some good pictures of the water since it was daylight on this trip.
We had just got off the ferry and found Tsawwassen Mills Mall. Holy crap is that a huge mall. We walked around there for hours and I bought some cute clothes for super cheap. We had a great time at that mall. I think the best part about that mall, was the fact it was all one floor. It had to have been close to the size of Metropolis in Burnaby.
Still no snow on the drive home. By the time I got home, I just ate and went to bed. Man I missed my bed, and my house, and Shadow.

On the Ferry Trip Home

Needless to say, I had a lot of fun. The road trip is something I’m going to remember forever. My travelling companions are friends I’ll treasure as long as my memory doesn’t go. If you get the chance, travelling with friends is actually a great idea. I didn’t go broke either which was nice. It’s a real shame I had to return the car. Now, I said intense in the title because both sides of the family at the wedding were either rude or just complained about the other members the whole time. I was emotionally drained for most of the wedding itself. Anyways, I’m home and alive. So I missed Saturday’s post but I was busy as frig.

Beautiful Nature Shot

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Thanks for reading!
— Deryn