Catching Up


You know what was a lot of fun to watch? Harry Potter. Over the past couple months I’ve gone and watched them all since I haven’t in recent memory* and man, those are good movies. It’s been a bit since we started the series but I’m still rather fresh on that memory train so I wanted to talk about them a bit for today! *Recent memory being the last five years because that’s all I have any real memory of. Just in case you were wondering.

There’s eight movies following these kids and I must say, keeping the cast of the original (as best they could anyway with people dying) is really impressive. Movies aren’t always the best for stuff like that. On the note of characters, I appreciate that so many characters had development in some sense of the word. It was cool to see so many characters grow into the best versions of themselves. 

The story was actually pretty good. I like how it kept locations and characters motives going throughout the years. And all the actors growing up, devoting years to making this world come to life, I’m glad the final product makes enough sense I can watch it without losing track. Learning about the world and why everything is the way it is now has been super cool too. 

Cool things to also talk about are the extremes with “good” and “bad” characters. My best examples are yes, Voldemort is the bad guy, but Umbridge, my god! Or how yeah, Harry and that lot are the good guys, but Neville getting that sword at the end, I was so hyped about that! I often found myself getting excited when more than just the people on the cover were succeeding in their own way. 

Now, they are a good series to watch, but some stuff really should have been explained a tad bit better, or just addressed at all. I know JK what’s-her-pickle gets flack for her lack of explaining, and for being an actual trash bag but that’s not what I use my blog for, but there are quite a few things, especially towards the end where I found I didn’t care. That house elf Dobby being one of them, I know he played a larger role in the books, but as for the movies, I didn’t really care. I definitely screamed a bit over Hedwig and that just shows how attached I am to cute animals but whatever. 

Underlying topics like racism really are shown in a lot of instances in the series, but falls short in others. So I wouldn’t use it as a modern showing as humanity not sucking, but that’s easy to see if you’re willing to look. 
I think my largest gripe was movie length. If they added even fifteen minutes to each movie I feel like a lot more could have been addressed. I watched all of the Lord of the Rings so it’s not like I won’t watch longer movies. 

At the end of the day, I loved watching them with everyone who came over to watch me cry over these stupid movies and a bird. I definitely have pictures of myself somewhere in Ravenclaw colours for eye shadow so there’s that too. But the roommate told me I should do those colours. I don’t know enough of the universe to know where I would be.

Saw a squirrel! Not going to use pictures from the movies. Sorry.

But yeah, I watched Harry Potter! Was a fun one for sure. That’s all I’ve got for today though, so I hope you have a magical day! And be safe out there!
— Deryn


One Hot Summer


Can you believe June is almost over? It still feels like April around here! Especially since it hasn’t stopped on and off raining for almost a week. Even though time is basically a lie right now, I’m still super excited to spend this summer outside!

I’m terrible for going out and enjoying nature normally, but I can already tell this year is going to be different. Walking or biking everywhere is definitely a huge player in my outdoor adventure process. I can go anywhere I want this summer and not feel restricted for transportation! The lake isn’t far, I do that bike ride quite a bit now. Plus my bus adventure posts are fun to write.

Photo Credits

When summer starts to visit, I notice my music taste change slightly. There’s a list of songs that I almost exclusively listen to in the summer. It’s because when I did have a car, they were on a CD I made and I listened to the same like fourteen songs the whole three or four months it got up to 30°. Maybe I should put them all in a playlist for everybody? Remember making mixtapes for crushes back in school?

Swimming has got to be my favourite sport. Only because I actually like swimming but whatever. I also happen to live in a town with a really nice lake. You can be guaranteed that I’ll be spending too much time down by the water this summer. Plus, who doesn’t like looking at all the beautiful swimsuits and summer dresses? I might actually have to get my car fixed too… That’s a whole other thing on it’s own.

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I’ve got a good feeling about this summer. It’s definitely going to be a hot summer. I actually stole that phrase from a friend, but whatever. The sun is just lighting up my house right now! Speaking of which, I’m going to go out and enjoy the day. Thanks for stopping by!
— Deryn

Personal Growth


It’s been almost a month of living with just one roommate, and I never thought I’d change so much in such a short amount of time. Not that long ago I was talking about having a garbage memory.
In case you missed that.
My big thing is since it’s just the two of us, my house feels different. Not in a bad way, but being just us two has helped out my mental health, and honestly my physical health quite a bit too.

Besides my hiking habits, we also bike quite a bit now. I used to be exhausted just going around my neighbourhood, but now I can go down right to the lake and be okay. Granted a huge piece is downhill but that’s way more than I used to be able to do. I’d be hiking more, but it’s been real crap weather and we went climbing as my last real workout day.
In case you missed that too.
As for my mental health, I feel good right now. Yeah life was thrown into a craze for a bit, but I’m honestly good. My roommate is so supportive and we get along really well. I’ve learned more about myself in the past month than in the last two years.

The people I choose to surround myself with are great people who support me and I am so lucky to be in the situation I’m in. I’m motivated to keep going too. I’ve said it a thousand times, I’m a lazy person by nature which clashes with how I’ve been living my life.

With weather improving and nothing but time, I’m definitely going hiking more soon and I promise I’ll get some nice pictures! For now, my flowers living their best lives will be the pictures I post.

Well, since I’m here, an update!
My plants are doing well. The flowers are just thriving. The rose has no full blooming flowers right now though. My potatoes are growing like weeds unlike my lettuce which I cannot figure out why, but is staying rather small. And my army of tomatoes are growing in nicely! That’s all for the garden really.

And that’s all for today now that I look at the time. Thanks for stopping by today! I really appreciate all of you! Have an awesome day!
— Deryn

Only One May Stand


Every Saturday night, my friends and I get together and play some Magic the Gathering. This dang card game has consumed such a large portion of my life that half the YouTube channels I’m following are just games or how to build decks. 

Some Recommendations if you want to see the game:
The reason I named this post what I did
Some cute and budget friendly deck ideas
Wanna play for free? 

This is a card. Her name is Atraxa. Such a pain in the ass…

I got into it while I was still working at EB Games like four…? Years ago maybe? And over the years I’ve learned and really invested into my hobby. Few years later, and now I’m constantly selling my soul to this game.

Now, I’m no expert, and honestly not even one hundred percent sure I play properly half the time, but, I do really enjoy the mini group I’ve gathered. You know, for magicing. Get it? Magicing the Gathered? Because it’s dumb yet quirky? I’ll escort myself out.

My pride and joy in this drug that is Magic is my Varina Deck.
*Picture of that card somewhere
She’s beautiful, like straight up absolutely fucking stunning. One hundred cards of leave me and my zombie children alone. Shenanigans are ripe for the picking in my games. I’ve been building and working on this deck for my whole magic career. 

*Here she is!

Magic is known for being the most difficult card game just because of all the little details on gameplay mechanics, and with the particular format I play there’s a lot of bargaining and politics involved. Examples being “don’t fuck with me and I’ll let you live another turn,” or “no no this isn’t that bad,” because we all know it is that bad. 

My fascination with this game was originally with the art on the cards. Each card looks so different from the next and has its own special rules. I’ve been told my Pokemon nerds that it’s just a more complicated version of that game. But yeah, the art, and the fact you just buy packs of like 15 cards and see what you get! Because gambling is fun... That’s actually how I met Jordan was through Magic pack shopping. 


This is Liliana, my favourite Planeswalker

I’d love to teach everyone how to play, and how to use each card, but it’s more than that. There are so many little things that it takes so long to learn. I’ve been playing for years and I’m still learning. If you could see my living room table you’d know I’ve got myself into this pretty deep. Playmats to keep my cards off the table are my makeshift tablecloth and random cards are scattered as well as boxes with decks actually in them. 

I just bought an expensive card the other day and am hoping in the next set it isn’t reprinted. If it is I just lost some money and I’ll be sad. On that note, that’s all I’ve got for today. Thanks for reading today! And I mean it, give the game a chance. 
— Deryn

Fresh Air


Life has recently been flipped upside down for me. My boyfriend and I split, work went south and my depression came sliding into my DM’s like the asshole it is. So I decided I needed to redo myself. Not in a bad way! But things such as redoing my room, and my hair!

This process has been going on for a bit now, so I’ll start with my bedroom! I read this thing once, that if the person your seeing has their bed in the middle of their room, they have their life together. Mine was there, and I moved it, against a window. Cause of this, my room is oddly large. I’ve never seen it so empty and it’s weird.

Photo Credits

I washed all my bedding and got some stuffed animals for my bed, as well as a little rug to try and help fill the floor space. A healthy bookshelf and opening my curtains makes my bedroom look alive. Now all I need is some wall art and I’ll be set!

I’ve always wanted to try being blonde. Something about your own natural hair, the complete opposite is just magnetizing. My lovely roommate cut and coloured my hair over a whole afternoon. I’m sure somewhere on my Instagram I’ve got a selfie to show it off. If not I’ll make sure to flood it.

Other than that, hobbies are what I’m working on. I’m reading more, walking and biking around, and just trying to enjoy life as best I can. I also downloaded TikTok, so when I’m feeling lazy or in an episode, I’m sometimes learning things. It’s crazy how reading and biking for about an hour a day can really change a person!

Photo Credits

Start every morning with a song, then bike to the closest coffee shop to help wake up is an interesting addition to my morning routine I never thought I’d have. I definitely feel better, although I have my ups and downs just like anyone else. But at the end of the day I really feel like I’m doing well.

The start to this adventure has been a blessing really. And being able to talk about it is uplifting. Thanks for reading today!
— Deryn