Taking A Week Off


Starting today and going through until next Monday, I’ll not be posting anything on here. I’ve been so focused on writing my novel that I haven’t done anything else. That hyperfocus is starting to fade, so I’m going to take this time to work on myself and make some exceptionally good content. Mostly my house is a mess, I haven’t read a book in almost two weeks, and I’m burning myself out. My other platforms should still be updating, so I’m not gone completely, I just want to get ahead on my mood.

Took Midna to the Beach

Some updates since we’re here: I enjoy writing poetry, and since it’s unfortunately a writing style I have an extreme amount of content for, I may try and publish a book of two of that before my novel is finished. Especially over the last month, I’ve made about fifty new poems. I have to go through, edit, and group them up. After that, I can start looking to publish them with the help of my amazing roommate, who happens to be an artist.

Percy squishing my poor plushie!

I’ve rewritten my novel’s first and second drafts now, so I can start looking at reading it over, hating it, doing it again, and then letting someone else maybe read it once. In other words, I should actually finish novel one soon here. Should being the key word of that sentence, because my brain is a dick. I post more updates on the progress on my Twitter. I have high hopes though, I’ve been putting in a lot of work and am so far, pretty proud.

Shadow is so cute!

I’m going to start more home reno’s soon! Which means more posts of me bitching about that! (That’s meant to be funny…) As well as maybe more posts looking to moving out possibly coming? We’ll see, I’d like to do that still, but I’ve got to fix this place up still quite a bit.

Blurry shot of Midna being a fish

That’s all I have for updates, and all I have for today. I’ll be back for the 17th! Thanks for stopping by, and if you want to help support me, Patreon and PayPal are still the best ways financially. I love and appreciate you all! Be safe out there!
— Deryn

Errands and Homework


I have jobs to do today, starting with errands, my roommate has lost a part of her piercing. I have to go downtown and see if I can get some cute replacements for her. I don’t buy jewelry often, so let’s see how this goes.

That’s really it for errands though, but since I have to make a trip out of it, I’ll be busy for a couple hours. I may also actually apply to be a batista at the cute nerd cafe in town. She may not need one, but it wouldn’t hurt to try. I don’t need a job, I’m just kind of, bored? I think? Maybe just feeling stuck...

As for homework, for those who don’t know, my Tuesday job is dispatching cabs. We have a system for quotes and estimates, which is super out of date. My job for today is to hopefully rebuild it. If not, I’ll have to work on it tomorrow too.

I’m also mad hyperfocused on writing my novel right now. I’ve almost completely redone my first draft and have plans for a full series. So hopefully I can put more work into that today. I haven’t written this much in awhile, so I’m not gonna stop myself.

Today’s weather is supposed to be cooler with a hint of rain, which I think is perfect for writing in. So we’ll see what I get done today! But for right now, that’s all I’ve got. Stay safe, and check me out on both Twitter and Instagram for updates on life, and behind the scenes stuff!

Thanks for reading!
— Deryn

Summer Dates


Have I mentioned it’s hot out yet? ‘Cause it’s hot… In the summer spirit, the roommate and I are out together again, bringing up my date standards. Back into Kelowna we go! Although, no creepy people this time..
We saw a TikTok awhile back about a place in town called Karat. It’s a chocolate and pastry shop that’s all local and made in house. So, that’s our first stop!

Midna is such a good girl!

The aesthetic of that store is top notch! I fell in love before we even walked in! (Future editing note, apparently the baker there knows a good friend of mine, so I’ll be going back!) We ended up splitting a delicious veggie sandwich! 

I’ve said to my roommate that 35 is too hot, but 30 is manageable, so we are trying to not spend too much time downtown. I say that, but, have I ever talked about my favourite bar downtown? I went back and looked and I don’t think so, but it was called Muninn’s Post. It was a viking bar that had board games and a stellar staff. My group of Magic nerds definitely loved that place. The reason I bring it up is because they sold and now it’s a cafe.

Highlight from our downtown adventures!

Twice the Dice is it’s new name. We were walking by and saw a chess table outside. and of course, I clued in and ran inside super excited! I wandered around looking at the shelves or board games just amazed at how full it was with life. The owner is very friendly and talked to me about renovations and Magic for a bit. I’m glad, that little shop appears to be in good hands. She kept the big viking hull as the counter too which was comforting to see. 

After our little adventure has got rather warm, so we’ve decided to hit up the mall. See if we can blow way too much money on shoes. 
No shoes, but there were some redeeming sweaters. Pastel pink is everywhere and I am a sucker for that as of like three months ago! Only real downside, I was about ready to throw down with this lady for trash talking her own kid for having feelings. The poor girl got overwhelmed about choices and started to get worked up, and this woman literally shouts at her “what’s wrong with you!” My god, some people are dooming the next generation. 

Shadow is secretly a demon, but that’s fine

Our social batteries are running low, so our buddy is going to pick us up. Apparently there’s a food truck event downtown, so that for dinner and then homeward bound. Spending the day out with my roommate was a lot of fun. I love her dearly and am blessed to have her in my life. But yeah, that was our adventure. Thanks for coming with us!
— Deryn

BC Day


Did I spend the long weekend not playing or reading anything new? Maybe. Did I eat my first donair and watching movies, relaxing and having a “feel good about myself” lazy weekend? One hundred percent. But that doesn’t mean I can’t post anything for today! I say that, it’s currently Sunday, so I do have the rest of today and till noon tomorrow, but I’m not going to make it. Lazy weekend!

It’s currently 9pm on Sunday and I still haven’t done anything. It’s too warm. You know when it’s so warm you just want to sleep? Because that’s how I feel right now. Tomorrow we’re taking the dogs to the beach, so hopefully the water will cool us all down.

At this hour, it’s cooler on my deck than inside. I think I’m going to start reading out here for like, an hour every night. And then maybe, I’ll actually finish a damn novel... Sorry about not having anything prepared for today, but thank you for still stopping by.

I’ve got an absurd amount on energy right now, so I might clean my house up a tad. My roommate passed out from the heat, so I think it’ll be a cute surprise.

I hope everyone is currently surviving the weather they currently have. I don’t have many viewers from the southern hemisphere, but I know it’s cold for you lovely people, so stay warm!

I’ve got a lot on my plate, but I promise, starting tomorrow I’ll be back in tip top shape! Love you all! Be safe! Thanks for reading!
— Deryn

It Is Too Hot


Seriously, it’s too hot. It’s supposed to hit like 35° again today. That’s day four-ish of about seven-ish, I’ve lost count, of stupidly hot out. I love summer, being outside at the beach is great. Normally I spend more time in the water than at home, but it’s difficult to get there. When it gets to this temperature, I just want to sleep.

The past few days, I’ve been relaxing in air conditioning while doing literally anything besides boiling. With hiding inside, I’ve been super productive though! My bedroom has been rearranged, and my kitchen is much cleaner than it was. Plus I’ve got this blanket I’m making, and I’ve started on the second ball of wool now! I’m excited!

The strangest thing is Saturday is the first of August. Summer feels like it’s been almost non-existent this year. I’m almost at the point I can start posting Halloween memes on social media again and my friends won’t remind me it’s “only July”. Mind you, I’ll get that in August too. But yeah, July is almost over!

There’s only one air conditioning unit currently set up in my place, so I’m going to get the second one into place today I think. I don’t imagine August being colder than July. And I’m sure the pets would appreciate the colder house with their fur coats.

I’m mostly just rambling my thoughts together for today. But other than this, I don’t actually have much to talk about today. It’s hard to go out and do anything when it’s so hot out. Supposedly Monday and Tuesday it drops to under 30° for the first time in awhile. That temperature I can deal with. I can get to the beach and not worry as much about heat stroke along the way.

Thanks for stopping by for my rambles today. I appreciate you all! Stay safe out there! Thanks for reading!
— Deryn