My Legs are Sore

Yesterday I had the brilliant idea of messaging a friend of mine who also has a dog so we could go on an adventure! He was down for it, so in total, there were three people and two dogs. Man did we walk forever! It was fun though!

Starting at my place, we moseyed on down to Bosley’s for a better leash for Midna. The one we were using was for a dog about 30-35 pounds. Unfortunately, Midna is about 70-75 pounds. I say unfortunately, but it’s only because the leash can’t hold her very well. We looked super dorky trying to hold this bigger dog back.

Before we hit Bosley’s, coffee was needed. Tim Horton’s was doing “delivery” where they bring it outside for you and you pay on the app. But us, being lazy and not caring, hauled ourselves to the natural food store for some readymade iced coffee. Then it was time to adventure once again.

Bosley’s is in the neighbour parking lot, so we didn’t have to walk far to find a new leash. The old one was a retractable one, the new one is like braided rope and such. It’s got a loop thing, so she stretched it and wrapped it around her waist like a belt. Was super neat.

Now that our main goal has been accomplished, we decided that the waterfront would be a nice walk for the dogs. And if you’ve never seen it, Okanagan Lake is gorgeous! There’s a part of the lake that’s reserved for dogs too, so we got to let’s them run in the water.

Farther down the boardwalk thing and we ran into construction, so we turned around and doubled back and walked the rest of the boardwalk. Eventually we found the road leading home. By this point, we had walked for like, four hours.

Finally getting home, we gave the dogs snuggles, said bye to the friend of mine and his cute pup, got inside and melted into the couch. I don’t like I’ve ever walked so far in such a short period of time in my life. I’m not that athletic, so when my phone told me I hit a record for my steps ever.

We walked a lot…

The pups were exhausted by the end, and we had fun. Lots of bonding and enjoyment with finally talking to a real person. We want to go do a hiking trail tomorrow! RIP my legs.

This quarantine thing doesn’t totally suck! And honestly, going to a trail that’s empty is still safe. Enjoy nature! But yeah, that’s all I have for today. Thanks for reading!
— Deryn

So, My Roommate

So, she’s great. Like, 10/10 good time and worth having move in. I forgot she was moving in early too, so she’s already pretty much settled. I was like, oh I totally have another week-ish to have that room built and ready. NOPE! But no, it really has been great so far. I thought my boyfriend and I were okay at being adults, apparently not. In literally a day we’ve leveled up our adult skill to the point we could probably survive two weeks of isolation.

If you remember from my last post on renos, I had a room that needed a new floor, and then it was totally livable. – Link – So I went out and finally bought the flooring for that room. Laminate I know, just like all of the new bits of my trailer. I figured, oh yeah, I can have this done in a day. Got home and was hit with the, you forgot I was moving in today didn’t you load of stuff in my place. Oops…

I was all ready to rebuild that room, but the other “bedroom” in the house that’s empty is technically larger. so we ended up putting her in there. The laminate remains unopened on my deck. I haven’t got a picture of her room properly built as it is her’s and I didn’t ask to do that. The room is homey though. I really like what she did with it. Plus, she has a bunch of art I can hang around the house.

I was running out of room for food that should go in a pantry. So we bought, and built our own! LOOK AT HOW AMAZING THIS LOOKS! I’m sorry but I am so excited to have a pantry thing. As you can see, I have my potatoes ❤ All three of us are working together really well and honestly this was, and is, as good idea. And my fridge is full for the first time in a long time. My trailer might be small but we have plans to make it feel larger just with furniture placing and such.

Midna is this cuties name! I don’t have a picture of Percy the cat though. I guess I technically got three new roommates, only one is human. No, I don’t know what kind of dog she is. I’m pretty sure she’s two years old though. Last night I took her for a walk so she’d be tired for bed, and we went running. I forgot dogs run a lot faster than people. I must have run like, 10 feet in full panic mode trying to keep up with this fur ball. My legs are still sore.

Having another person in the house is refreshing. Especially with all of this lock down stuff, being able to talk to another person is helpful on the brain. We have quality roommate time too which consists of sitting on the couch doing shit all, but together. I’m digging having another roommate in my life. We have some more sorting to do and I still have to finish that floor, but otherwise I’m pretty much done all of the hard stuff in the house! She does art and has an absolute heart of gold, so I’ll be talking about her a lot. – Her Insta – Keep your eyes peeled for some fun stuff we may be doing!

But yeah, that’s been my past couple days. Thanks for reading this today! You’re amazing! Be safe and stay healthy out there.
— Deryn

That Switch

I’ve been playing Rune Factory in anticipation of Animal Crossing. It’s terrible because I AM LATE AGAIN on my Thursday blog post.

I could use that wake up…

Ugh, this game is great. It’s just Harvest Moon with dungeons man. It’s fantastic. And with work super dead over this pandemic, I can play it at work and not have to worry. It’s just after noon and I’ve had one customer.

Although I wish I was at home. I have like two weeks until I have a roommate, and Shadow snuggles are calling my name. But alas.

I may have to start writing these earlier if I keep being late!

Thanks for coming by, and I hope you’re all safe right now. Thanks for reading!
— Deryn

In Case of Emergency

And by emergency I mean corona virus, or Covid-19. If I have to lock myself away for an extended period of time I’m going to go nuts. Who wouldn’t though..? So I’ve made myself a checklist of things I can or honestly should do. If I don’t make a list, I will forget and then I will stay bored. I will probably still have to dispatch at the very least as we have government accounts for moving people around. But then I’ll have five more days off in a week…

I bought a Nintendo Switch! The special Animal Crossing one finally came in and holy frick it is so cute! The game itself doesn’t come out until the 20th, but I have Zelda and Rune Factory to keep me busy. And if you haven’t bought this unit yet, honestly I recommend it! There’s something about dissociating for like four hours while you farm turnips and befriend villagers that just makes everything better. Plus like, ANIMAL CROSSING! I’ve been hyped up for this game since it was announced. Casual games are my weakness.


Cleaning… Because I have to do it. I’ve got like two weeks until my new roommate moves in and I have to redo the floor in her room still… And paint the one wall, and put in some shelves in the closet.. It’s all around just a mess. Tomorrow she’s starting to bring some furniture in and I have to be ready. Honestly I need to take some time off but I can’t. I overwork myself. (I mean, I would have time off if we went quarantine mode but what ever.)

Rebuilding my blog for the thousandth time, because I can right? There’s something about adding new functions and sub menus and such that just makes me feel super cool. Although I’d have to catch some tutorials on what to do since I don’t code.

Yeah I know I should write more. I promise I add some words to my book once in awhile. But with a couple weeks of not leaving the house, I may have to see if I can pull an all nighter like that one night in England where I was up all night just typing. I’d probably enjoy it more if I had a set spot where I could just sink into the pages. I’m going to have a devoted study one day in my future house.

A local Starbucks. This was weird to see to be honest

Workout progress is in picture too honestly. Like, that long on lock down, I could make some real gains. In two weeks I could lift my own ego! That’s not funny and I know it... Imagine the legs a person could have after just two weeks, or lack there of depending. Plus most places don’t deliver food to my house, so I’d have to actually eat healthy.

Man, I should put myself of isolation and just watch what I do. I feel like I could be extra productive and finally get some stuff done! But at the same time, this pandemic is a real problem. I’m not worried about myself because I know a flu won’t kill me. There are a few people in my life however that a flu, especially a bad one, could realistically kill them. Please, for the sake of the people around you, be careful and don’t forget to care about others too.
Stay safe, and thanks for reading this today ❤
— Deryn

So, My New Phone

As per my last post, I’m sorry I suck. Just to make sure my post went out on the same day, I quickly typed something up on my new phone and straight up am deleting it later. With my forgetfulness, I decided to write a post today as an apology. But also as a thanks for sticking around. Today I want to talk about my new phone!

My old boss, who is still a really good friend of mine, hit me up saying the Samsung S10 was $30 a month off right now. I have had my S8 for just shy of three years so I figured I may as well get the newer phone right? Plus, I work off my phone, so I really need something extra amazing once in awhile.

I had to reconnect my headphones, and that took quite a bit of research that I wasn’t expecting. Literally just press the touch pads on both ears for a couple seconds and they’ll start bluetooth mode or whatever. That’s it, like super easy and took me like a half hour of looking.

After hooking them back up, I noticed they’re significantly louder than before too, which is awesome. That was one of my complaints I had. – Link – Now I feel these headphones are worth what I paid.

I’ve been having fun with the camera too! Mostly because I shaved my cat finally. Otherwise I haven’t gone out much to flaunt this camera to myself.

Poor Kitty got shaved

The larger screen has helped a lot for work things. I can see the order screens all stacked nicely, or with budgeting, I can see my budget and my bank account together at the same time. It’s been super handy honestly. People knock the larger screens but I do so much on my phone that I really needed something bigger. Physically it’s the same size as my S8 was, it’s just bezel-less. (Is that a word?)

But yeah, I made this honorary post to talk about my new phone a bit. I’ll be posting more pictures for this beautiful camera eventually. And as always, thanks for reading!
— Deryn

I Suck I’m Sorry

So I was getting a new phone and honestly, again, forgot it’s Thursday. I got an S10 by Samsung! It’s brand new so I haven’t even got a chance to properly play with it yet. I’ll let you know how I feel about it soon!

Anyway, how are you? Everything in your life good? I’m riding a high mentally right now, although I have no idea if it’s long term or I’m just manic.

This phone is literally downloading everything again, and I have TOO MUCH STUFF! But whatever, I’ll sort through that later.

So, it’s almost St. Patrick’s day huh? That’s fun! I “donated” a shamrock butt plug to the irish pub two doors down for their big festival-like thing they’re doing tonight. I hope I make someone’s day with that.

Sorry I’m again late, and a mess today. But you’re amazing and I love you! And as always, thanks for reading!
— Deryn

Roommate Incoming!

A good friend of mine is moving in with me! I did it guys! I got a roommate! She’s a super cool chick and just overall one of the most positive people I’ve ever met. Her old place has had the lease cancelled and I just happen to have a spare room. Although, now that there’s another person in my house, I have to fix it... Now, that’s not a bad thing at all, I’m just lazy.

Next Monday I have someone coming in to assess the floor and make sure that room is 10/10. I like my new roommate and don’t want to slowly poison her. Plus, even if she’s only around for a couple months, at least that room is fixed right? She’s also got a cat and a dog. If you know me, I’m low key scared of dogs, so this is going to be a good learning experience. Plus a good workout for my boyfriend who is super excited to have a dog living with us.

Also on the agenda is the other bedroom that is currently storing a litter box and the boyfriends collectibles. I would like to have another full room available in my place just to help it feel less cramped all the time. Although I don’t know what I’d put in it, if anything. Maybe a full table for magic nights! No matter what though, I have to fix everything first.

I feel a bit like a bad mom though for Shadow. There’s just going to be two more animals in my house. Shadow and the cat will avoid each other, that’s fine, but the dog. Midna is the dog’s name and she’s super cute with the mentality that everyone, whether human or not, is her best friend. I’m sure they’ll get along, but just adding more animals to my family is going to be interesting. Expect extra cute animal pictures for the next forever! And reno pictures...

If you’re not following my Instagram, you’re missing out on my rambles and animal pictures, just FYI. – Link

I’ll try and keep everyone updated on my renovation progress. And as always, you’re an amazing person. Thanks for stopping by and reading this today! Oh, and happy Mario Day!
— Deryn

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