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Happy September! Where, the frick, did August go? I was vibing, and it was the eleventh. Today I get the notification that it’s September and now I’m dazed. Although, I have a lot of stories for everyone this month! So stay tuned, today we’re starting with my bastard cats. 

The Story

Feeding time is fun with my cats. Sometimes, I’m like five whole minutes late to dinner time, and they decide it’s time to literally EAT THE BAG to get to their food. They’re definitely not starving, just the worst all of the time. Well, this was becoming a problem with food going stale and them just getting to their food when they shouldn’t. The big babies are a little overweight, so we’re trying to get them on a good schedule. This sparked an idea, a plastic container. My roommate and I worked out every option we could. 

We both have ADHD, and being able to see into the container was a make or break for this. Plus, I want it to hold an whole bag of food so I have less stuff in my kitchen. Walking through Walmart with my dad, we passed the storage containers and I found a really nice one for ten dollars. Nothing fancy, just a standard plastic storage box. And a total fluke, I didn’t measure or even really think about volume, but it holds the whole food bag no problem! 

Getting home with my new bucket for cat food, there’s some stuff you should do with new containers. I run a nice hot “bath” for the new container because people are gross. After a soak and another general wash with dish soap, a really good rinse. Dish soap is not something I want my cats eating by accident. And then I filled the container, giving both cats a little bit of extra food. I was playing with their food bag after all. After everything, the food is moved and my roommate and I both know when we need to get more cat food.

The Aftermath

My fuuuuuuuucking cats. The container is working great! They can’t break into it, and it’s sitting there doing a very good job. Of course, now that they can’t just chew through it, I don’t get to be late for food anymore. Shadow likes to let me know it’s food time by biting my eyebrows (with love) if I’m asleep, or my knee’s if I’m at my computer. Percy, the lovely boy, decides that my head is a great pillow, and will crush me while meowing. Or, run up and down the hallway, looking at me, yelling. Cats... But yeah, it works great!

The Post Credits Scene

I love my kids to bits, but they’re actually demons. That an, it’s pumpkin season! That’s it, that’s September. Anyway, thanks for coming by today. I hope you have a safe and wonderful day!
— Deryn

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