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I bought the expansion for the Definitive Edition, “Lord’s of the West” and holy frick I missed AoE! This gem of a game launched in 1999, so for reference, it’s two years younger than me (that’s weird to say). January had a new expansion, so I figured I’d play.


My dad pirated this game in like, 2000 and it’s been a part of my life just as much as Zelda and Sims. The “ahh” noise that the monks make, and the building noises, man this game is nostalgic as all frick! Too bad I’m not very good at it, but I still love to play! I got raiding in my stream on Wednesday for AoE and had over 50 people show up, I even made it to 20 followers, and I am so excited! Man, AoE is going to be a special game in my life forever!

Enough Rambling…

Soundtracks are a way to really push a game either to perfection or into another game in my Steam library I never play, and this game, oh damn. Every interaction has its own audio clip, and the music is just amazing! I was joking with my boyfriend that I was going to change his noise on my phone to the relic noise. It’s just a little “ding” but it’s iconic.

More Screenshots

AoE and Civilization V are two games that I just put in the hours of reading strategies and watching pros to learn, and I really couldn’t tell you why I do. I love winning these kind of games, so I put in the time to actually try. Unlike Civilization, I don’t win as much as I want in AoE, but I’m working on it. Got to “git gud” and beat everyone! At least that I would play the game with because tournaments are scary.

I Know I’m Hella Late

If everything is a mess, I’m sorry. Today I’m super behind and playing catch up. Thanks for coming by nonetheless!
— Deryn

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