It Hasnt Been Long


Today will be my third day going to the gym, but a good month(ish) of actually working out consistently. If you don’t follow my Twitter then you don’t know I’m already halfway to my fitness goal. I can do a full sit up! Turns out I was doing them wrong and now I can do like, five in a row... That means all I really got left is a full, unassisted pull up. And I know I can do that if I keep going. 

The gym is about a fifteen minute drive, or an hour walk away. I’m still not driving, so that walk is cardio... And roommate bonding time! If we were to take the bus, it would maybe shave off about ten minutes of our walk, so we may as well just keep going. Plus, it’s a really nice walk when the sidewalks aren’t made of ice. 

Took this on the way to the gym today

General Notices

Even just doing light at home workouts, and now upgrading to heavy weights and fancy machines, I feel really good. My body is sore and sometimes weak, but I feel good. Even just little things, like taking Midna out, or playing with the cats, I feel like I don’t get as tired. I’ve also not been sleeping as much. Not in a bad way, just not for nine hours and feeling like an old person. This working out thing has been a great idea. 

On top of that, I’m really impressed with how easy it has been to eat better, and have more motivation in my life. These are all things that telling 16 year old me to do would haven’t had worked. Soon the weather will be nice enough that the mountain won’t freeze and I can start hiking again! Hiking is so much fun, and this year is going to be extra good. Mostly because I’ll be able to do more.

My cute kids!

But Yeah

Working out and eating better has really improved my life. I’m super glad the support system around me helps keep that healthy too. However, I am exhausted and am going to take a nap. Have an amazing day and be safe out there!
— Deryn

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