Streaming and the Gym



On Thursday I streamed for the first time! The whole stream went on for just shy of three hours, and I had a lot of fun! I recorded like, an hour of it so I could watch it back to see what went on in the background. Twitch was telling me I had an average of 3.2 viewers and I got 5 followers right away. Granted, all of them are friends, but still. Want to catch one? I don’t have a schedule mind you, but a follow gets you notified!

This kind of thing is right up my alley. Being able to hold a conversation, playing games, and just enjoying life is easy for me. Plus, I’m already all over the internet with things like my blog so…

He loves that seat so much


As for the gym, today, Friday, is my first day. No sign-up fee right now, and we have to be right next to it anyway. If this blog post is late today, it’s because I’m there. I love running on treadmills, don’t know why, but I have very fond memories of it. So I’m excited I get to do that today, hopefully!

My relationship with the gym is weird. I’ve gone in before but I get really anxious. Most I’ve done of a gym is a tour. But today will be a real leg day. Man, I just want to run now, and when I get home today, I want to stream more. This is the feeling I get at 2am when I want to get my life together, but at a reasonable time without my ADHD being a buttface.

Back from the gym, and my legs feel awesome. By awesome I mean numb, but accomplished. This was a good idea!

Cuddly baby

Anyway, that’s if for today. I’m super late on this post and I still have stuff I need to get done. We’ll chat soon, and be safe!
— Deryn

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