I Can Leave My House


Holy frick, I am HYPED! I’ve been stuck at home for two weeks and can finally get out! My dad and I went to go grocery shopping and I feel so good now! I never thought not being able to leave home would have been that boring. The first time we went on lockdown, I at least got to go hiking and such, but being contagious and a danger is a whole other thing. You know, I say boring, but there were only a couple days where I got bored, otherwise I had enough I could do around the house. I started working out, my house is super clean, and I have my computer set up 95% built!

Shadow is so cute

I’m Writing This On Tuesday

This morning I’m back to work. Up at 4:30am is the worst, but I’m happy that I can even go back at all. I loved being home with my pets and my roommate, but it’s time. I was making jokes to my dad (who is also my boss) that I was going to “lay down the law” and make sure everyone working here follow the rules to a tee. Being here again, I’m just glad they remember me. Honestly, just being able to go somewhere that isn’t home is super great!

Being able to leave my place once in awhile really changes my mood. Something like that would have blown younger me away. But then again, so would working out, eating better, and learning to stream. By the way, keep an eye out for me possibly streaming! I’ll link everything once it’s up and going!

I’m just so thankful I wasn’t alone. My three fuzzy babies and my amazing wife. Over those few weeks also my dad and her dad both got us groceries. Since we couldn’t work, that helped so much. Considering the shite situation, I felt really good over those weeks. But, getting out is definitely exciting! And I’m grateful I can keep doing it for the foreseeable future!

Fuzzy babies are best babies

Thanks for coming by today, or I guess technically tomorrow as I’m writing this on Tuesday. But, be safe and have an amazing day!
— Deryn

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