Amazon Finds I NEED


Yo, guess what I found! Actually, a whole lot! TikTok continues to spoil me with ideas for things I really don’t need, but that I really want. Everything from clothes to storage, Amazon has a lot of just, cool shite. My roommate also likes to send me things we should buy too. I need to spend more time on Amazon looking for stuff I don’t need but I really need.

My Top 5 Things I Need / Want

A beautiful long robe that makes me look like a queen? YES PLEASE! It reminds me of that “I murdered my husband” kind of fashion. And when you’re done wearing it, the robe is so pretty you can just hang it up and use it as décor!

Cute bed sheets to match the sexy robe? Frick yes! And they’re affordable! In pink? Literally amazing! I’m into softer shades of pink at the moment, so this set is just screaming my name.

See?? Who Doesn’t want this?? Photo Credits

Some cool looking harem pants? I mean, why not? These look like they would be mega comfy during the summer. They’re something I’ve always wanted to own too, so I may as well look into investing in a pair.

Selfie sticks can be super lame, but one with a MASSIVE reach and some sexy new bed sheets to take some sexy pictures on? Let’s do it! I was showing my roommate this and she asked me to order one for her too. They’re just so good!

This skirt is a staple in my closet. I own it in three colours, black being my most used for sure. The longer one actually covers my ass too. I mean, the shorter one does too, but I prefer the longer one. They fit nice and are a great addition to my especially my summer line up.

Photo Credits

But Yeah

There’s a sperate list I can make for stuff I need for camping / hiking too. Although I won’t be buying anything for awhile, I need to go back to work first. Stay tuned to places like my Twitter to see when that comes!

Thanks for stopping by today! Be safe out there and have an awesome day! Side note, if you want to support me and you like some of the stuff on this list, buy it through my link. It really helps, thanks so much!!
— Deryn

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