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What should I play this year? I mean, I’m definitely going to play Sims, and maybe some Story of Seasons. Rune Factory 5 comes out this year I think, and I’m going to have to get to the DLC in Monster Hunter eventually. Plus, I’d like to start streaming this year. I’m lowkey jealous that my boyfriend streams and I don’t. Especially because I play games all the time and have some moments I’d love to share! Plus like, I’d get to interact with people! I like to think I’m also fairly good at games, so there’s the idea that I play games because I’m good at them and I enjoy them!

All these new games, but there are games I already own that I should continue to play, or actually pick up. As an example, I play way too much sims. With the chance at streaming, I’d like to play things like Cities Skylines. Oh, and Civilization would also be fun to stream.

I’m going through my steam library, and I totally forgot I own Final Fantasy IX for both PC and the Switch. That would be a fun play through if I were like, the Youtuber type. Nah, I’d stream that, why not? I’d have to start the game over again since I’ve beaten it about five times now…

As for games I’m going to play in my own time, I still haven’t finished Age of Calamity. You’d figure I would have finished it right away since it’s a Zelda game, but apparently not. There’s so much lore I need to look into and currently can’t as I’m not actually playing it.

Enough Rambling Honey…

I’d like to start streaming soon here, I’ve been watching some tutorials for OBS I have pretty much everything I need to get started. Since I changed my blog schedule, I should be able to stream a day or two a week, at least.

I lowkey forgot today is Monday and that’s why this post is late. My bad, but thanks for coming by today! Keep your eyes open for all my gaming shenanigans!
— Deryn

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