Christmas Already


Wow, tomorrow is Christmas. Feels like it was April like three days ago. I’m alone at work today, yes I work Christmas eve, but that’s fine honestly. I know there are going to be people who may need a phone or whatever, and it’s my bosses birthday today. Either way, I don’t mind being here. Christmas is going to be awesome this year!

My baby boy

There’s a few more presents for my boyfriend in my closet. He was all “don’t buy me things,” so I bought him the odd couple of things. If I have the chance, I’m going to give them to him today or tomorrow. Oh hey, side note, when I got my new phone, I got some airpods as a gift with purchase. I don’t buy Apple products since I’m a Samsung person and all, so I decided to sell these headphones. I just sold them, got myself $150!

Percy is such a good boy!

Without much going on, I don’t have anything really to talk about. The Mandalorian is over, so no more of that until next year. Orange is the New Black is still an amazing show. The Boys season three is coming out soon.
I have a surprising amount of receiving to do today. Hopefully work isn’t busy so I can go home early. I may not get to though, just with the amount of foot traffic I’ve already had. Going home early is all I’ve got to look forward to. That’s a joke, but not totally.

Midna is camera shy

Well, that’s all I really have to talk about. Supposedly our random snowstorm will be gone by tomorrow, so no white Christmas. If all the ice melts, I’ll be happy. Walking to and from work with nothing but ice on the roads, not fun. I’ve been procrastinating putting my car back on the road, which may be so, not in my favour. We’ll see what happens in January.

Pardon my mess of a living room

Thanks for stopping by today. Be safe, have a great holiday season, and stay warm!
— Deryn

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