Baking Day


We went hard! The boyfriend, my roommate (my lovely wife), and I have been wanting to do a baking day for awhile now. As a Christmas present for my man, I got him a Kitchenaid stand mixer. He named her Wanita. With this new mixer, we picked out a few recipes and went at it. My boyfriend, precious baby, is a cook through and through. Now, cooking is an art, but baking, baking is a science.

Baking is difficult man. We’ve picked half a dozen recipes for tonight, but I’m not sure if we’ll have enough time to make them all. Plus, we have two boxes of cookies and a “Kit-Kat Log Cabin” to make too. The coffee cake recipe doesn’t actually have any coffee in it, and the peppermint squares are going to have crushed candy canes added to them, otherwise, we’re going to follow these as best we can. 

Premade cookie dough and the Kit-Kat thing are what we’re going to start the night with. Gingerbread cookies can be kind of sad tasting sometimes, so with leftover frosting from the cabin, we decorated them! Being basically twelve year olds, we did our best, my wife and I, to make then a tad inappropriate. There’s one where the joke was made about looking like they were waiting for the towel. At this point, my boyfriend had some early Christmas presents to open too!

Cute little cabin!
If you know, you know

The first handmade dessert we had settled on were the chocolate dipped clouds. I learned how to quenelle food! I’m not a very confident cook, nor baker, and tend to get jobs like whisking batter or making tea, so this was cool! It’s honestly a good thing I don’t do more, I’d probably kill someone by accident. That reminds me, I left bread in my toaster this morning… Shit… Anyway, I made cute little clouds! 

See these clouds??? THEY’RE SO CUTE!!!

Homemade caramel, hot cocoa, the company of two of my favourite people, baking day is officially the best day of the year! I bet I could be a baker.

Hot chocolate with homemade caramel on top!
Plate of goodies

I think our baking day looks delicious! Everything is so yummy, and I got to share this with amazing people! Does this make me a baker? Anyway, thanks for coming along today! Have an awesome day, and stay warm!
— Deryn

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