Monster Hunter


My lovely boyfriend bought Monster Hunter World: Iceborne for both him and myself. Apparently the Iceborne DLC is exciting, which means we have to play it. I’ve never played a Monster Hunter game before, but the controls feel like Dark Souls but smoother. Playing on mouse and keyboard is proving to be quite fun though, I was worried I would need a controller. We both booted up the game at the same time, and I think that was the best idea.

It took me way too long to get through character creation. I believe the words I used were “I play Sims, so I have to play with this,” which bought me enough time to not see the Palico companion right away. All I hear is “you’re going to love the next part,” and BOOM! CAT! I freaking love the little kitty friend idea! As you can tell, my priorities are perfectly in order.

The missions are straight forward; find the monster, kill the monster. Apparently there’s an awesome story I could pay attention to, but I don’t think I will. Designs for everything are just jaw dropping. After playing with the graphics for a good hour, I finally got to where the game is supposed to be visually.

We’ve only fought the first few monsters, and I picked the bow. I remember my brother had really good luck with the bow when the game first came out. I’m actually kind of upset I waited so long to pick this game up, it’s super fun! I haven’t found any big monsters yet, which is probably a good thing honestly, but I’ll get there soon. The hunts themselves are time limited a lot of the time to an hour, which makes it a great game to pick up, kick some ass, and go back to whatever I was doing.

There’s a wicked snowfall today, so I think I’ll do another hunt or two. I found an armour set for my Palico that I need for aesthetic purposes. He looks like he’s wearing a full winter parka and stuff! I love him so much!!!

This suit is what I want to get for my Palico. I’ve got most of it now

Anyway, I’m beyond late today. Sorry for that, but thanks for stopping by! Be safe and stay warm out there!

— Deryn

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