There is a Potato Museum


Guys, guys, guys, there’s a potato museum. Now, as you know, I’m a po-ta-hoe and love potatoes! Maybe that’s my inner Englishman just craving a good side of mashed potatoes, (I’m pretty sure that’s a German thing but shhhh…). This museum is in PEI and all things considered, that isn’t that bad. I live in BC if you didn’t know, so I would have travel to the east coast . For potatoes, it’s worth it. In light of my discovery, should I share potato recipes? Or maybe some crafts and such? Potatoes.

Prince Edward Island huh? I’ve never been to an island on the east coast, so that trip would be one for the books! I just looked it up, I can drive there! Without traffic, it’s a fifty-five hour drive. I’m excited, don’t mind me. I’m reading a “12 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions” post for PEI, and it’s very old fashioned, the province that is. Aww, it’s the smallest province, isn’t that cute! I’m not very good at being a tourist, I find I often get bored. So, finding stuff to do ahead of time helps me a lot, and hopefully bringing people with. Being a coastal province, there are lighthouses! Oh frick yeah I want to go for sure!

Friend overseas taking awesome pictures again

I’ve pulled up a list of restaurants in the surrounding area of the museum, and there isn’t much. In fact, there’s really nothing out there at all. This part of O’Leary? is very family oriented. A local hospital, schools and quite a few parks are all that really fills the space out there. Well, dang. The bridge to drive onto the island must be quite the sight, and happened to be finished the year I was born too. Like, that just sounds awesome! The shots you could get on that bridge, oh I’m excited thinking about it! Wait, is it a toll bridge?

I’ve never been that far east before in Canada, so that trip would be so awesome! Planning a trip around on particular sight is something I’ve done before. My trips to England are usually based around one particular thing I need to see, and then the rest of the trip falls in place. Other than that, I’m not sure what else there is to do besides hike, which I’m in to for sure!

Like, look at these!

That’s all I have for today though. Thanks for stopping by, and be safe out there! And stay warm! It’s snowing here and I’m excited!
— Deryn

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