The Game Awards Hype


YOOOOOO!!!! I am so excited by the line-up for the future! Did I watch the whole thing while at work? 100% I did. Now, I am going to share my hype for this instead of actually working the rest of my shift. I’ve watched the whole thing through three times now just from sheer excitement. With a good computer, I also have the ability to actually play these games.

First game announcement, holy shite man. Sephiroth in Smash Brothers??? The music, the voice lines, the beauty that is the one winged angel is enough that I might actually need to buy Super Smash Bros. merch. If we get an Amiibo for Sephiroth I’m going to cry, good tears. That particular Final Fantasy villain has been a part of my life for years, and I love him so much! Watch that clip, like, please, watch it. They recreated the movie scene and the video game scene in SMASH BROTHERS!!!! I’m sorry, I’m just so excited.

Sephiroth looks so awesome!

Back4Blood looks so good! A spiritual successor to Left4Dead by the same team even? Yes please! I was never any good at Left4Dead, but now’s my chance (when the game comes out) to really kick some butt!! When the trailer started, I lowkey thought it was a game based on The Strain, which was a vampire TV show I watched once upon a time. But now, zombies, which in all honesty, yes please!

The Callisto Protocol, which looks so scary, is going to be amazing! A Dead Space style, horror, survival, in space, hopefully claustrophobic, load of “you don’t get to live”, amazing-ness is really what I didn’t know I needed. Games like that are too scary for me, but I’m going to definitely watch some streamer, or my boyfriend maybe, play it. I don’t know if he plays games like that or not...

Callisto looks so pretty from the teasers!

Among Us new map? Frick yes! I don’t play it as much as I should, but I do watch a LOT of footage for it, so I’m excited for sure! There’s a lot to unpack from that trailer, and I’m thrilled. This game is going to last a long time hopefully, and I wish the team all the best. They made a quality game with so much potential, I’m so excited!

Some cute small details; Doom was up to 66.6% off, the Swedish Chef in Overcooked, and I need to hurry up and catch up on Little Nightmares for the sequel coming out soon. Games for 2021 and on are going to be so exciting! I love how League of Legends won all the E-sports awards (basically). And the new Breath of the Wild sequel won “most anticipated sequel”, which I mean, I understand.

He’s so cute!

I can’t wait for the new games we’ve been shown! I’ll have to set up a streaming thing now! In the mean time, you can catch me sometimes with my boyfriend since he bought me Monster Hunter. There are more games I’m excited for, but honestly, you should go watch the announcements yourself too.

Anyway, that’s all I have for today. Stay tuned for some new video games in the future! Be safe out there, and thanks for stopping by today!
— Deryn

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