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I don’t want to work forever, and I’m pretty sure most people I know feel that way. And the odds of winning the lottery for BC is 1 in 13,983,816 as of December 1st. So that’s basically out of the question, which means I need reliable and legit way to make it. If you’re broke and live in Canada, you know that selling organs isn’t a thing here either. I’ve looked way too far into it as legally as I can. On that note, my roommate and I were talking about ways to make it big.

Passive income was a HUGE piece of the discussion. I love to write and she’s an amazing artist, so the idea of things like ebooks and children’s books were discussed. Royalties, as unreliable as they can be, are a great way to start earning money “on the side”. Being able to reinvest that into our futures makes a lot of sense. If I ever actually publish anything I write, I would be able to get a jump start on that getting passive money coming in-ness. 

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Talks of podcasting in my house are fun. Being able to sit with a cup of tea and just talk about nothing? Hell yeah! No idea as to what we’d actually talk about or anything, just the idea of one, right? I enjoy talking about things and learning, so that could be quite the experience. Don’t worry, I promise to share it if it happens. With all the presents I got on my birthday, I could totally start one though.

My lovely roommate has tasked me with making her a present. I asked her what she wanted for Christmas and that was my answer, doesn’t matter what it is, I’ve just got to make it myself. Have I been on YouTube for hours looking at fun things to crochet? Maybe. I did however, find a cute pattern for a hair scrunchie that I am going to try and make.

LOOK!! I made this!!

It’s been almost a whole twenty-four hours and I’ve made an entire hair tie package worth of these things… Oops I guess? Hyperfocus out of the way, now I can go back to living. These scrunchies are super cute too, I’m going to see if I can sell these for a bit. Since I made 32 extra ones and all... 

Anyway, that’s all I have for today. Thanks for stopping by and be safe out there! 
— Deryn

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