Gosh Darn it’s Cold


At the moment it’s -4° and I’m FREEZING! The next week it’s supposed to be about this temperature too. Looking forward into next week, we should see solid positive degrees, which is great. About another week of warmth and then we can get some snow again for Christmas, maybe, hopefully… 

The moon be looking nice

I put the tree up, and even rearranged the letters on my little board for a Vine reference in the spirit of consumerism, I mean the holidays. Soon, the wrapped presents will be put on the little ledge and my house will theoretically smell like a Bath and Body Works store. I’ve got no lights, but that’s for the better. Once I own my own house I’ll consider buying some. 

Percy in a box

Putting the tree up I was worried was going to be a problem. This year I have bonus kids and wasn’t sure how they would react to the little tree and its lights. Everything is great so far and everyone seems to be okay with it. All the boxes and wrapping paper is going to be amazing for the kids. Shadow and Percy both love just sitting in the boxes from Amazon so… I’m excited to also get the kids some presents. 

Oh hey speaking of presents, I’ve got a box coming from overseas with some gifts from my friends over there! That’s going to probably be the first real present on display this year. Unless of course my roommate tears it open immediately. I know won’t open it, but she’s unpredictable with present season. I also scored HUGE on a present for the boyfriend, that I have to find a way to wrap… 

My lovely Christmas tree

Won’t be long now, and we’ll be back into warmer months, beach days, and hiking up mountains again. For the new year, I’ll be splitting up posts better than what I’ve got going on now. But we’ll see if I’m not too lazy to do it. I’ll be putting up picture updates as my present count increases. 

That’s it for today though, have an awesome day! Be safe out there and if you’re in a colder part of the world, stay warm!
— Deryn

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