Age of Calamity


ZELDA’S NEWEST TITLE IS OUT! Oh I am so excited! Breath of the Wild was, well, is a fantastic game. Getting to see what happened 100 years prior to what happened is going to probably make me cry a whole bunch, but I’m going to pretend I’m ready! As it is with video games, this will have some spoilers. I hate having stuff spoiled for me, so if you want to avoid that, dip out now. 

In game screenshots

Starting this up, it’s easy to tell it’s a Hyrule Warriors and not a Legend of Zelda title, which isn’t a bad thing, it’s just fast. The story telling and world building is so much faster compared to Breath of the Wild. I’m glad I played that as much as I did because I know my way around. The map is the same after all. The “Warriors” team partnered with the actual Zelda team, which makes this a real joy to play.

Getting to see certain characters when they were younger is super cool! I love the character designs and the way they interact with everyone else. Definitely preparing myself to cry with the fact they’re all dead now. I did mention spoilers, right? The growth and smiles on everyone’s faces is just *amazing*! Prince Sidon though, WHAT A CUTIE!!!! I loved him before, and I extra love him now!

This fight was actually super fun!

Grinding, oh my frick. I don’t know why I didn’t expect to be playing for HOURS and not get anywhere besides in level and rupees. I say hours, really it was like, two hours looking for one particular mushroom. Long questlines and hunting for that one damn thing is something I enjoy doing though, I’m used to playing games like Bloodborne, this isn’t anything new. Plus, it helps me get the “all things possible” stuff done. 

I only got about six-ish hours in trying to do as much of everything as I can. So many side quests that I feel like I have to do, ya know? With the sales being done at work, I’m going to be bringing my Switch with me in case I get bored. Being able to pause games is *amazing*! Would I recommend this game? Oh totally, I have loved all of it so far!

I’ll be sharing more screenshots on my Twitter

But, that’s it for today, thanks for stopping by! My fault for being late today, locked myself out of my house. Check out my screenshots for this game on my Twitter! Be safe out there, and have a great day! 
— Deryn

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